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Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

After thirteen long years the boys from the dwarf are back!

With the announcement that series X has been filmed,edited and is ready to be broadcasted (according to Robert Llewellyn) in October. I want you to share your opinions on what you think. I personally can't wait since Red Dwarf is one of my all time favorite shows and that series X is supposed to be the "best season yet". "salutes"

For those who haven't seen the trailer yet

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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

I'm looking forward to it, though I live in France and don't have Dave so I'll have to wait until the episodes are online. I'm not expecting it to be as good as the earlier series, but I love the characters so much I don't really care, I just want to see them back together.

Below I'll post a link to The LlewBlog, Robert Llewellyn's blog with news and updates about what's happening with the latest series. It's got on-set pictures and the latest post lists the episode titles.

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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

Well the first 5 series were excellent, and then up to about season 8 it was good, but I remember 9 and 10 were pretty bad.

I also thought the special they did a couple of years ago wasn't that good.

Because of this, I'm not really excited. I am a huge fan of the show due to the early series, but can't get excited.

I will watch though, and I hope it's great. I bet it will have laughs a-plenty, and for the nostalgia kick alone I bet it will be worth it.

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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

I haven't liked it since season 6 but I'll still watch it and
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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

I think it will be crap
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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

One of my favorite shows. Can't get enough of Rimmer and Cat!
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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

Just watched it, thought it was great. Back to the greatness of S1-7. I liked 8 but it was different and not in the best way. That 3 part S9 thing can go to hell and burn.

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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

It was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but very few English sitcoms ever are. Enjoyable. Definitely worth doing. Looking forward to the next episode.
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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

Wasn't as bad as I was expecting but certainly nowhere near as good as the 'original' series', picked up in the later 20 mins or so I thought, its sad to see just how much they've aged.

Also I really don't think it helps the show with it being in HD, now I know that sounds a bit odd but part of the quaint-ness of the show previously was the cheap/budget sets (but they suited the style of the show) and I don't know it felt like it had lost some of it's charm with how 'smooth' it looked, maybe its just me.

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Re: Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread

I agree that i liked the quaint rustic look of the older series. But times change. Was indeed an enjoyable episode and it actually made me laugh which is always a good sign. Moose-Gate was hilarious as well as Cat just wandering past the simulant. They're jokes that you know are coming yet are still funny.

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