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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
This is easy.

1. Deadwood

2. The Wire

3. Justified

4. The Walking Dead

5. A Game of Thrones
Such a good list, wouldn't change a thing.

If my list included TV shows that are no longer being made, I would have to add:

Deadwood - Such an amazing TV show, so many good characters which made every minute of each episode enjoyable. It's a shame it only got 3 seasons and ended the way it did, I hate when a TV show gets cancelled and doesn't have one last episode to tie everything up.

The Shield - Vic fucking Mackey!! The series finale for this show is by far my favorite finale for any TV show, such a good episode to end the series IMO.

The Wire - Snoop is one of the best TV villains of all-time. I think alot of fans of this show will agree that Season 4 was fucking awesome and the best season of the show.

Generation Kill - It's unlike Band Of Brothes and The Pacific in where there aren't very many scenes that have them engaging the enenmy, it's more on the whole effect it has on everybody but it is still an amazing "war-time" TV show.

Captain Planet/Captain Planet and the Planeteers - One of the best super-hero themed cartoons of all-time, this show is so underrated and does NOT get the love it deserves.

"I Love" Series - I really enjoyed the I Love series, especially I Love The '80s & I Love The '70s.... it was awesome to see the commercials for all different types of stuff from back then.

Honorable Mentions: Rescue Me, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Band Of Brothers, The Wonder Years, Roseanne, GI JOE: A Real American Hero, Entourage, Torchwood, Saved By The Bell, and Boy Meets World.

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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?


1. Seinfeld

2. Black Adder
3. Only Fools And Horses
4. Two And A Half Men
5. Curb Your Enthusiasm


1. The Sopranos

2. The Wire
3. Mad Men
4. Treme
5. Entourage

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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

1. Farscape
I'e never been to fond of things set in space, but this I adore. The characters are beautifully played and blend together to make one disfunctional family. Rygel is just pure hilarious, which is a bonus. Was upset when the show ended.

2. South Park
This show I see never ending, it will always have a viewer in me, because it continues to make me laugh. Sure not as much as it used to but it's still enjoyable. Cartman is god.

3. Angel
I was going to go with Buffy over this but Lorne and Fred/Illyria make me love it. Sure Buffy had Anya,Willow,Spike, Xander, Giles who I thought were cool. But yeah Angel was like its big brother and for that reason I prefer it.

4. Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of crisps
Adore this show, but I feel the depature of most of the originals and Donnas mother Flo, hurt the series. Still hilarious as hell though.

5. Bad Girls
Well its chicks in prison. Of course imma watch.
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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

1. Six Feet Under
2. Mad Men
3. Rescue Me
4. The Sopranos
5. Arrested Developments

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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

Entourage (before season 6 anyways)
Sons of Anarchy
Mad Men
Boardwalk Empire
South Park


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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

Salatut Elämät (Finnish soap opera; it's bad but extremely addictive)
FlashForward (such a shame it didn't get a second season)
South Park

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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

Game of Thrones
Boardwalk Empire
The Walking Dead
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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

1. Only Fools And Horses
2. Fraiser
3. Dexter
4. Mock the Week ( Frankie Boyle years)
5. Doctor Who
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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

For all the current shows it would be

1: Breaking Bad
2: Game of Thrones
3: Homeland
4: Eastbound and Down
5: Curb your Enthusiasm

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Re: your top 5 favorite TV shows?

1.Breaking Bad
2.Family Guy
3.The Wire
4.The Shield
5.American Dad
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