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Re: The "Book" thread.

James patterson relied a shit load on action scenes in Maximum Ride. It was like " Gotta go get something to eat, Oh shit they're chasing us again" " gotta go take a piss, can't do that they're chasing us again". I love a good action scene but damn.

I finished girl with the dragon tattoo. I thought it was a good but could have been better since ith ad a shit beginning and a shit end.

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Re: The "Book" thread.

Yeah he lives off absurb action sequences, horrible dialogue that reads like its written by a 10 year old and russo swerves.

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Re: The "Book" thread.

I'm reading Steven King short stories since I pussied out of getting one of his novels. I read one last year, highly enjoyable but insanely long. School starts soon and I'd probably forget about it.
Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
James Patterson is awful.
I wish someone like you had been around to warn me before I wasted several hours of time on one of his 'thrillers'. God-awful . And my friend bought me a book of his for my birthday, better than the first one but still lukewarm.

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Re: The "Book" thread.

King's Night Shift and Skeleton Crew collect some really great short stories. I like a lot of his short stories over his most of his novels.

Highly recommended if you like King.
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Re: The "Book" thread.

Anybody a fan of Gogol? First read it about 12 years ago but I still reckon he wrote the greatest short story ever written ("The Overcoat"). Also a big fan of Kafka. Another master of the short story. 20th Century stuff, I go for Bukowski, Fante and Kerouac. Also love Vonnegut (particularly "Mother Night"). Just started reading Martin Amis' "Time's Arrow" which is bizarre - the whole story is told in reverse, starting with the man's death and then working ever closer to his birth. His whole life happens in reverse; for example, people come into the clinic that he works in (he's a doctor) feeling well and leave feeling ill; pimps give money to prostitutes, who in turn give it to men that they sleep with. The guy is a Nazi War Criminal, though, and I've just reached the scene set in the concerntration camp in which 6 million people are suddenly brought to life. Interesting ideas, well told, but a bit hard to follow in places. I'd reccommend it.
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Re: The "Book" thread.

Just finished reading the top 100 pro wrestlers of all time by John F. Molinaro. Some pretty interesting stuff though I thought that there was far too much detail on events as opposed to analysis on what actually made the wrestlers listed stand out as great. Would definitely reccomend it though to anyone interested in wrestling history and fascinating behind the scenes stories. It's also pretty cool in the sense that you can just pick the book up and read whatever account you feel like reading.

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Re: The "Book" thread.

The best short story I have read by Stephen King has to be Apt Pupil. Love that story.

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Re: The "Book" thread.

Any recommendations? I'm, actually a few hundred pages into A Game of Thrones, but today in WHSmith (UK Bookstore) I picked up another one of that series, to check if it was the 2nd in the series, read a bit of the blurb and found out it was the 4th one and wrecked it a bit for myself from what I read. Great.

Might continue on with Game of Thrones though not sure.

I'll giving something different ago, I like thrillers (Patterson!) Anybody else too though, anything a bit unusual in the genre? Looked at some Stephen King as well, anything?

Just fire away.
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Re: The "Book" thread.

I read a fair bit of historical fiction and such. Read Conn Iggulden's Khan series this summer which I really enjoyed. Read something by Matthew Reilly too, but I forget the name, think it was called Ice Station or something similar, pretty good thriller.

Also how fast do you all read generally? I'd say I'm a pretty speedy reader, I'd probably say I can read over 100 pages in an hour when I'm fully into a book. Managed to read Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings in two and a bit days which I considered impressive ( I was travelling so I had a lot of spare time )

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Re: The "Book" thread.

You should definitely stick to the A song of Ice and Fire series. It is worth it. Don't really know many good thriller books. And for Stephen King there are tons of his books which are great, The Stand being my personal favorite.

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