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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw


The film revolves around Iraq-based American truck driver Paul Conroy, who, after being attacked, finds himself buried alive in a wooden coffin, with only a lighter, flask, flashlight, knife, glowsticks, pencil and a mobile phone to help him escape before the oxygen in the coffin runs out.

Personally I really enjoyed this movie. I know it's been getting really mixed reviews, based mostly on the ending I presume, but it is a great thriller. I really enjoyed the realistic tone of the movie and the ending will blow you away. Go and see this movie. You won't regret it.



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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
I heard they're making Taken 2 with Neeson again. Not sure what to think of that.

A sequel to a successful action movie

what are they thinking ??
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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

The last movie I watches was "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole". While the animation was very, very good, the story lacked proper attention. I think Mr. Snyder suffer from slow mo fetish out of this world, and he pays great attention to making the scenes beautiful but meaningless. The voice acting was surprisingly ok, tho I was not too fond of the lead actor. All in all 5/10
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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Transformers 3


I'd rate it lower if I was expecting something special or something great, but all I wanted to see was cool fucking robots kicking the shit out of each other and I got to see that for the most part. I'd also say it was way better than the second one and close to the first one in quality, but they all fucking suck because of the shitty main characters suck at acting and don't no how to show a personality.

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

The last movie I saw was Drive Angry and I loved it! One of my favorite movies of the year.

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Gridiron Gang

This movie features the Rock portraying a character named Sean Porter who is a juvenile probation officer who helps kids that are struggling in life, by giving them a second chance in playing football. The story is based on a true story that was inspirational and showed that one man can make a difference.

I liked this movie and it had its moral values and the story showed how a team built from nothing can rise to something amazing.

I'll give this movie an 8/10

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw


In a near-future society, Alex, a psychotic and violence obsessed teenaged thrillseeker, commits dehumanzing acts of violence upon helpless victims with his gang of Droogs to help him. Upon his capture & sentence, he is subjected to a controversial & equally dehumanizing therapy that could cure him of his violent behavior.

I just saw this again for the first time in years. Is it weird to admit that I actually forgot how fucked up this movie is? lol.

Anyways, this film is about as unconventional a movie as I have ever seen. Its a very uniquely executed film done in Kubrick's unique directorial style. And the wide arrange of issues covered ranging from psychological to political makes it very interesting to analyze long after the movie is over. There is no clear cut right and wrong with most of the characters involved and the issues presented could spark discussions long after the movie is over. There are several disturbing images presented on screen as well, but Macolm MacDowell's perfect portrayal of Alex is so charismatic that his personality performing such heinous acts perfectly captures the spirit of the film. His acts are repulsive, but at the same time the character is fun to watch.

That's not to say the film is perfect. There are a few minor nitpicks. For example, some of the performances are a little "hammy" (the writer victim in a wheel chair was down right laughable). Also, did anybody else find it VERY hard to believe that Alex is rendered homeless upon his release and all in the span of a few hours, he accidentally meets up with two of his victims & two of his old "droogs" in three separate incidents? What an amazing string of coincidences?! What are the odds, huh?

But there is nothing so seriously wrong with the film that its a major flaw. Its hard to watch at points and the subject matter is a bit heavy, but if you possess the constitution, its definitely a great character study, and filled with great moral & social observations.



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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Clockwork is truly amazing. Awesome novel as well.

Last film I watched was Role Models:

I watched this cos I had a headache and wasn't expecting much but it actually had me in stitches at times. The storyline revolving around Laire, the fantasy medieval world where people pretend they are kings and knights and whatnot became increasingly funny and each actor was given the correct dosage of screen time. Paul Rudd is an excellent comic straight man.

It also wasn't as soppy as these type of movies usually become and had many creatively vulgar lines which entertained throughout.

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

2 Movies I have watched recently:

Taxi Driver (1976)-
Borrowed it off my mate after hearing how good it is (not actually seen it beforehand ... only the first 45 mins). And wow, an easy 10/10. I wouldn't call it one of the best movie ever made, but certainly one of the best of the 1970s, which was layered with amazing movies. De Niro's performance was top notch (including full of many funny and great one liners) as everyone knows. A nice touch to it also is the very dingy, shitty, surroundings where you are thrown into it straight away.

The Bride Came C.O.D (1941)-
I don't suppose anyone on here has seen it so I won't go spoiling the plot or anything. I wasn't expecting that much tbh, but was pleasantly suprised. Didn't find it that funny despite it being a comedy, but really enjoyed the pacing of it, very easy to get into. The second half or so of the movie (ghost town ... no spoilers there), reminded me very much of an old western or Scooby Doo episode. Cagney gives a great performance, not one his better onces though. I visually very much liked it, the surroundings and props, things like that. I give this a 7/10.
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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Blue Valentine (2010)

A film about a relationship between a young couple, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

The film cuts between the start of the relationship when the two first meet, and a weekend years down the line when the couple are on the rocks.

I actually watched this about 3 weeks ago, but decided to watch it last night again to get a real opinion of the film. First of all, this isn't your typical 'love story', this is a completely realistic take on a young couple who maybe did too much too early, and what that can lead to.

This is an acting masterclass. Gosling and Williams are amazing in this, and the chemistry between them on screen (and I would imagine off the screen aswell) is just brilliant. Both actor and actress give two very different performances in the same film, in the scenes set in the past you can feel the love, but in thre scenes set in the present day you can feel the tension and the anger building up. They still feel for eachother, but it's getting hard for them to deal with eachother on a day to day basis.

It actually ends up getting pretty tough to watch, but on the other hand the flashback scenes are really fun to watch and there are plenty of laughs to be had as Gosling displays his UNGODLY charm. It is a very moving and emotional film aswell, and towards the end it had me choked up.

A brilliant film. Easily one of the best from last year, and something that I could watch again and again, despite it being a bit depressing. You really care about the characters, they are very compelling and they are very flawed but you want this couple to work it out. The performances are truly amazing, especially from Gosling who is seriously a brilliant actor and one of the best working today, and maybe my favorite actor to watch at the minute.

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