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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Fridays Movies

Bedtime Stories - ** (5/10)
- 2008 comedy starring Adam Sandler, Kerri Russell, and Russell Brand. Skeeter finally gets the chance to get management over the hotel by having a big "pitching" match-up against his nemesis (played by Guy Pearce), and while this is going on he also finds out during his story time with his nephew and niece, whatever they say happens in the story happens in real life. A total family fodder movie, it lacks any real wit or a real edge for comedy. It mainly focuses on its silly dream-like stories, and the fact that Bugsy has big eyes. Kids could probably eat this up, but I'd be amazed with older people digging this one.

3:10 to Yuma [re-watch] - **** (9/10)
- 2007 western starring Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, and Ben Foster. A rancher in need of money and looking for respect follows a band of men to lead the infamous Ben Wade to the 3:10 to Yuma in the call for justice. This is a TERRIFIC Western, something you rarely get now that Westerns are kind of the un-hip thing in hollywood. A great story, simplistic, but filled with good action and great dialogue. Bale and Crowe are masters, but Ben Foster is the most impressive IMO in this movie. He comes off as wicked to the very core, and his southern drawl could give you chills. As westerns are pretty much my favorite genre, i love to see one done well, and this is always fun to watch.

The Uninvited - **1/2 (6/10)
- 2009 horror movie starring Emily Browning, Elizabeth Banks, and David Straithairn. In a retelling of the Asian A Tale of Two Sisters classic horror movie, a girl comes back home to her father and his new girlfriend, who she believes had something to do with her own mothers death. They do a decent job telling the story, while keeping a lot of the essentials close to the original, but changing some things up just in case you have seen that one and are watching this one as well. A few shock moments, nothing too much, but solid performances. Browning is great as the damsel in distress, and Banks proves to be an incredibly versatile actress, as she gives one heck of a performance here, coming off Zach and Miri. Entertaining but totally forgettable.

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

The Uninvited- a film about a girl who suspects that her dads new girlfriend has a secret to her, that isn't any good. Starring Emily Browning (Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events), Arielle Kebbel (The Grudge 2), and Elizabeth Banks (Zack and Miri Make A Porno). This is your average horror film, but still its decent. Its good to see the events unfold, the ending was pretty good as well. I really like Elizabeth Banks performance in this film, even other parts of the film are okay at best. Overall, its decent and makes for a way to kill some time.


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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Slumdog Millionaire

I honestly do love this movie, I find the story to be just fantastic and the main character to be perfect.


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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Hit and Run (2009)

Drunk driving home, Mary hits some guy who gets stuck on the car and drags him home.

Where to start on this pile. Absolute garbage with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The plot is overly stupid and unrealistic and for a horror there weren't many scares if any to be had. A bit of gore but not much else. The premise is decent and maybe with a decent screenplay it would work but not here. Completely horrible straight to dvd flick.


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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Saturdays Movies

Infernal Affairs - **** (10/10)
- 2002 Korean crime classic starring the legendary Andy Lau, Tony Leung, and a large assortment of other famous actors. This is a series that has three editions, which were the inspiration for Scorsese's own classic The Departed. The one main character is working for the cops as a mole for the infamous gang leader, while the other is working for the gang leader as a mole for the cops, and the twists and turns the newest cases take them on. While i do prefer the Departed, i only prefer it by a VERY small margin. This is a terrific film, with constant action and suspense, a very quick-packed crime flick with only 100 minutes to hurl its entire plot at us, and it does a great job of doing it, and the Asian crowd felt the same, considering the overwhelming praise caused them to make II and III. Easily makes it as a favorite of all time, and one of if not my very favorite foreign flick.

Jackie Brown - ***1/2 (8/10)
- 1997 crime drama/dark comedy directed by Quentin Tarantino, and starring Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, and a nice supporting cast. A 44-year old black woman finds herself caught between an attraction to a bail bondsman, a gun-salesman who she delivers money for looking for his big payment, and the feds that want her to give him up. The story is written pretty well, and it is a generally realistic movie, with interesting dialogue and constant moments of amusement. I don't think this is one of his best works, as i do think it is a little long and the editing could have been tighter, but still a very solid edition in his library.

P2 [re-watch] - *** (7/10)
- 2007 thriller starring Wes Bentley and hottie Rachel Nichols. A businesswoman finds herself trapped in a parking lot on Christmas Eve with a weirdo who has some major hots for her, and just "wants to be friends." This is a pretty fun movie, with a solid amount of action, some dark comedy, and good performances from both Nichols and Bentley. Nichols' character is written well, as she does some things that you might scoff at, but also does some pretty smart things. It's the smattering of good moments and bad moments that makes a damsel in distress a good character. Bentley is also solid as the creep, delivering lines with total vindictiveness, and yet almost genuine kindness as well in an odd twist.

Exiled - *** (7/10)
- 2007 Hong Kong action flick directed by Johnnie To. The main plot is a friendship ends up formed between an ex-gangster and hitmen who were sent to protect him, along with hitmen sent to kill him. To be completely honest, the plot gets completely lost within itself. It's just one long string of "come here, shoot here" and "go there, shoot over there" and you get lost a couple of times. Also, people seem to get shot like there's no tomorrow, yet somehow make it out alive in certain scenes. HOWEVER, the film has a fantastic look to it, very gritty, very real, as the bloodspray from shots to the chest are superb and wel done, and the scenery and cinematography just make up for any errors in judgment as far as writing. Also, the action scenes are stylistic and fun, very cool stuff. Watch it, but expect simple entertainment.

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Originally Posted by dodgeball64 View Post
Bruce Almighty

[I]God gets lazy and gives Jim Carrey all of his powers[I]

The second best Jim Carrey Comedy ever (behind 'Yes Man'). The outtakes and special features are better than the movie though...


Man On The Moon

Andy Fuckin' Kaufman...need I say more?

Carrey was DEAD ON as Andy Kaufman and made this movie alot more believable. I was almost crying at the end btw, I think I'm the only one...Only downfall, Devito as Shapiro? He should have just been in the Taxi Recreation ....


Max Payne

A Mentally unstable cop is trying to find out who kills his wife.

It's good if you've played the game. But the story was still to farfetched I think to be loved by any other fans


The Big Tease

A gay hairstylist goes to LA from Scotland to win a contest

One of my favorite Comedies ever. You have to see this, this is one of Craig Ferguson's earlier works, and one of his best I believe, plus with his Sean Connery impreession, David Hassolholf, and Drew Carey having a small role in it. Makes it better


The Dark Knight

A guy in a cape beats up a clown and a acid-prone attorney

What can I say about this movie? It was great, but I only wish Two-Face got JUST a little more time IMO.

Please tell me your joking. Liar, Liar, Ace Ventura: PD & WNC, Dumb & Dumber and hell even the Grinch was better then Yes Man. I would rate Bruce before the Grinch though =D
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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Nolo King recently watched Bigger Stronger Faster!

A very informative film that seemed to be pro-steroids!

Really enjoyed it and eyes were opened at the hypocrisy towards the use of steroids against other recreational drug use, it receives a 9/10, lawls!

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Sundays Movies

The Departed [re-watch] - **** (10/10)
- 2006 crime drama starring Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leonardio Dicaprio, etc., and directed by Martin Scorsese. After watching Infernal Affairs, it just made me want to watch this one all over again. Once again, its the story of two men working from the inside out, as there is a mole inside an infamous gang and a mole inside the police force, making the chess match between the two that much harder to pull off. This is terrifically acted, a wonderful adaption, doing a nicer job at forming it into the more dramatic epic than just the suspense and action its Korean version has. While they are both amazing pieces of art, i do prefer this one over the other.

RocknRolla - *** (7/10)
- 2008 crime drama/comedy starring Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Karl Roden, and directed by Guy Ritchie, As most of his movies, there are quite a few stories going on here, surrounding quite a few different groups of people, mostly revolving around either a stolen painting or the RocknRolla, a rock star who was declared dead so he could hang up in his basement and do drugs and chill while his fans and the clubs demand he make appearances. It isnt one of his best, but it still fits in nicely with his niche of that fun kind of caper flick, with some strong moments of comedy and stylistic scenes of violence. Definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of his stuff.

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Mondays Movies

Sukiyaki Western Django - ***1/2 (8/10)
- 2008 homage to the spaghetti western directed by Takashi Miike. It is a battle between the Reds and the Whites, and a man of justice comes in to settle the score and even the odds for the innocent. It is wild, crazy, hardly makes any real sense, it is total just out there, but it is also wickedly badass, and sometimes very hilarious. Miike continues to prove he can do any genre he wants and create a style all his own that is intoxicating and very entertaining.

Snatch [re-watch] - **** (9/10)
- 2000 crime comedy starring Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, and directed by Guy Ritchie. Like all his movies it is just a wild ride, as the story features a chase for a stolen diamond, and a mob boss trying to get a new Irish gypsy fighter to throw a fight. It has a huge amount of characters, and i personally feel this is his best work, as it is wildly fun, with silly violent scenes and hilarious lines from Brad Pitt, who you cant understand half the time anyway. Some of the most fun i have ever had watching a movie.

The Fall - ***1/2 (8/10)
- 2006 fantasy/drama tale starring Lee Pace. It is centered around a depressed man in the hospital, who meets a young girl and begins to tell a mythological tale, acted out and imagined on the screen in a wonderful fashion. This is an incredibly beautiful movie, as the lighting, the cinematography, it is all just terrific. The story is funny, and yet very depressing, with some real heart behind it, and can really move you towards the end. The little girl in the movie is cute as all hell and each line she says just makes your heart melt.

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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

The Evil Dead Trilogy

The Evil Dead (1 of 3) - * 1/4 / *****

Let me first start off by summarizing the beginning: it made no sense. There were five people in a car and they were driving out to the forest so they could spend the weekend (I assume) at a cabin.

On the way to the cabin, they come across several dangers: a possible car accident, a possible bridge collapse and basically that was it. When they arrived to the cabin, the driver approached the cabin and the others cautiously stood back.

For some reason, they were DEADLY afraid of the place they were going to be sleeping that night. It was day time, too, so they were scared for a reason we don't know. When the door is opened, they go back to laughter and throw their baggage around.

Later that night, the only single girl became scared in her bedroom and wandered out into the forest because she sensed that there was danger out there. Bright girl, she was! When she went about a mile into the forest, the trees basically captured her, stripped her of clothing and raped her. Hilarious, really.

So she ran back, all scared, and they were saying she was crazy. She begged to go back home, and when the driver dude was taking her back, the bridge they traveled across was destroyed completely. She cries, they go back and she becomes possessed. She's locked in the cellar and she makes weird sounds for the rest of the movie.

The movie is hard to follow after this, you seem to think that this guy or that guy dies but they come to life again after being possessed. There were several actors playing one guy's role because in several scenes, he had short, trimmed hair and in another he had medium length, wet and messy hair.

Basically everybody in this movie became possessed and got killed by an axe, the only survivor was the dude who drove the car. After being covered in blood a hundred times by his best of friends, he seemed to shrug it off at the movie's end.

Crap movie, it was a shame that they made a second and third series after his travesty.

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (2 of 3) - ** 1/2 / *****

Not much better, but at least it was somewhat entertaining.

The main character of this movie was the guy who survived the last one. It seems that he wasn't too bothered by what happened the last time he came to this cabin, considering he's going back to the SAME PLACE that had his best friends killed, where he was almost possessed and where a bunch of strange things happened.

Apart from a bunch of nonsense that you couldn't follow, it was very easy to point out the flaws of this movie. The front and back door was knocked down and split in two like five times in the same night, even after being obliterated by the evil spirit or something that haunted the forest and cabin. Since he was running and ducking for cover most of the time, there's no possible way he could replace the door even if he tried.

The bridge that he travels across to the cabin seems to be destroyed again as it cuts to a scene where two hillbilly rednecks are, closing the broken bridge off. A car comes, they ask questions how to get to the cabin, and he says there ain't no way to get there. But there's an ol' trail, however. Girl in the other car says she'll walk it if he can take her baggage. It's a deal!

I don't know what else happens, the main character becomes possessed and then doesn't, but then does again a lot. After a lot of fighting and a lot of killing, then too much fake blood, he finds his hand turning against him. He stabs it to the floor, grabs a chain and cuts it off!

With his arm in a stub now, he has no hand. But throughout the movie, you can see knuckles in a bandage since his hand is claimed to be gone. Kind of like Barrett from Final Fantasy VII, he wields a weapon to his arm. Rather than a gun, it's a chainsaw!

I kind of lost track of what happened, but he is sent to another dimension of medieval times!

Falling from the sky, with his car, he lands on the ground. Soldiers surround him, are about to kill him, but a pterodactyl gargoyle is flying through the air. He grabs a shotgun and shoots it dead. The soldiers go apeshit and praise him, but he's upset over the attention and screams "NO!" to a close.

Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness (3 of 3) - *** 3/4 / *****

Much better movie, but still pretty bad plot.

At the ending of the other movie, he is a hero. But in this one? He's a prisoner! Forget what happened in the second sequel, he's now in shackles. While being walked into a kingdom, the townsfolk attack and berate the prisoners in shackles being led by horses. He's kicked, scratched, hit with rocks and punched by people for no apparent reason. It seems that he's been grouped and classed with another kingdom that's been captured.

Taken to a well, it's opened up and prisoners, one by one, are thrown in. When the first guy is thrown in, the people run away and moments later blood is blown out of the well. When the main character is thrown in, he's there for a good five minutes, fighting a zombie and being cheered on by the townsfolk. He's thrown a chainsaw. He dramatically jumps in the air with his FULL and COMPLETE HANDS and inserts his right hand in a hole, then turns it on, fighting the zombie.

He cuts it's arm off, it goes flying into the crowd and slaps a guy in the face. I don't know much about the fight as I was laughing, but he escapes a compressing spike-wall and he lashes his belt around a metal chain, escaping from the well. He impresses the townsfolk with his weapons and stuff. Not much else. He orders the captured kingdom to be let go, and they do on horses. They praise the main character and head out.

He wants to go back home, so he talks with some bearded guy and they tell him stuff. He goes to a graveyard, is supposed to speak three certain words to get the Book of the Dead. But when he arrives, there are three books. One is on a pedestal and there are two at its side. Instead of going for the one on top, he tries the two beside it and one sucks his face into a portal, distorts it and cheesy humor attempts follow. He tries the other book and it bites him.

When he sees one he needs and is about to open it, he doesn't because he has to say certain words or else something MIGHT go wrong! Think he would've said it before the other two books? If so, then maybe he wouldn't have been attacked or sucked in a hole like that. He tries to say the three required words, but mutters the last one since he forgets it. He takes the book, skeletons right their hands out of the graves and then before he leaves he has a good time with them by doing handshakes and hand gestures.

Giving the book to the old guy, he says "did you say the words?" and in reply he says "I might have". The town people get all mad and leave since now the Army of Darkness are coming to kill.

Before the big fight, the main character sits in a room fixing himself a metal glove with a SCREWDRIVER IN MEDIEVAL TIMES! Man, this series is awful with the anachronisms!

When the skeletons come, a bunch of fighting happens and they destroy them with gun powder. There's a lot of action, I got bored of this pretty quick but in the end the kingdom is defended when the prisoners from the kingdom at the start of the movie come to defend the one under attack, slaying the skeletons. They're cheered, both kingdoms unite as one and the main character is happy.

This movie has a lot of cheesy lines such as "you run jack and shit, and jack just left town!" and "gimme some sugar, baby!". Nevertheless, this was the only interesting one of the three and I'd watch it again. This one is more of a comedy than a horror in contrast with the past two.

I don't recommend this series to anybody. I wasted a whole night on these.
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