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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Soupman Prime View Post
Spoiler for Naruto:
last time she was seen wasnt she split in half by a huge tree. I would love to see all the Hokages fight, mostly the 2nd though lol
Spoiler for Kages:

Yup she was split in 2 & all the other Kages were half dead. It looked as if She was about to use up the rest of her Chakara to revive the other Kages though...

I'm hoping that Orochimaru will use the Edo Tensei jutsu to revive Rin too, it would be good to know the exact reason why Kakashi had to kill her.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Dragonballfan View Post
The new Naruto & One Piece chapters are out.

Spoiler for naruto:

Damn the 2nd Hokage is such a badass, treating the 1st & hating on the Uchiha's in front of Sasuke like a boss

Spoiler for One Piece:

Man this arc started so crappy, but very quickly turned into one of the best. Poor Smoker getting his ass kicked again. That last page though
Spoiler for naruto:
First Hokage is a joke (not really) but didn't expect him to be like that

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by kusksu View Post
One of my favorite series. Revy can be a bit hard to like, but she is not meant to be a loveable character. I like the fact that they don't try to sugarcoat her as a character. She is a psychopath who likes to kill, and is portrayed as such.

The second season is better, and the OVA is just as good (and much darker also)
I know she's a psychopath killer,But her lines and character still come off as extremely annoying to me.I mean Shenhua is a killer too but surprisingly she's actually my favorite character "possibly the only character I liked from the entire damn anime" and her lines and character don't come off as fucking annoying like Revy's.

I wouldn't say the second season was better I just finished watching it,They were both pretty much equally mediocre in my opinion.

I haven't watched the OVA yet,I'm still waiting for the English dub.

Originally Posted by Tinkerbell View Post
Please watch it subbed, watched the dub and I foun it so horrible :P
Too late,Besides I fucking LOVED Shenhua's voice acting.Also in my opinion the dub is pretty solid,I don't see why you thought it was horrible.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Dragonballfan View Post
Spoiler for One Piece:

Man this arc started so crappy, but very quickly turned into one of the best. Poor Smoker getting his ass kicked again. That last page though
Spoiler for One Piece:
I liked the beginning of the arc.
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Originally Posted by virus21 View Post
I'm oddly NOT skeptical about this. Cyborg 009 will be much easier to adapt into a western plot than Akira or Lone Wolf and Cub; plus it is a graphic novel adaptation and not live action. Doesn't even need changes with the cyborgs being from different backgrounds along with the setting. However, I am not okay with 002's redesign. Didn't even recognize him.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Why is it anytime somebody wants to do a 009 remake, they make 002 look like some blond pretty-boy?! Stop screwing with one of the best character designs!!

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Make a note of any points you wanted discussed in here folks, they're rebooting the thread soon.

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