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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

That's rather silly Joshi, look at a series like Initial D, which is acclaimed, but has a slow release schedule manga behind it, so there's only a new season every couple years.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

What's K all about?

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Started up Dragonball again.

Not hard to see why I can put this a touch above Dragon Ball Z. Too much fun.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Currently watching Sword Art Online, planning on watching HxH 2011 in the near future.

Reading several mangas, OP, Naruto, Bleach, Toriko, Giant Killing, etc etc

Anyone have the same interest?
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

I'm watching Sword Art Online right now and I'm loving it. Very good show, great animation and the action is cool. I like the main hero Kirihito and thinks he's a badass. Surprised the story became a love story but I find it intriguing. Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Yeh, I remember how difficult it was watching thru epi 10-13
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Been rewatching series i liked (Still a bit enraged there's no more Slayers or Bacanno! on Netflix) to see if they were as good as initially thought they were. So far I got through Black Blood Brothers, and most of Air Gear. BBB's ok... But damn that lackluster ending, so many questions unanswered. Air Gear is still awesome, (though some of the dialog flow feels rough.)

Netflix seriously needs to negotiate some more anime though.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RevolverSnake View Post
the girl who leapt trough time man what a beautiful movie.
Originally Posted by Omega_VIK View Post
Yeah, I love that film. It has to be one of my favorites honestly.
Originally Posted by KAEPERNICK View Post
Just watched it, that was thoroughly enjoyable in just about every aspect.
I just watched it.

Can't say I liked it,Nothing special if you ask me.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Naruto talk is a bit cursed around here,'s been a while. Quick update

Spoiler for :
juubi is revived, and pretty much the be all end all of baddies. My guess is, Sasuke is coming back to save all their candy asses. sucks, because I still hoping for a final Naruto vs Sasuske fight.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
I just watched it.

Can't say I liked it,Nothing special if you ask me.
Well, at least you didn't say it's a bad film. I actually bought into the romance of the movie and usually the romances in anime are either far too cheesy or far too weird for me take seriously. Aesthetically, the animation is just fucking gorgeous to look at. I like how it tied to the original novel as well, which kinda explains her powers.

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