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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

What do you guys think was the best one on one fight in anime history?
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RevolverSnake View Post
What do you guys think was the best one on one fight in anime history?
For me it's a toss up between Ichigo vs Grimmjow, Edward vs Greed final fight (Original FMA), Naruto vs Pain (the clips I've seen are just fucking fantastic), and I want to say Edward vs Father final fight (FMA Brotherhood).

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Luffy vs Crocodile: One Piece (Just started Water 7 arc though so there might be better anime fights)

Spike vs Vicious: Cowboy Bebop (V. Short fight, but the build up to the fight was brilliant and the backstory behind it powerful. Despite lasting only a couple of seconds it felt right)

Goku vs Frieza: DBZ (Still the definition of Epic for me, my childhood was dominated by this fight.)

Light vs L: Death Note (A mental, not physical, fight)

Hiei vs Bui and Yusuke vs Toguro: Yu Yu Hakusho (The whole Dark Tournament arc was brilliant and filled with good fights, but these two take the cake)
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Dunno if any of these are "the best in anime history" but I certainly thing their cool

Goku vs Frieza: DBZ (Yeah that one is a classic really)

Archer vs Shirou: Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works (Straight up dual wielding sword fight)

Gin vs Sniper: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (The whole concept of dogs just in an all out war with bears and dogs are brilliant, but when Gin finally got his han-well paws probably, on Sniper, man that was a battle I looked forward to)

I'll probably be like "Aww I should have mentioned that" later on, but then I'll just add some more :P

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Tekkaman Blade vs Tekkaman Evil
Goku vs Freiza
Armuro Rey vs Char Aznable

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Goku vs Frieza
Light vs L
Ed vs Greed
Ichigo vs Grimmjow
Naruto vs Sasuke(first fight)

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Really only off the top of my head:

Yu Yu Hakesho's Yusuke vs Chu: it went down to a knockout drag down slugfest, but with knives nipping at the heels... Literally..

Soul Eater's Maka Albarn vs Chrona II: the whole "stepping inside the circle" thing went over my head a little, but the fight was a good one, especially when Maka went psycho. Seriesously, she needed to go whacky allot more than she did, one of the best psychos I seen.

Cowboy Bebop Knockin' on Heaven's Door's Spike vs Vincent: oh the flow. Oh the brilliant, intense, beautiful flow! It was my standard for top tier battle scenes for quite some time. Probably still is, actually.

Not one on one fights, but worth mentioning:

Maka/Black*Star/Death The Kid vs. Mosquito: great fight, Soul Eater's piano soul resonance was probably the best synch up tactic since Shinji and Asuka's synch battle against Israfel.

Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann's The final assault against the Spiral King & Simon vs Spiral King: I just loved the entire battle, and Spiral King was nothing short of hardcore and brutal

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Hehi vs. Bui
Yusuke vs. Younger Toguro
Yusuke vs. Sensui
Vegeta vs. Goku
Freiza vs. Goku
Majin Vegeta vs. Goku
Spike vs. Vicious
Jin vs. Kagetoki Kariya
Ryu and Ken vs. M. Bison (SFII: AM)
Chun-Li vs. Vega
Shinji, Rei, Mari vs. Zeruel
Asuka vs. Mass Produced Evas
Simon vs. Spiral King

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by JT Martin View Post
Goku vs Frieza
Light vs L
Ed vs Greed
Ichigo vs Grimmjow
Naruto vs Sasuke(first fight)
On the roof? It was cool but short.

I haven't watched Goku vs Frieza in ages, so I can't remember it being a classy like stated by many.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Spike vs Vincent Volaju -- The the best fight in all anime.

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