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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
Hey otaku geeks, this thread needs some new life.

So what is everyone's favorite anime show/movie openings?

Besides Fullmetal Alchemist's 4th ending, this has to be the greatest thing ever...
Gotta be Death Note's opening/ending. OH FUCKA OH FUCKA WHAT UP PEOPLE? WHAT UP PEOPLE?

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Shinigami View Post
Gotta be Death Note's opening/ending. OH FUCKA OH FUCKA WHAT UP PEOPLE? WHAT UP PEOPLE?
It sounds like Mudvayne/Slipknot's Japanese counterpart.

Elfen Lied's opening theme is quite amazing. Cowboy Bebop and Gungrave's are quite good too.
Gantz's opening theme is a guilty pleasure

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Colors & Days by FLOW are the best anime openings ever

BTW That Ergo Proxy avatar reminded me of the series. It was ok. I found myself drifting off while watching it. I haven't really been following/watching anime as of lately. I still check the headlines on ANN daily but that is it. It's probably my PS3
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Sesshomaru is like the best anime fighter I ever saw! He is very calm when he fights, so thats why he win most of his battles.....make the all of his battles.
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Took a small trip down at Target the other day and got ahold of a Dragon Ball Z season box set. Very happy that I purchased one of these things at last. DBZ again is my favorite anime show of all time. So this was a win for me.

What I own now is the digitally remastered season three (Frieza Saga) box set.

Typed up some thoughts on it to share.

What's good: - It's a full season of DBZ for 30 bucks. 33 full episodes on 6 discs. No problem over here. I think back to years ago, when they would charge you about $20 just for three or four episodes of this alone on both DVD and VHS. To see the type of price on them now, I am quite glad I didn't take the chance of collecting it then.

- Uncut episodes. All the showing of blood and more is on here. Adds what was missing to the fights and makes them look tons better then the edited episodes for what I've seen.

- English voice track with original Japanese music. Can I say that the Japanese music is just simply better listening to? While I do like at least some of the music fans got to hear in the US for the show. Their music is more quiet and I can now enjoy battles just for hearing the sound of them clearly.

- Great looking picture for something so old. DBZ is continuing to age but Funimation does somewhat of their best job that I've seen of them trying to make a real good quality video from this. Depends on someone's issue of widescreen.

What's Bad: - Still can't stand some of the English voice acting. Not that I believe all of it in the show is bad. But say when Frieza speaks, considering that I think the biggest threat to the universe sounds like a girl. That isn't good.

- Some filler in this season. Meaning that there can be a lot of nothing going on at points. Frieza & Goku's battle is awesome overall, but looking back there was parts that I can admit they could of just simply cut out. History in it's own right but not perfect.

The set has all for the better make me want to pick up some more of these seasons. Awesome package, imo.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Gahh, i just found this thread.

I haven't seen much anime that entertains me, i'm quite picky.

The best i've ever seen is most definately Death Note (subs). It's quite dark, odd, and very tense. The relationship between L and Light really intrigues me, it's a constant battle of wits in the name of 'justice'. I loved how they were constantly trying to outdo each other, and you never knew what was going to happen. Kudos to the writers. Most definately one of the greatest things i've seen... ever.

Everything since i've compared it to that really and got bored of some series' pretty quickly.
Thats more my style. Complicated, dark with a bit of intelligence. i'm not really into Naruto or even Bleach i've started it, but not enjoying it that much.
I watched a series can't remember the name of (Jigoku Shoujo ??), i think the translation was Hell Girl. That was a nice bit of entertainment. Was quite good and short.

I'm not into Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Naruto or anything.

Anyone got any recommendations they think i'd like?
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Try Ah My Goddess

As long as there's a Triforce, there will be a Zelda;
as long as there's a prosperous kingdom, there will be an evil bent on destroying it;
and as long as there's an oppressive force threatening Hyrule, there will be a boy...

in a green tunic, silver shield, and magic blade to stand against it.

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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

the best anime Series that i have watched so far are :

Basilik, Great Teacher Onizuka, Legend of Condor I & II ( i wonder why they stopped after that), World's Greatest disciple Kenichi, Area 88, Street Fighter TV Series (which had over 70 OR 100 Episodes), Thunder Cats
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Kon from Bleach is awesome!! He is like the funniest character on Bleach he sure is my favorite character on Bleach.
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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

This seasons pretty dull, Kurenai was good, rd is pretty good and code geass r2 is alright, i cant wait for the new slayers series though
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