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Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the face of the Terminator franchise, but what about John Connor? Connor is the hunted target in Judgment Day, Rise Of The Machines, Salvation, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show. He is the man, who leads humanity in the war against SkyNet, and he is the main protagonist in the Terminator franchise. Throughout the Terminator franchise, John Connor has been portrayed by four different actors: Edward Furlong (Judgement Day), Nick Stahl (Rise Of The Machines), Christian Bale (Salvation), and Thomas Dekker (The Sarah Chronicles TV show). Technically, Michael Edwards is a John Connor. He portrays the adult version of John Connor in a flashback/intro during the beginning of Judgment Day. But his screen time only lasts about ten seconds, so I won't include him, so who in your opinion had the best portrayal of John Connor in the Terminator series and why?

Edward Furlong- Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)- In T2: Judgment Day, John Connor is a young punk, but Furlong did bring a good sense of humor to this character. "Hasta la Vista Baby!" is probably the most memorable quote in the entire franchise ("come with me, if you want live" always provides strong competition), and you could feel sympathy for this character. He was a young kid, who wanted to reconnect with his mother, and at times, T2 John Connor could be vulnerable. Furlong sheds his rebellious kid persona, and Connor forms an unlikely bond with the T-800 (Arnold). You see some real emotional depth between both characters during this friendship, and the relationship between John and the T-800 is something special.

Nick Stahl- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)- Stahl provides a decent enough performance for Connor in Rise Of The Machines. But the John Connor character in this film is a real whiny bitch most of the time. He's annoying, and is borderline unlikeable as a character. In this film, you see a very brief glimpse of Connor preparing humanity for the war on SkyNet. Actually seeing the chaos leading into Judgment Day is something to remember, but Stahl's performance isn't memorable or it doesn't make you say that he was great as John Connor.

Christian Bale- Terminator Salvation (2009)- In Salvation, we actually see Connor in action during the war against SkyNet. Connor is older and more experienced in this film, and we don't have to hear any "why me!" complaints about being the chosen one. Bale brings a strong sense of confidence to Connor in Salvation, and his performance is one the major highlights in this film.

Thomas Dekker- The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Show (2008-2009)- John Connor is still a teenager during The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show. Sure, he makes a few stupid mistakes along the way (mainly in season 2 with the Riley character), but Connor is more mature this time around. He's hesitant to accept his role, as humanity's last hope, but Connor never backs down from a challenge. He's fearless, and Dekker always provided a solid and believable performance for this character.

But for me as for who had the best portrayal of John Connor in my opinion would definitely have to be Christian Bale hands down even though at some times he would seem over the top but he had a certain charisma that the role of John Connor needs and Bale not only exceeded that but he provided a great leadership quality too on screen in the role
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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Nick Stahls version was whiney.

Christian Bales sounded too much like Batman to me.

Edward Furlong's was the best imo. He had the most heart and will to fight.

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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Edward Furlong. Judgement Day is one of my all-time greatest movies, so perhaps I'm biased.

It is based, though, on the fact that the guy in the third wasn't very good and Christian Bale was just too much. Furlong doesn't have much competition.

Still, what he does is pretty top notch on it's own. Always blew my mind the character was meant to be only 10.

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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Furlong did a great job in a great movie.. My vote goes to him.

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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Nick Stahl was a fucking joke!

- Vic

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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Edward Furlong, absolutely. I was 8 years old and had a huge crush on him and had his picture hanging on my bedroom wall, lulz.

awww yeah.

Fucking pathetic what he has become.

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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Edward Furlong he was much more believable in the role then anyone else. Christian Bale was just an action movie star who happened to be called John Connor. I don't remember much of Terminator 3 and I never watched the TV show.

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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

The one in T2 by default because the rest of those listed suck.

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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

Furlong wasn't exactly the best actor, but I think for most of us who have followed the Terminator Franchise, he is the version we all instantly think of when we think of John Connor. In my eyes, his relationships with The Terminator and his mother are what make T2 the best Terminator related story to date.



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Re: Who in your opinion was the best John Connor in the series?

The only answer is Furlong. Stahl was a bitch and I never saw Salvation so I can't comment on Bale.

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