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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (SPOILERS)

TMNT 2 is already announced as well for 2016. Some properties are just immune to critic panning.

I want to see GOTG again.

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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (SPOILERS)

For sale right now on OnceUponATee (Until Aug. 14th):

And this is for sale right now on GraphicLab (Until Aug. 17th):

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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (SPOILERS)

Found this article on what Batista had to go through to look like Drax.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" has been in theaters for two weeks and has already made more than $313 million worldwide.

Before the film's release, we asked special makeup-effects designer David White to take Business Insider through the process of transforming some of the stars from Zoe Saldana to Karen Gillan into their onscreen characters.

Out of all the actors, wrestler David Bautista was among the cast members who spent the most time on set.

To transform Bautista into his character Drax the Destroyer it took a team of five makeup artists five hours each day to apply 18 prosthetic pieces to the wrestler, according to Marvel Studios.

"Drax started as a five-hour makeup, and slowly the time began to fall away, as expected," White tells Business Insider. "A makeup that extensive is a real slog for the team as itís so complex."

"Every day, a Vac forma [plastic mold] of Davidís exact body shape with perforated holes in it to indicate exactly where the prosthetics start and finish was offered up," White says. "This had rice paper skin illustrator airbrushed through it showing the map."

White says Bautista was then brush sealed with a chemical and medical adhesive mix. Afterward, makeup artists started applying the 18 pieces onto the actor's shoulders and the rest of his body.

"The crew all had different tasks in the sequence. Some move[d] onto the paint system while some finished off the prosthetic blending offs," White says.

Elaborate tattoos and markings cover Bautista's entire upper body. As you can see, they're incredibly detailed.

Because Drax isn't predominantly blue or grey or red, there were different paint layers the artists then had to apply.

"We added thin layers of browns, reds and greens within the base grey to break up the tone and make it come alive before the final color sweep," White tells us. "Then the whole body is sealed with a fixative so that it can withstand the dayís shoot."

In addition to all of that, Bautista also had to wear dentures to "dirty down his real teeth," along with contacts that gave him "ice blue eyes with a red circling the eye iris."

Co-star Chris Pratt told Buzzfeed that Bautista stood the entire time while his makeup was applied.

"Bautista had to stand like this with his arms out rested on posts ... stands that had tennis balls on them," Pratt said. "He had to stand for hours like that every single day. Never complained about it."

Eventually, White says, Drax's makeup took an average of three hours to do. Bautista recently told /Film that the makeup team was able to get it down to two hours, 47 minutes one day. However, it takes about another hour and a half to remove.

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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

The improvements I want them to make on Thanos' look in the sequel.

Spoiler for :

Thanos is only beaten because he allows himself to be, and he only allows himself to be beaten because, in spite of his ambition to attain ultimate power, he sub-consciously knows that he's not worthy of it.
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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

Ahhh this was so much fun. The soundtrack is great, especially Come and Get your Love. Although it's a film with a typical plot line, it's more about the characters and how they interact with one another. The movie excels when all the main characters are working together to achieve their goal. Some really funny scenes throughout the film. One of my favorite Marvel films.

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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
For sale right now on OnceUponATee (Until Aug. 14th):

And this is for sale right now on GraphicLab (Until Aug. 17th):
Just ordered select your A hole and the Ramones one in tank top and and zip up hoodie.


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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

For anyone who wanted to see
Spoiler for Guardians:
baby Groot boogie again:

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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

The Awesome mix tape soundtrack is #1 on the Billboard and that is the first time it was ever done with old songs!

- Vic


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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy


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Re: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

is he groot?

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