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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

Originally Posted by obby View Post
Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
Originally Posted by MillionDollarProns View Post
Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Halloween I, II, IV, and V are all classics.
Glad to see I'm not in the minority here.

As far as the Saw movies go, well just look at my username. I saw the original back in 04 when it came out on DVD and was instantly hooked. It had the least amount of gore and obviously managed to be the best in the series. Yeah, as the sequels rolled out, said amount of gore got to pretty much ridiculous levels. I mean, Jesus, the last one was the only one I felt disappointed with. The focus on gore instead of plot, the awful, awful and did I mention absolutely AWFUL 3D gimmick, lack of previous characters and especially the lack of Jigsaw except for like 3 scenes. But, I can still watch it just for the Cary Elwes return. God damn, I waited for that for 6 years and finally got it. Sure, it was cheesy, but fuck man. That scene almost makes up for the rest of the movie. Almost.

Never been a fan of Hostel, though. Though, I can't hate on it, cause I've obviously never seen it.

Originally Posted by asdf0501 View Post
Who cares if a movie is scary. Horror is much more than that....
How so? I always think of the horror genre as something that horrifies you, obviously. Sure, it might be a synonym for scary, or frightening, but it all comes full circle, IMO. And I'm not disagreeing btw, I'm just curious as to what you mean.

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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

Always been a fan of the Halloween movies especially the first two and I just don't agree with these kids that didn't find it at all scaring and just 'boring' and 'corny' but yet point out other flicks that they thought were scarier like 'Cabin in the Woods' the remake of 'The Omen' 'The Ring' and the Saw films really? I do agree the Descent was a good flick and was well made so I'll give them just that and I have yet to see 'The Conjuring' but I hope to soon. Alas that's how today's generation is with all these films that are labeled horror and put out along with remake of classic ones of course they will enjoy them more then the ones that started the genre they just take away that special feeling from what the classics had I can't quite say what it was about older horror films just how they were made at the time you just never knew what you were going to expect next but with today's films (not all) but most within 5 mins you can guess what will happen or they give too much away from the trailers.

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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

wasn't scary to me when i first watched it which is a good example of how older movies aren't as scary as newer movies. the special effects nowadays are obviously a lot better which equal scarier slashers and more realistic looking corpses. whenever i watch older scarier movies it's more for the story and not the scare, if that makes sense. however i did watch friday the thirteenth part 6 when i was like 8 years old or so and it gave me nightmares for quite a while, so it is scary if you're a little kid i guess.

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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

Get Savannah Walker alone at night and pull a prank on her using Michael Myers. She'd go insane with fear guaranteed.

Anyway, horror is timeless, and Halloween is an obvious horror masterpiece.

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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

Halloween is brilliant, one of my fav movies and the classic and GOAT horror film for me. II, IV and V are good too and H20 is also really good for a modern one.

Always wish they did a Freddy vs Jason vs Michael sequel, I don't care if it's as silly as FvJ, I just would love to see it.


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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

I find some of the old classic scary movies are way more effective then modern day ones.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre might be dated in some aspects, but fuck, its one of the most horrifying experiences I've ever had watching a film. Something all of Saw's and Paranormal Activity's can only dream of.

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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

Halloween is fucking KING and anyone who doesn't think it's great is watching it for the wrong reasons.
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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

The Man Behind the Winkies scene from Mulholland Drive is the greatest horror scene ever. Never thought much of Halloween, though, I'm an Alien/Shining/Lynch/Far East guy. Horror is psychology, not excesive slashing or blood.
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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

I am so very pleasantly surprised by this thread. It's comforting to know I am not the only one who feels this way about the classic horror genre compared to what is passed off as a horror movie these days.

Originally Posted by -SAW- View Post
Alien. IMO, one of the scariest movies of all time due to atmosphere, score (or lack there of at some points) and the fact that you didn't get to see the damn thing until the climax. Nowadays, it's all jump scares with no suspense and a lack of good atmosphere.
Alien is one of the greatest horror movies ever made and there is pretty much no gore in it at all (unless you count the chest burster scene). Dat suspense. When done the right way, not seeing something can be way more terrifying than seeing everything.

Originally Posted by virus21 View Post
Considering the quality of horror movies these days, these kids don't know jack. Most of them like pointless gore fests like the later Saw movies or Hostel or paint by numbers crap like most horror remakes are. Those are not scary.
Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
Well today's kids (God I can't believe I am talking like that now) are used to horror movies that are nothing but torture porn. "Scary" has become synonymous with "Gross" and there is no appreciation for atmosphere & suspense anymore. It is just "KILL KILL KILL!" and "BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD", and if they don't get that right away and in great quantity, then it sucks.
Pointless gore fests and torture porn =/= a horror movie.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Halloween I, II, IV, and V are all classics.
IMO, Dr. Loomis was every bit as important to the Halloween movies as Michael himself. After Donald Pleasence died, the series effectively ended for me. H20 was not a terrible movie but Halloween is just not the same without Dr. Loomis.

Originally Posted by Chismo View Post
Horror is psychology, not excesive slashing or blood.
This sums it up perfectly right here. I don't care at all for modern day horror movies that are all nasty gore and such. I'd rather just watch Alien and enjoy the fuck out of dat suspense.

One more thing about Halloween...

SUCH an iconic theme song.

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Re: Is "Halloween" Still Scary 35 Years Later?

Halloween is a masterpiece. Pretty much all of the movies are and I always have a marathon of them every Halloween. I personally still feel it is scary & effective yes because it has such a great atmosphere and I'm more drawn to those types of Horror Movies. The problem with recent Horror Movies is that they all feel the same and I hate it, it's why I go back to find older horror movies I haven't seen yet usually.

I've always liked atmospheric horror because it's a much more suspenseful and memorable experience. I know the Halloween Movies like the back of my hand because I've seen them so many times.

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