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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Real Name: Michael Alexander Hero

Wrestler Name: American WereWolf Mike Hero

Height & Weight: 6'5 245

Hometown: Brideview, IL

Billed From: Chicago, IL

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Tweener(If Not Applicable) Face


Slender. Hard Muscle. Tall. Rugged Good looks with a Baby Face. Women Fawn over him.

Hair Style/Color/Length:
Medium length, Brown, Styled in a fauxhaux

Eye Color:
Brown with White Contacts.

Facial Hair: 5 o'clock Shadow

Ring Attire:
Grey Trunks with Black tear marks going down the right hip.
Grey Kickpads with Black Tears Tears going up to the knee pads.
Black Hand and Wrist Wrap (ala Triple H)
One loaded Elbow Pad and Sleeve on Right arm

Entrance Attire:
Fur lined Black Leather jacket.
(Sort of Like Miz's Brown coat but Black and with a black hood.)



Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick:
Sadistic Technical Knockout Artist with a super natural flair.

Characteristics of Gimmick:
Win's Most Matches by Knockout or Ref stopping it.
Goes to great lengths to draw blood during fights.
Seemingly hypnotic effects to female fans and wrestlers.

Brief Biography:
Real life Bio:
Born and Raised in A suburb in chicago. Would often wrestler his little brother in his backyard. His first wrestling show was at the age of ten, Watching CM Punk wrestle in some dude's back yard. Following a bit of training in the now closed Steel dominion. He debuted in Chikara wrestling there for 1 year before moving on to Japan to learn a new strong style puruso. Following his completion of Training under Antonio Inoki and Great Sasuke. He wrestled Against Kazuchika Okada for The IWGP Title. Following a hard battle. Hero came out on top holding and defending the title for a entire year before finally moving on to this fed.

Kayfabe Bio:
Born and raised in Chicago, On a fateful night on Michigan Avenue. Hero was approached by a strange old lady. Passing her off as a begar. He was cursed by this witch to go back in time. Having lived 10 years in the life of a cursed werewolf in midevil times. He was transported back to current times as if only a day had passed. Now Unable to fufill his blood lust for combat. Mike Hero has joined this fed to release his primal fury.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:
On Titatron: A sweeping view of Chicago with a timelasped video of day time turning to night. The arena is dark during the day time. When the video gets to night the music stops for a bit and the lights turn on with Hero in the middle of the ring tugging off his hood. He would pander to the crowd a bit before taking off his jacket handing to some random female that changes week to week.

Fighting Style:
Hard striker. Using Chops and Elbows aswell as kicks and knees. An almost Muay Thai Fighting style. He batters the opponent into a lifeless limp corpses before hitting a few well trained suplexes. he finishes them off with a Choke or his finishers.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
Dislocated right knee as a child. Kicks and submissions there are extra effective. / Animal like.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Hard striker: Able to brawl with the best of them.

Strength: Technical Genius: A wikipedia's worth of Submissions and suplexes are at his beck and call.

Weakness: His fighting style relies on a combo strength and speed. He would have trouble against a giant wrestler or a small luchador.

Weakness: His right knee is weakened from injury meaning rare top rope moves.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
True Crucifixion: Full Nelson Double knee backstabber into Full nelson with body scissors
Silver Bullet: Kick to the nuts or Rolling Elbow Followed by sit out gotch style piledriver

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
FaceOff: Arm trap Stomps to the face followed by springboard into ring stomp to face and chest
Evolution of Style: Arm and Neck trap knees to the gut. Followed by super kick to kneeling opponent.
KTFO: Stomp to kneeled opponent's head followed by elbow to chin

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
Arm Trap elbow strikes to grounded opponent
Fisherman suplex
Rolling Elbow
Corner knee/elbow strikes
Crossing Rolling Elbow
RipCord Rolling elbow
Danielson special
Koji Clutch
Front Necklock
Stalling Suplex
Suplex into drop behind rolling elbow
Diving Facestomp


Sample RP:

Hero would be backstage. He would be entering into a Locker room to come across a rather bland looking man studying a large book. Hero would bring his right arm across the pulsing neck of the man grasping the man's taped wrist. He would bring a rough yawn to spin the man around knocking his graduation cap off his head. In that moment of turning Hero would unleash a violent elbow strike to the nerve endings of the man's chin. With such a strike in a whirlwind of violence the Man's glasses would be knocked off. The last thing he would see would be a blurred spinning vision of Hero before darkness engulfed him. Hero would drop the limp man onto the ground before. Walking out the dressing room The door closing behind him revealing a name plate that simply read "The Tutor".
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Spoiler for Character:
Real Name: ???

Wrestler Name: Jack.

Height & Weight: 6'3 & 170 lbs.

Hometown: ???

Billed From: "In a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain"

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Whatever color suits him. (heel by wrestling nature)



Hair Style/Color/Length: N/A.

Eye Color: N/A.

Facial Hair: None.

Ring Attire: Feasible "business attire" for wrestling. Similar to IRS - only w/navy blue shirt.

Entrance Attire: Wears his suit at all times, along with a semi-large humanoid Rabbit mask. (see my picture for the exact definition of this) The mask is never removed until the match begins; which reveals his face covered by a dark brown mask. His face is completely covered thus containing the entire mystery. The mask has been specific crafted to have eye ports in order to see while wrestling; yet fans can't see his eyes. Constantly wears dark brown gloves in and out of the ring.

Tattoos: None.


Sample Photo of Character:
Spoiler for Rabbit pic:

Main Gimmick: Inspired by David Lynch's mini-series Rabbits.

Characteristics of Gimmick: Stands around. Spouts off non-sequiturs.

Brief Biography: Mysterious humanoid rabbit shrouded in darkness; with no one able to piece together his reason for being. With him questioning anything and everything often. A lingering violent side deep within lurks.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: Sound of rain falling comes over the arena. After sometime the entrance theme hits: during the opening crescendo before the vocals come on the lights are of a strobe variety. Lucid, bright colors of neon green & pink flashing about. Moment vocals hit the lights go blank. A red glow peers over the arena as Jack. enters. He goes through the ropes, proceeds to stand in a specific corner; standing stoic. He doesn't remove his rabbit mask until the bell rings.

Fighting Style: Striker. Dirty tactics. Spectator style.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Pain almost has a nullifying effect. For his thin nature he can withstand a gross amount of punishment. One often wonders if he requests a ton on him and wins & losses mean nothing.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Able to withstand immense punishment.

Strength: Cunning; can sink in a deep shot or dirty dangerous blow to aid him into victory.

Weakness: Fixated on the psychical. Loses focus. Easy to get DQ'ed.

Weakness: Isn't skilled in many different forms of wrestling. Southern style heel work only.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Parodic Self-Explanation ~ Stalling Brainbuster

Inland Empire ~ Reverse STO

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Laughtrack Lariat ~ Running Lariat
Paracetamol ~ Hangman's Neckbreaker

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
European Uppercut
Eye Rake/Kick to the head combo
Vertical Suplex
Harley Race style Headbutts
Short Piledriver
Chinlocks with Point of Elbow driven into face
Butterfly Suplex
Russian Leg Sweep
Straight Punches
Scoop Body Slam
High Angle Belly to Back Suplex
Half Crab while having a boot on the opponent's head


Sample RP:

*All you hear is rain. Then the screen appears to show a lone room with no one inside.*

*A humanoid looking rabbit enters. Removes his hat & stands*

*A voice begins to speak...*

Jack.: "The implications are clear."

*no mouth moves yet you hear the voice clearly.*

Jack.: "How fast we grow."

*Jack. approaches the couch. He sits down.*

Jack.: "The day, the time, the moment - soon."

*Jack. appears to be staring directly at someone. Engaging he stares for seconds upon seconds until he utters*

Jack.: "I wonder who I will be"

*the screen begins to fade as all you hear once again is the rain...*

You suck the blood of the afflicted.
Those lacking imagination take refuge in reality.

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Spoiler for Character:
Real Name: Tom Stevens?

Wrestler Name: Darius Black (Influenced by Tyler Black I think)

Height & Weight: 6 ft 3, 220 Lbs.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (Got to go with the crazy crowd!)

Billed From: Chicago, Illinois

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel


Hair Style/Color/Length: Hair style, black and realtively short.

Eye Color: Brown

Facial Hair: Light facial hair

Ring Attire: All black attire. (Similar to The Shield's look but not the same.)

Entrance Attire: All black attire. (Similar to The Shield's look but not the same.)

Tattoos: None.


Sample Photo of Character: (I'd imagine him looking something like Ambrose)

Main Gimmick: Newly Released Mental Patient

Characteristics of Gimmick: Does some things out of the ordinary. Likes to be the center of attention and always in the spotlight. Wants to accomplish the big one in the business and will do whatever it takes to get there. If you're becoming a nuisance, expect to have some trouble.

Brief Biography: Growing up in Chicago, Illinois it was rough, Tom found himself falling in with the wrong group of people which eventually led to him going to a Mental Institution. But after this Tom found his passion when he discovered Professional Wrestling as a teenager. He has continued to train and has been in many Indy promotions before. This is his chance to prove to the world who he is and show what he can do.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: He very methodically walks to the ring to match the music. The music is sign of trouble to come, he makes it to the ring and looks at each side of the crowd emotionless and ready to fight.

Fighting Style: Aggressive and Frantic.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Broken his wrist a couple of times before and also his nose a few times.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Very precise when he's in the ring. He targets a certain body point and continues to wear it down.

Strength: Can think fast in intense situations and can get himself out of Submission moves or deadly scenarios in the ring.

Weakness: Sometimes he will lose it in a match and almost get himself counted out/disqualified.

Weakness: Will sometimes take his concentration off the opponent and to the crowd, which sometimes leads to his downfall.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Good Night (Diamond Cutter)
No Where To Go (Anaconda Vise)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Devastation (Powerbomb)
Halted (Swinging Neckbreaker.)

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
Clothesline (Sometimes after being irish whipped by an opponent)
Elbow drop (Sometimes from the Top Rope)
Knee Drop (Sometimes from the Top Rope)
Back kick
Back fist
Backhand Chop
Eye Poke (Desperation Move)
Running Bulldog
Belly to Belly suplex.

Sample RP:

We see a man looking around an empty ring. We hear his voice in the background as he says the following words:

Darius: I've been working hard all my life to get to this moment and I'm finally here, I'm finally about to encounter the 'Big One'. All I've had all my life is people telling me I'm not good enough or I wouldn't make it. Well, I'm going to prove them wrong, I've already made it to the biggest Professional Wrestling company in the world and I'm not stopping there, I'm going to get their most prized possession and win their World Title and when I do, do that. I'll hold the Title up to the Camera and direct it at those doubters that never thought I could make it in this business.

Darius has arrived.

*Scene fades to black*

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Spoiler for Character:
Real Name: Xander Black

Wrestler Name: Xander Black

Height & Weight: 6’3 215lbs

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Billed From: Part’s Unknown

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel


Hair Style/Color/Length: Straight, shoulder length black hair

Eye Color: Hazel

Facial Hair: Well kept, black beard.

Ring Attire: Short black trunks, (standard) with white words on the back which say “The Messenger” which have red outlining. Black elbow pads on each arm, and one black knee pad on his left knee.

Entrance Attire: Black long trench coat, ala Edge.

Tattoos: “Beth” written on the inside of his right forearm.


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Dark, messenger of Satan. (All will be explained in the R.P’s.)

Characteristics of Gimmick: Methodical, believes he is doing Satan’s work, doesn’t care about anyone else, and isn’t afraid to take things "too far".

Brief Biography: Xander Black was a very strange kid, everyone could see that. At school, he was often bullied, and despite what happened to his parents, the kids didn’t stop the bullying. So, Black took up boxing, and then began going to Judo lessons. Xander was always a fan of wrestling, it took his mind of everything that’s happening to him in life, so he made the choice to pursue a career in wrestling but it wasn’t without hardships.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: The arena turns a shade of blue with flashing white lights all around the stage. After a moment, Xander Black steps onto the stage, bouncing on his heels. He moves his wet hair away from his face and walks down the ramp.

Fighting Style: Black incorporates many styles into his arsenal. He’s very skilled in striking, because of the boxing lessons, and is very experienced in Judo. But he can also go to the top rope if need be, he doesn’t do it often but he will if the opportunity presents itself.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: He has no major previous injuries, only a broken thumb he suffered at a very young age. His mindset on the other hand is a very different kettle of fish, he’s a very disturbed human being, intimidating people with his aura and flat out being very strange.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Always knows the best strategy for his opponent.

Strength: Is fearless, no one can intimidate him.

Weakness: Can sometimes get distracted.

Weakness: Because of his size, the bigger, heavier men can sometimes manhandle him.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Figure Four Death Lock (Leg Lock Cloverleaf)
Death Nail (Future Shock DDT (Drew McIntyre’s old finisher))

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
The Message; Running Enziguri,
Death Drive; Running Knee (to the head)
Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex (Sometimes From Top Rope)

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
Cross Body (from top rope)
Standing Jumping Drop Kick
European Uppercut
Tiger Suplex
Russian Front Leg Sweep
Powerful Punches
Boston Crab
Arm Bar
Running Leg Drop
Tornado DDT
Snap Suplex
Repeated Elbow Strikes (to the chest of a seated opponent)


Sample RP:

Xander Black is sat backstage, in the locker room, tying the laces to his boots and thinking off all the tragedy which has led to this moment. This was his dream, but the things he had to witness, the things he had to do... the things he had to accept have tainted this moment. The owner of this company’s son was making the rounds, welcoming every new wrestler to the promotion, and it wouldn’t be long until he reached me.

The Son: Hey, welcome to the show, kid.

Black looked up, and put on a smile like he used to do; he stood up and shook the son’s hand.

The Son: Y’know... my Dad said you were a very talented wrestler. And just by standing in front of you, I can feel something from you-

Black rolled his eyes, he used to get that a lot from people. Black thanked the son for the kind words and off he went. Only twenty minutes to go until the show began, and Black couldn’t help thinking about all the things that have happened to get here. He ran through all the faces in his mind that he used to know, his parents, his sister, his grandparents and then he looked at his forearm, the word “Beth” written on it, that hurt most of all.

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Real Name: Blake Maxon

Wrestler Name: The Tutor

Height & Weight: 6 foot 200 pounds

Hometown: Clio, MI

Billed From: Harvard University

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel


Hair Style/Color/Length: Crew Cut

Eye Color: Hazel

Facial Hair: sideburns into a goatee

Ring Attire: Simple white trunks and white boots

Entrance Attire: Graduation gown & a big book

Tattoos: none


Sample Photo of Character: Think “The Genius” but more clean cut and black gown.

Main Gimmick: “College Professor”

Characteristics of Gimmick: Will correct people; will put people down;

Brief Biography: High School Valedictorian/All-Country Wrestling Star; All-American Wrestler at Harvard while maintaining a 4.0. Hired as Harvard Professor/Wrestling Coach

Entrance Music: Beethovan’s “Moonlight Sonata”

Entrance Description: He ignores the crowd as he reads his book. Then when he gets into the ring, he’ll shut the book in the refs face, or a jobber if the jobber is in there.

Fighting Style: smart wrestler; avoids danger quickly by sliding out of ring; lots of reversals; Not much of a but good move sets in mat wrestling and on the ropes; lots of endurance so he takes a lot of beating during a match but ends up prevailing;

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: none

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Lots of endurance; can take a huge beating

Strength: Can reverse out of everything

Weakness: Not a lot of “power” in his punches

Weakness: Will use weapon (or his book) if he thinks he’s gonna lose.

Finishers (Maximum of 2): “Class Dismissed” – Razor’s Edge or figure four

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3): Suplex off ropes; running body slam; using his book to knock down opponent.

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
1. Headlock
2. Throws opponent into ropes-hiptoss
3. Arm bar
4. Cross Face
5. Suplex
6. Drop kick
7. Running body slash
8. Open fist slap
9. DDT
10. Piledriver


Sample RP:
***man is shown, turned around in a chair, behind a desk, reading a book***
**still turned around, he begins talking**

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Something clearly all the fans lack and most likely, my future opponents here in the Efed. An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows. But I'm not going to waste my time to teach my wisdom to the pea bodies in this faction. In fact, I wouldn't get use to me here, because this is just a short term stop, like the PWA, on my way to the WWE. I’m the current Hardcore Champion and 7-2 in PPVs matches and that success WILL carry over here.
**the Tutor turns around***

"Class will be dismissed!"

***Shuts book hard***
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Jeez, I'm going to get ruined every match, all these guys are fucking massive compared to my frail 5'9".

Ah well, overcoming the odds sounds fun
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

I wasn't wanting to be relatively tall, yet it was the only fitting characteristic. Tall and thin. Those are his traits.

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Wow, didn't expect so many apps to be filled already, getting excited for this!

And hey, the height of your character won't mean a thing. It's pretty fun to write matches where it's a small guy against a big guy actually. So yeah, don't be discouraged by that. This is gonna be fun, I can already tell!

Also, just for more information, the e-fed is called PWC or Premier Wrestling Circuit and it's show name is called Vortex. Haven't decided what day it'll yet but I just wanted to let you guys know this beforehand.

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Ugh. Seems like everyone and their mothers wants to be a heel in this...

You suck the blood of the afflicted.
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

I was actually surprised at the number of faces?
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