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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

James Parker.

Derek Jacobs' mentor and new manager. Has known DJ for most of his adult life.

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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

Nurse Ellie

Dr Nero's valet

Ellie worked with Nero at the hospital before he was sent to prison, and was one of his "regular" friends with benefits. She is in love with him, knows Nero doesn't love her or anything other than himself, but is cool with it. She is proficient in judo and different types of self defence.

She has yet to get involved in any of his matches due to Nero not needing her to, however this may come into play when Nero needs her. From either a diversionary tactic, or even to get involved. She packs more punch than she looks and Nero has been training her to be as lethal as he is.

She usually wears a nurses outfit to the ring when she accompanies him.

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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

Name: Leo Dela Cruz aka Mr. Del Fuego
NPC Role: Blaze's trainer. He took in Blaze when he was a kid and trained him. He was also a luchador back in Mexico under the name Mr. Del Fuego (Mr. Fire)

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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

Spoiler for Famine's NPCs:

Jake Roberts

Name: Gary Dennis (Pestilence)

NPC Role: Gary was once Famine's manager/mentor. He was a former wrestler who specialized in chemistry and alchemy; he disappeared following Vortex 17.


Jessicka Havok

Name: Annie

NPC Role: Annie resides at the compound in Texas and has assumed the role of Famine's mentor/manager.


Baron Corbin

Name: Blade

NPC Role: Blade is Annie's brother lives at the compound; he is known to travel with Annie and Famine.


Luke Gallows

Name: Buck

NPC Role: Buck is one of the leaders of the compound in Texas. He is known to travel with Annie and Famine.


Nikolai Volkoff

Name: Colonel Aleksei Alekseevich

NPC Role: When Famine was detained by the Soviet Union following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Alekseevich personally oversaw much of the cruel experimentation that was conducted on him.

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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

Spoiler for NPCS:
1. Dominic Roberts

A man Darius meets in the Mental Institution.

2. Dr. Peterson

Darius' Psychiatrist.

3. Lucy Cornell

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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread
NPC-Manager of Carnage.
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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

You can insert images using the "Insert Image" button next to the Insert Link button. Just click on it and copy paste the image url.

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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

Forums won't let me because my post count.
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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

Spoiler for NPCs:


Name: Bryan "Mr. Charisma" Phillips
NPC Role: Former professional wrestler whose career was cut short by a torn ACL during a world title match. Was considered one of the best in ring big men ever. Helps Reid through any issues he has in the business. Was a five time singles champion, three of those times as a World Champion.

Name: John Reid
NPC Role: Aaron's foil and youbger brother. Aaron is quick to explode and get pissed, John is cool, calm, and collected. Despite their differences, they are the embodiment of "blood is thicker than water", as they are inseparable. Shares CEO position with Aaron in Powell Industries. vid wrestling fan full of statistics.

Name: Michael Owens
NPC Role: Financial adviser and former pro wrestler. Tag teamed with Reid Sr. in Japan, won seven tag titles and six singles titles, three being World Titles. Was the father figure to the Reids after the departure of their father.

Name: Mr. McCaine
NPC Role: Butler to the Reids, is ever obedient to the boys.

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Re: PWC: Non-Player Character Thread

Name: Ian (human) / Shrevi (D&D)

Image rep:

Bio: Theron's roommate and Dungeon Master in the real world. In D&D he is an armored Dragon Shaman with a gambling problem. In real life he has been a close friend of Theron's ever since they were teenagers. He has been in school longer than anyone else in the group and shows no signs of graduating anytime soon, his major is a double major in History and Political Science.

NPC used by: Theron Daggershield


Name: Jason (human) / Jessiron (D&D)

Image rep:

Bio: A human Monk. Jessiron struggles with acting professionally when dealing with a high ranked official and rarely thinks before he does something. He means well, but his vocal outbursts and silly decision making can get him in trouble. In real life he is Jason, another roommate of Theron's and spends his spare time trolling web forums. He is in his third freshman year of college and had been leaning toward a business major before he stopped caring about his studies. Jason never attends class and is in danger of flunking out of school permanently. He has a crush on Layla, the girl next door who plays Marazara.

NPC used by: Theron Daggershield


Name: Layla (human) / Marazara (D&D)

Image rep:

Bio: A Halfling Rogue who loves to steal from everyone in sight. She is the one the party calls upon to search for traps, but has a tendency to wander off due to her "ooh shiny" syndrome when something else catches her attention, and she has hidden herself purposefully from the rest of the group before. In real life she is Layla, the girl next door who lives in the same apartment complex as Theron and his roommates. A freshman attending the same college as the rest of the group, she plans to major in Biology.

NPC used by: Theron Daggershield


Name: Austin (human) / Devra (D&D)

Image rep:

Bio: Although the handler in "real life" is male, this sorceress is female. She never speaks other than when she is casting a spell. In her spare time she can be found studying with her spellbook open. Nothing else is known about her, even to Theron. The human counterpart is Austin, the third roommate of Theron's who he often has disagreements with. Like Jason/Jessiron, he too has a crush on Layla, the girl next door who plays Marazara the Rogue. He is a Computer Information Systems major and in his junior year in college.

NPC used by: Theron Daggershield


Name: Tiffany (human) Kirilah (D&D)

Image Rep:

Bio: An honorable Paladin of Mystra. She is an Aasimar (being with angelic ancestry) and practices the path of a paladin with utmost seriousness. The most courageous member of the Merry Band of Misfits, Kirilah is Theron's 2nd in command in the leadership for the group as well as his love interest. In real life she is Tiffany, a senior majoring in Theology and Theron's girlfriend of 4 years. She is also the roommate of Layla who plays Marazara.

NPC used by: Theron Daggershield
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