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WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

For those of you who weren't around for this:


Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to this unique TDL influenced WWF show! I am your host, the long lost Aussie. And my co-host, i$e!

i$e: Aussie did you seriously just show up and not explain where the fuck you've been?


Aussie: Ladies and gentlemen we have a fun filled show tonight!

i$e: Anything announced?

Aussie: No.



Evolution is a Mystery.....

The TDL Wrestling World Champion Evolution makes his way to the ring. The smug cocksucker blows off everyone in the crowd as he grabs the microphone.

Evolution: My name....is Evolution. And I am the greatest debater on the face of the planet. That's why I am holding the TDL Wrestling World Championship. I have embarrassed and destroyed all those who stood in my way. And at TDL V High Stakes, I plan to embarrass and humilate this so called genius intelligent debater named WOOLCOCK. Nobody can touch me. Nobody in the back, not the black guy in the crowd who hasn't paid his child support, not the asian in the crowd who knows karate & math but can't drive, not Aussie, not i$e...

i$e: Excuse me Aussie, : incoming

Aussie: Not now plz......

Evolution: I AM UNTOUCH.......

Random John Lennon/Beatles song play

The Lady Killer shows up with mic in hand much to the crowd's delight!

The Lady Killer: You're doing a lot of talking. But what you need to know is that I am back in TDL. And now that I am back, your days as Wrestling Champion is numbered. After I RAPE run through adrian_zombo, you're next!

Evolution: Oh yes. What better way to establish myself than by retiring one of the TDL coordinators. Don't worry TLK, after I send you to the retirement home, you'll have all the time in the world you hang out with your grandmother there. So I'm really doing you a favor.

The Lady Killer: Enough of this. Let's fight ya faggot!

TLK charges to the ring and takes Evolution to the ground. A fury of punches lands all over Evolution's Aussie cheeks.

Aussie: This is wild i$e! Security should stop this!

i$e: Security is for bitches.

TLK continues to pound on Evolution when adrian_zombo appears and lays out TLK with a chair to the face! They stomp away on TLK. Ripping off his John Lennon shirt and handcuffing him to the corner. Adrain stands up TLK for Evolution as he prepares to hit him with his championship belt.

i$e: Ugh.

i$e runs to the ring and clears house! He gives both men a double clothesline. Tosses adrian out the ring, and hits Evolution with his own championship belt!

Adrian pulls Evolution out the ring and they retreat. i$e uncuffs TLK, gives him Evolution's Wrestling Championship and raises his hand!


i$e: Well, my brother TLK was at a disadvantage. WOOLCOCK should have came out, but he's a debater not a fighter. More importantly, Evolution shouldn't have mentioned my name.

Aussie: If some guy at work mentions your name in a controversial fashion, do you just go over there and assault him?

i$e: Yes.


In the highest row of the arena, we see Wagg and Cody (HayleySabin) checking out young girls in the crowd with binoculars.

Wagg: Man that one girl is hot. Young in the face, no signs of puberty. Just the way I like em.


Wagg: I like him young looking but I prefer they be 18.

Cody: What?

Wagg: Well I don't wanna go to jail.

Cody: You pussy. I like them young looking and I prefer they be 16. They like older dudes, and they'll do whatever you want them to do. Cheerleader fantasies.

Wagg: Yeah but the minute you piss them off they'll run to their mother and scream rape.

Cody: Brb

Cody is annoyed at Wagg's level headed talk and informs a police officer of the underage porn on wagg's phone.

Cody: See, he sent me this picture! The bitch has a training bra on!

Cody comes back first. Then the officer comes.

Officer: Wagg you're under arrest for possession of child porn.

Wagg: WTF?

Cody: Clearly there is a misunderstanding officer? We're just here enjoying the show.

Officer: No, we've been tracking this guy's phone for months now. The evidence is overwhelming.

Wagg: Is it because I'm black.

Wagg leaves in cuffs with the officer.

Cody slowly turns toward the camera with a devious look:


Backstage we see a pink figure open the door to the arena. It's Headliner!
Headliner walks to the refreshments table where kool-aid is available upon Headliner's demand. Headliner turns around to see another pink figure staring at him. It's Seabs! They stare down.

Headliner: ...................................Hey.

Seabs: ...................................Hey.

Headliner: Pink


Headliner and Seabs engage in an awkward silence when the TDL Social Division Champion SPCDRI walks by.

SPCDRI: I KILL BLACK KIDS AND WALK FREE LIKE GEORGE ZIMMY! LOL at all the blacks talking about I AM TRAYVON MARTIN. Guess what? I AM GEORGE ZIMMY. Headliner I got a video for you to watch:

Headliner: You're suspended.

Headliner grabs SPCDRI by the neck and throws him out the arena.

Seabs: WTF you can't do that! He's a TDL Champion! He can't miss the supershow!

Headliner: I just did.

Headliner and Seabs stare at each other.


At ringside we see Bully flexing to random women. Some ignore him, some cream their panties.

Bully: You see these pecs? All muscle baby. Feel my steel.

Woman feels Bully's pecs

Bully: I was actually talking about the steel in my pants but ok. Is this your boyfriend? You short skinny fuck. I know you don't lift. Come here.

Bully brings the random jobber in the ring.

Aussie: What is he doing?

i$e: He's quite the cunt, but sometimes you just have to flex on a bitch.

Bully proceeds to BULLY the jobber around.

Bully: Get out of my ring, where you going?, take off your shoes, what are you doing? put them back on, take off your shirt

*shows skinny chest*

Bully: put it back on, give me your water bottle.

*Bully spits in the water*

Bully: Now drink it.

As the jobber continues to piss his pants, Anark makes his way to the ring.

Anark: You're quite the cocky guy. What you need to worry about is me ending you at TDL V when I win our debate, becomes the number 1 contender in the social division, and go on to become champion. But that's at TDL V. Right now, I challenge you to a 1 on 1 match!

Anark and Bully square off. Bully dominates Anark early with a variety of strength moves. Everytime Anark attempts a comeback, Bully cuts him off using his brute strength. As we head toward the end of the match, Bully attempts his finisher, the torture rack on a weakend Anark. Anark counters into a modified Zig Zag! Both men are down. Anark slowly gets up and prepares to end Bully when scrilla charges the ring via mexicool lawn mower and knocks out Anark with a bag of oranges! Bully crawls over and gets the pinfall victory!

Aussie: Shouldn't that be a DQ!

i$e: DQ's are for pussies.


Backstage we see greendayedgehead and STEVIE SWAG discussing their upcoming debate at TDL V when they hear a strange sound coming from a lockeroom. They both peak into the lockeroom to see Shepard out of control and talking to hisself in the mirror.

Shepard: The Judge tells me REHAB? I pulled my straps down on him.

Shepard: Officer knocked me down. But I jumped back up:

Shepard: The judge called me a clown. So the next day at court I came as one:

Shepard reaches over to his bottle of pills and continues to pump himself up.

STEVIE SWAG: Hey man. Are you ok? You seem a little off.


Shepard immediately grabs Stevie and gives him a belly to belly suplex. He locks in the ankle lock GRAPEVINE style while Stevie taps out for 3 minutes straight. As Stevie lays on the ground ankleless, Shepard locks eyes with a stunned greendayedgehead.

He grabs greendayedgehead, closes the door as the camera fades away:


In the ring we see the THE DARK ANDRE with mic in hand.

Andre: After I lost the TDL Sports Championship at TDL IV, I thought it was time to retire and begin a career as a judge. But then, a little shit named Mozza kept egging me on to debate him. Mozza, at TDL V you better be prepared for the worse defeat of your career. Even worse than you defeat you suffered.........

Mozza comes to the ring but before he can say anything, he's interrupted by Rush.

Rush: I'm sorry for interrupting you Mozza, but we all know you had nothing interesting to say anyway. I am out here remind everyone that I am the TDL Sports Champion!

The Dark Andre: Yes. That reminds me. The reason I wanted to retire from TDL is because there's no way I'm going to compete in a division where the champion's eyes LOOK THAT SMALL (small size) How do you see? How are you not blind? How are you alive?

Rush: I was able to see fine when I came on your mother's asscheck.

The Dark Andre: Bring your short eyed ass to the ring right now!

Rush walks to the ring but is interrupted by Perfect Poster:

Perfect Poster: Rush. I think you are forgetting about your challenger at TDL V. Your perfect challenger. And soon to be your perfect champion. Perfect poster. So how about I team with The Dark Andre to face you and Mozza right NOW!

Rush: Why do a match when we can just FIGHT.

Rush runs to Perfect Poster and gives him a MMA takedown. Vicious ground and pound style while Perfect Poster is struggling to defend himself.

In the ring, Dark Andre and Mozza exchange football soccer kicks and headbutts at each other. Busting each other open in the process.

As the fight continues, Mr.Lawls runs to the ramp, takes Rush's sports title and knocks out Rush with the title. He runs to the ring and takes out both Andre and Mozza with the sports title. Lawls poses with the title to a chorus of boos!

Headliner appears on the titantron

Headliner: That was fun to watch Lawls. Great job taking out everybody. I have a present for you...............You're suspended.

Seabs appears

Seabs: Headliner you can't do that! He's in our number 1 contender's match for the Sports Championship!

Headliner: I just did.

Headliner and Seabs stare at each other.


Aussie is backstage and interviews our guest

Aussie: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Clique!

Clique: I'm greatly honored to be interviewed by you Aussie.

Aussie: How do you feel about being the first person to win 2 debates in 1 show?

Clique: It's quite an accomplishment. I hope to use this accomplishment to build my future in TDL as I seek the TDL social division championship.

KLEEBLATT appears.

KLEEBLATT: You're already talking about the championship? Did you forget about our rematch at the supershow? At TDL IV, I had no idea who I was debating. Now, I know who I'm debating, and I know you.

Clique: Are you sure you know me?

*Silence*.........Clique flips a coin two-face style

Clique: You see, everyone here thinks I'm this nice, smart, intelligent guy who walks around here thinking positive about everything. But Kleeblatt what you need to worry about is how I'm going to humiliate your bitch ass at TDL V. I'm going to treat your faggot ass the same way I treated the tar baby negro at the mall who stepped on my Nike's. Kleeblatt, ask about me motherfucker. After I beat your punk ass at TDL V, I'm going to the finest soul food resturant in down where there's all you can eat chicken.

Headliner appears

Headliner: TURN UP!

Seabs appears

Seabs: Too black. Suspended.

Headliner: WTF. You can't do that! That's our TDL social division rematch.

Seabs: I just did.

Headliner and Seabs stare at each other.


We cut to the locker room where we see JOHNNY MERCE and Brye discussing their upcoming debate at TDL V.

Brye: Can't wait for our upcoming debate JM.

JM: Can't wait either. Couldn't debate a nicer guy!


JM: You're probably the only guy I don't mind losing too.


JM: Good luck.

JM and Brye embrace with a high five and a hug.

Seabs appears.

Seabs: Way too nice to each other. Were you two going to dick slap each other next? Suspended. Both of you.

Headliner: How the fuck? That's an entire TDL debate you just lost right there! You can't do that!

Seabs: I just did.

Headliner and Seabs have a tense stare down.


Aussie: Oh god what's about to happen! It's been tense all night with these two!

i$e: I just want to see blood.

Headliner comes to the ring as the audience cheers. He grabs a mic.

Headliner: I'm not going to waste any time. It's been building all night and it's time to put an end to this! Seabs come on out!

Seabs come out to the ring as the crowd erupts. Some guy is holding a sign that says the bWo went dry in me. Seabs grabs a mic.

Headliner: Ok dude. What the fuck is going on?

Seabs: I ask you the same question mate.

Headliner: Don't call me mate. I'm not your homosexual partner.

Seabs: Fine. I removed people at my own discretion. If you don't like it's that's too bad. But you need to explain why you removed Lawls and SPCDRI.

Headliner: I don't have to explain myself. I remove people at my own discretion. I do what I want.

Seabs: I do what I want.

As Seabs and Headliner come nose to nose, generic music plays as the crowd is confused. It's Platt

i$e: Oh god the fucking buys just went down by the millions.

Platt appears on the ramp to complete silence and confusion:

Aussie: Is he going to play peacemaker between these two? i$e? Hello?

i$e pulls out a knife and tries to slit his wrists, but Aussie takes away the knife.

Platt: You guys need to stop it. You can't let everyone see you two like this. How can we function when there is internal turmoil?

Headliner: The line has been drawn Platt. So now you have to choose. Either me, or your fellow UK scumbag Seabs. Your choice.

Platt: I refuse to pick sides.

A sad Platt leaves and the crowd starts to cheer.

Headliner: As I was sayin.........

Headliner turns around and catches a vicious running knee to the face by Seabs!

Headliner is knocked out and busted open as the crowd roars in shock and emotion.

Aussie: Oh my god what did I just see! This crowd is going crazy!

i$e: I'm just glad I seen blood.

Seabs stares at a fallen Headliner, gets on one knee and whispers to him.

Seabs: Supershow. TDL V, High Stakes.

Seabs poses as the crowd continues to go crazy.

Aussie: What a shocking ending to this special edition of WWF TDL Style. We hope to see you at TDL V!

i$e: It's curtains for those who no show.

Aussie: Ugh. You men and your violence. Have a good night everyone!

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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

Aside from the heinous slander that I can't handle myself in a fight, that was outstanding. Angle gifs & the Clique paragraph were my favourite parts.

That is horrifying.
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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!


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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

This Supercard is getting tons of BUILD and ~HYPE!
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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!


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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

My constant pestering paid off!
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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

That was entertaining as hell.

WOOLCOCK, you should be happy that he simply said you were a debater and not a fighter, instead of saying that you were too busy on the farm.

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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

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Re: WWF-TDL V Supershow Edition!

WOOLCOCK coming to my aid =


Credit: A$AP
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