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Welcome, everyone, to the inaugural episode of the most cutting edge interview show the debate world has ever seen: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK. Hosted by yours truly, the show will focus on probing various combatants to obtain their two cents concerning The Debate League. More than anything, it keeps me in the spotlight.

For the pilot edition of TOE TO TOE, I sought out two very distinct Wrestling Forum personalities - one, respected forum member but TDL rookie, WOOLCOCK. The other, an underrated member of WF and one of my all-time favorite people, TDL vet MoveMent. I'm intrigued to learn how the perspective of a rookie will stack up against that of a former TDL title contender.

Without further adieu, let's get on with the interviews. Buckle up, folks.



TLK: *off record* Okay, SI, you ready for this shit?

WOOLCOCK: I was born ready.

TLK: ...

WOOLCOCK: You there, TLK?

TLK: Yeah, my bad. I was FUCKING A GIRL IN THE ASS. Not a sheep, mind you. Don't get excited.


TLK: Welcome to the very first edition of TOE TO TOE WITH TLK, my dear friend WOOLCOCK. Now, seeing as this is only a 30-minute show, and I have another interview to conduct, I'm going to ask that you cap your responses at 3 paragraphs each instead of your usual 5.

WOOLCOCK: I'm allergic to being concise, but what good is a friendship if we can't make compromises for the sake of it?

TLK: I'll let you explain to MoveMent why we had to cut his interview short.

WOOLCOCK: Movement's a good lad so I'm sure he'll be gracious and courteous as ever. If not, fuck what he thinks!

TLK: i$e would be proud. Onto more important things, your TDL debut. You weren't around for TDL's initial run. As a rookie, what experience can you use to your advantage? How will you distinguish yourself from the other rookies?

WOOLCOCK: Whilst my experience is minimal, I'd say the spirit of a debate is that experience, whilst beneficial, cannot guarantee success. A good mind and a committed effort can be given by a rookie or a veteran and I believe I have the persuasive skills to make up for being something of a noob to TDL.

As for separating myself from the name is a reference to Welsh people buggering sheep. C'mon man, how else can I possibly set myself apart in ways I already haven't.

Being serious, I'll just put tireless effort into each topic and rely on my vernacular and knowledge of topics to guide me and give myself the best possible chance against my competitors.

TLK: WOOLCOCK what did I say about being concise?!?

Given your reputation as one of the stronger wrestling posters on this forum, do you think any form of intimidation will aid you in overcoming the lack of experience? Do you not simply wish to coast on your laurels?

WOOLCOCK: I believe you're only as good as your last post. Reputation counts for very little if you don't give your all or are otherwise hindered in preparing your debate. Unless my opponent has a Bret Hart avy I'll be making no assumptions and treating everyone with similar respect.

TLK: Only as good as your last post, eh? *frantically searching recent posts by TLK and only finding and *

Sounds like you have a solid approach for success.

WOOLCOCK: It's all about the context, my friend. I can talk more shit than Gunner14 in the football threads when I want to. Fuck you Gunner, you dull and absolute stonewall twonk of a human being btw.


Who, if anyone, poses the biggest threat to you achieving a victory in your TDL debut?

WOOLCOCK: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't confident. But that's entirely based on my belief that with the right effort on my part, I stand as good a chance as anyone of progressing.

That being said, I'd say anyone on their best day could be a threat. It's all about persuasion and no doubt people with a passion for particular topics may be more convincing than someone like myself who isn't as invested in the nature of the topic, e.g. TNA.

I would earmark Big Z (Cal), Evolution and MoveMent, though, based on interactions and overall respect for their contributions in the wrestling sections.

TLK: They're all in your match?!? *searches for Rebirth thread* How the fuck did that happen?!?

Ahem, but yes, those guys definitely know their stuff.

WOOLCOCK: Big Z is in my bracket and a possible TDL II opponent. Evo and MoveMent I do believe are contesting the same match which I cannot wait to see unfold as both are terrific members and certainly capable of wonderful stuff.

TLK: If you could choose one dream match to occur at a future TDL show, what would it be and why?

WOOLCOCK: A tie between two imo.

1. vs Seabs. One of my favorite guys on the site. We talk wrestling, TV shows, pop culture references and regularly confuse people with our vernacular. He's a credit to WF and someone I always enjoy conversing with. A match against him, even if it meant a temporary separation of THE ROSE BROTHERS, would be stellar.

2. vs The Lady Killer. What can I say about him? Anyone who has spoken to him knows how great, articulate and down to Earth he is. A pleasure to call him a friend, and of course as the undefeated Wrestling Division champion during the inaugural TDL (and on WR), someone who represents the best of the best and a worthy opponent.

TLK: WOOLCOCK, you do realize that the debates are judged anonymously, right? Choosing Seabs and myself won't do you any favors (call me later for that).

Moving along, out of TDL's relative unknowns, is there anyone you see as having the most potential to cause an upset?

WOOLCOCK: As far as the Wrestling Division goes, FluxCapacitor is always a welcome contribution in the DVD Discssion Thread in the WWE section. I think people unfamiliar with him might be surprised by his effort.

TLK: He was lucky to get his debate in on time, but a good answer nonetheless.

WOOLCOCK: If we look at other divisions, THE DARK ANDRE, Desecrated and Anark stand out as unknown people who can definitely hold their own. Very articulate, knowledgeable and dedicated to putting effort into their work. Look out for those three imo.

TLK: Anark might take exception to being called an unknown in any sense of the word, but since we're almost out of time, I'll let you handle that off the record.

WOOLCOCK: I'd define 'unknown' in the context of people perhaps associating him in particular as a more 'to the point' individual and that he could surprise people in being comfortable writing lengthy debate.


Last but not least, what do you hope to get out of your TDL career? What is your ultimate goal?

WOOLCOCK: My ultimate goal would be to challenge myself against the very best the forum has to offer me. TDL is a very fun and interesting addition to WF and hopefully people see it as the challenge it represents, and not a way to become spiteful and cause friction with those working tirelessly to have TDL return. Hopefully it will be as successful as it should be.

TLK: Do you think the yellow belt would look good around a sheep's - er, I mean your - waist?

WOOLCOCK: I was always told black was my colour, but the respect and adulation from others should ensure the yellow belt would be a welcome achievement.

TLK: Indeed. Well, that's all the time we have...on the entire show, actually. Someone might want to inform poor MoveMent that he can go home now.

WOOLCOCK: I'm well versed in arguing my way out of any situation (the boys in blue know all too well, suckers), so I'll gladly step up there.

TLK: Thanks, WOOLCOCK. And thanks for going TOE TO WITH WITH TLK. Best of luck in your TDL debut.

WOOLCOCK: Thanks for the time, TLK. You were a gracious host and I look forward to repeat sometime in the near future.


*TLK finds MoveMent kicking a pebble, looking a bit glum. Given their history, it would only be right to make time for Movement's interview.


Originally Posted by 15
A retraction and restatement time, really. To tell everyone the truth for me; I've been a bad way for a good few months now, mentally, extremely.
TLK: Welcome to TOE TO TOE, MoveMent. Since WOOLCOCK took up both timeslots, I'm not going to waste any time diving right into the questions. Let's get started.

You weren't around for the first iteration of WF TDL (banned ). What does it mean to you to get the chance to dust off the ol' debating boots and compete once again?


TLK: That being said, you were an integral part of TDL's forum debut over at Wrestling Realm. You competed regularly before the WF talent merger, and if I recall correctly, had some epic battles with yours truly in both the Wrestling and Social divisions. How does this experience prepare you for a successful return to the League?

MoveMent: I already knew how to approach my debate since I had my fair share on WR, but that was a long time ago. There are some familiar faces here on WF’s rebirth of it but I don’t plan on taking anyone lightly just because I’ve had some experience.

TLK: Good call. Those who know your professional history realize that while you consistently put forth ****+ debates, you often found yourself on the wrong side of the judges' collective verdict. What do you have to say to those who see you as more of an "enhancement talent" or "jobber to the stars" rather than as a main eventer?

MoveMent: I was Shawn Michaels during his second run in WR. You could throw me in the main event and it would be quality, but I never gained that victory for a title. (Yes I’m ignoring that Shawn won the title in 2002.) But it doesn’t bother me that it went that way. This is all for fun and flexing your creativity - I won’t have a problem convincing people I’m a main eventer. Besides, you're retired and i$e is in another division.

TLK: At least someone acknowledges my retirement.

As a former #1 contender in WR's Social Division, why have you chosen to flip the switch and compete in WF's Wrestling Division?

MoveMent: WR had its share of great wrestling posters, but it also had those guys who just loved to throw Wikipedia facts at you in their debates. It was no fun, so I decided to branch out in that Debate League.

WF is a bigger pool and I’m sure there will be some people to throw out wiki facts and other pricks might not show, but once all of those jobbers are out the way I expect to have some great wrestling debates with other members. I may branch out to a different division in the future, but for now I plan on seeing how the competition for Wrestling is.

TLK: It's definitely nice to have you as a member of the roster once again, regardless of division.

Of your three opponents at TDL I: Rebirth, who do you feel poses the biggest threat? Why?

MoveMent: I’d have to say Evo. I’m not too active, but I’ve seen him around and he looks like a capable poster so I expect good things from his debate. Can’t take CRIMSON lightly either as I’ve seen him around and he will definitely turn in a solid debate, possibly one that can cause an upset. Don’t know who the other guy is though. Like I don’t know his name or anything, I could go look right now but I’m playing 2k. But by all means I hope he turns in a great debate too. It will make my win all the more impressive. :lelbron

TLK: Your laziness is still as impressive as ever.

If you could envision one - shall we say - "dream match" taking place at a future TDL show, what would it be? Why?

MoveMent: WOOLCOCK vs. the Word limit. He already averages roughly 3 paragraphs per post and that’s just in the TTT thread, but if he can overcome that obstacle then I’d love to see him debate i$e even though they’re in different divisions. Anyone who knows i$e is already expecting him to run over the competition and WOOLCOCK is one of the best posters on this forum and there’s no gimmick to him.


Of the entire TDL roster, name the first standout that comes to mind as someone to watch out for.

MoveMent: You, for when you come out of retirement.


Finally, what do you hope to get out of your second go-around with TDL? How is this different from your initial run at WR?

MoveMent: More competition, which was WR’s only downfall. I can already tell that there are going to be some members who quit because they think they’re losing because they believe the judges favor others and won’t be impartial on a website that’s filled with strangers/acquaintances who are doing this to gain some sort of self-gratification when in actuality this is just some fun to be had and give the members on this forum something different and amazing. Hopefully I’m wrong. The less sore losers the better.

TLK: Great stuff, and I'd have to agree.

Thanks for going TOE TO TOE with me, MoveMent, and I apologize again for having to cut your time short. Seeing as how you're playing 2k I doubt you mind all that much so .



Credit: A$AP
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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1

I only just realised I'm debating both these guys in the first round?
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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1

@ the picture and Movement's joke about me. I met the word count...just

Evo that was an error on my part. When I saw the question I assumed TLK meant in general as opposed to just the first card.

Great stuff TLK btw. Thoroughly enjoyable read .

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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1

I skimmed this because of the Selhurst Park colour scheme which was causing my eyes to bleed...

at the Gunner14 reference
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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1


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it's me seabs!
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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1


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Question Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1

Originally Posted by THE DARK ANDRE View Post
I skimmed this because of the Selhurst Park colour scheme which was causing my eyes to bleed...

at the Gunner14 reference
Does that mean you skipped over WOOLCOCK's mention of THE DARK ANDRE?

Credit: A$AP
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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1

Some pretty good interviews we have here.

Nice job on the questions TLK

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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
Does that mean you skipped over WOOLCOCK's mention of THE DARK ANDRE?
Well that goes without saying. Why would I want to read about TDA? He's a right cunt.
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Re: TOE TO TOE WITH TLK: Episode 1

That picture.

Originally Posted by Deadman_15/Brandon
A retraction and restatement time, really. To tell everyone the truth for me; I've been a bad way for a good few months now, mentally, extremely.
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