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Seabs 04-25-2013 04:07 PM

The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
Thread for everyone to reside in. Ask any questions about the league in here, hype debates and make tits out of yourselves before you get embarrassed in debates by the big boys.

Copying this is here as the full one is a little cluttered with all the exits. Leave it there though reference and I'll keep this one as an active roster list.

ZOMBO - Anything (prefers WWE, WCW, TNA)
The Lady Killer - Anything (WWE preferred)
Klunderbunker - 1995-present WWE & WCW
RR - WWE/WCW/ECW/ROH/TNA anything post 1990, No Japan/Mexico.
WrestlingOracle - Any topic related to major or territorial North American Wrestling or Puroresu. No Lucha/Europe/Indies.
The Acquired Taste - WWE only
RealManRegal - Anything WWE related (Attitude Era - Present). No TNA/Indies
JamesCurtis24 - WWF/WWE
dylster88 - Anything
MrConcreteDonkey - WWE 1985-93, 2008-09, 2013-, NJPW
StillReal2MeDammit - WWE, TNA, ROH, Accessible Indy Federations, NJPW, Preferably Modernish Stuff (90's and forwards), Anything in US or Canada
Oxi - WWE (including NXT) 2011-present
Bring Back Russo - WWE (including NXT)
jackbhoy - WWE & TNA
A-C-P - WWE (any era)
sharkboy22 - WWE and Indies, No TNA

WOOLCOCK - Anything
DatWeirdGuy - WWE (2000-present), 2007-2009 TNA (no Indy, Puro/Japan)
Evolution - No foreign, Indy, TNA
Rah - Anything (aside from lengthy story/angle/feuds or non-current promotion vs promotion related topics)
Concrete - Modern Rasslin,Independents,WWE,Puro (no Anything that needs extensive knowledge of pre-2000s)
Smitty - Basically anything WWE related from the mid eighties-present, before that my memory is a little fuzzy. Also will do any NWA/WCW and ECW topics, also willing to do NXT.
GothicBohemian - Anything bar Lucha
L-DOPA - WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW (no Puro, Lucha, other Indy)
MarkC1984 - WWE from the late 1980's up to Attitude Era and from DX reunion in 2006 onwards.
Lane - no Puro or Lucha
The Fourth Wall - WWE & TNA
samizayn - WWE 1990-present
RMSTGO - WWE, current or past eras (I suppose ECW/WCW is fair game)
RhodesForWHC - Current WWE-related issues
Calahart - 2012+ Wrestling
Brye - WWE/TNA
killacamt - WWE from 1996 to present, TNA, ECW the real one not the WWE
obby - WWE, TNA (non-recent), Indies that aren't CHIKARA or CZW (no Classic wrestling)
SideburnGuru - WWE and TNA. No buyrates/sales topics.
Sinisterness - WWE Around 2005-Present, TNA 2010-Present and I'll try to Look into Japanese Puro
Alim - WWE only
Pez - WWE only.
Desecrated - ???
Lawls - ???
Elipses Corter - WWE, WCW, ECW
MichaelDD - WWE

Aidan - American sports (no hockey/MMA)
SUPER NINTENDO CHALMERS - the big American Sports like NFL,Baseball and Basketball. Will also debate College Football if need be. No Non-US Sports/Boxing/UFC
BkB Hulk - Football, cricket, Aussie rules.
MoveMent - Anything NBA related, general NFL stuff, Track and Field, NASCAR. A-Rod being a fucking idiot. Boxing pre 2010's.
Curry - Football, Formula One and ideally more Football. If it comes down to it I'll have a go at Snooker or Golf too.
RetepAdam. - American Sports
DCR - All american sports (football, MMA, basketball, baseball, hockey, NCAA sports etc.) past and present
Baxter - Football (i.e. 'Soccer'), Snooker, Darts, general 'Sports Issues'
Irish Jet - Fitba, NFL, Boxing/MMA, could do most others. No Cricket
GitRekt - NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, NBA (mostly to rip on it)
The Rabid Wolverine - NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA Mens Football/Basketball

Kobe. - NBA and I guess NHL and NFL too. No Baseball
Hank Scorpio - No NBA, cricket
Mcfly - Soccer preferred (no Cricket/Rugby/Hockey or Basketball if possible)
DwayneAustin - Football
Lawls - AFL, Football (Soccer), Cricket and Tennis
TAR - Won't Debate: soccer, rugby, baseball & NFL.
The 'Jake' - professional (American) sports (NBA, NFL, MLB preferably)
Kiz - Football, Cricket, Aussie Rules
Notorious - Basketball, American football, baseball
Super Hans - Cricket, Football, Rugby, Golf, Running, Horse Racing, F1
JM - Baseball, hockey, American football, basketball (North American Sports); won't debate Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Rugby, anything else that's not listed above.
Rush - Anything (minimal baseball/NFL knowledge)
Perfect Poster - American football, baseball, basketball, NCAA sports, could do a little bit of hockey

SPCDRI - Politics (Military), Religion and Philosphy, Music, Literature and Film.
RAB - Anything. Ideally No TV or Pop Music
Anark - Fucking everything, really, apart from that cut and paste RnB crap and modern hip hop, if they're still calling it that.
Bearodactyl - Anything
Coach. - Anything bar past history
AwSmash - Anything.

pinkandblack - No music/movies/TV
Stax Classic - No entertainment
Tater - No Pop Music.
Rigby - Anything
Hollywood Hanoi - http://www.wrestlingforum.com/30340529-post51.html
DestrosSecret - Anything.

Last Update - 30th October 2014

WOOLCOCK 04-25-2013 05:43 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
Appreciate the honour of being chosen as a judge for this i$e, TLK & Seabs. Won't let you down and just give me a shout if you ever require further assistance/help in anything.

Looking forward to this gents. Looks a belter.

reDREDD 04-25-2013 05:48 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
can we bring back austin101 for this pls

Patrick Bateman 04-25-2013 05:52 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
I'm still a debate virgin. :punk3

Seabs 04-25-2013 05:52 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
Has been discussed.


WOOLCOCK 04-25-2013 06:00 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
Just a general query Seabs re. judging. Is it one judge per division or just basically anyone to assist wherever they can? I know i$e said it was more about being able to read and understand what constitutes a great argument as opposed to being well versed in a respective decision, but just curious all the same.

Tony Tornado 04-25-2013 06:08 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
Will the judges be impartial or will they judge based on who they get along with?

WOOLCOCK 04-25-2013 06:10 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
Tony with all due respect but if for one second the three guys running this thought judges would disregard someone's debate purely because they get along with someone else better I doubt they'd have been considered as a judge.

Plus based on what Seabs said to TLK I think entries are anonymous.

Headliner 04-25-2013 06:10 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
Don't worry Tony the judges won't bury you. You'll bury yourself.:)

Seabs 04-25-2013 06:11 PM

re: The Debate Lounge (+ Current Roster)
If you read then intro thread then you'd know the debates are sent to judges anonymously so they don't who's debate they're judging.

Judges aren't assigned a division. We all help out where we can. SI, you're free to choose what divisions/topics you don't want to judge. Just PM me.

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