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WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

Last show: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/debate...w-edition.html


Good evening jobbers and welcome to WWF TDL X-Supershow Edition! I am your host, i$e with my co-host……DDMac!


i$e: POWER TRIP. Thought you got killed by random blacks in the Bronx tbh.


i$e: Anyway are you ready for FUN Mac? I’m thinking we bury everyone on the show while we put ourselves over?


i$e: Who the fuck is this guy?

Scott Hall’s ghost comes staggering to the ring to a chorus of boos. He seems mildly intoxicated. He grabs the mic and spats a bunch of jibberish.

Scott Hall ghost: I’m tired of getting held down! I’m calling out anybody who thinks they can beat me. It’s time for a new face of TDL and you’re looking at it. TDL management fears me because of my wit, and because they know I can take over with the snap of a finger.

i$e: Mac if we let this continue the buyrates will plummet worse than TNA.

DDMac: Let's dig the fucking grave.

Out comes Scott Hall’s ghost TDL X opponent......

Anark: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH stop your complaining Scott Hall’s ghost. Once I beat you at TDL, I’ll finally be able to challenge that overrated piece of garbage, Clique. Everyone in TDL is against me. They’re jealous of me while they continue to hype up Clique. Seabs is garbage, TLK is garbage, i$e is……..

i$e: Hey guys I have a contract for you two to sign. Make your way to the front of the announcers table.

Both men approach the desk.

i$e: Scott Hall’s ghost you’re a little too close to me. Back up two steps.

Scott Hall’s ghost backs up two steps.

i$e: Anark, you’re a little too close to Mac. Back up two steps.

Anark backs up two steps.


i$e pushes their secret red button which results in…………….:


CamillePunk: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, TDL commissioner, Seabs!


CamillePunk: How do you feel about the TDL Wrestling Championship rematch at TDL X?

Seabs: It’s going to be great. TLK’s going to have to put forth his best effort but I don’t know if that will be enough to stop MY ROSE BROTHER.

Seabs: I also want to state that we have a fabulous main-event tonight. The Lady Killer & Zombo vs WOOLCOCK and Tony Montana.

CamillePunk: How do you feel about Admin vs Admin III? More importantly, how do you feel knowing that you lost to both opponents in the previous Admin wars?


Seabs grabs CamillePunk by the shirt and jacks up him against a door. Seabs strength is too much as the door busts open to a surprising site.


Seabs: Your floor is covered with milk. Is this how you’re getting ready for our TDL showdown?

Shepard: The door was closed for a reason asshole.


Shepard sprays Seabs and CamillePunk with loads of milk. Making them slip, fall and become victim of humiliation to Shepard.

The Dark Andre makes his way to the ring for his wrestling match vs TheLoneShark.


i$e: Where the fuck is LoneShark?

DDMac: Fucking mutt.

Aid180 appears behind Andre and wacks him with a chair shot to the back of the head!

Aid180: The TDL Sports Division Championship is MINE.

i$e: Kind of a cowardly move.

DDMac: Well he had it coming. He beat me at Captain Wars.

i$e: So you wished this on him?

DDMac: No, but don’t play the saint here. Remember the time some guy got a promotion over you at work? You stabbed the motherfucker three times with your boss’s pocket knife that he left on his desk, killing him in the process. When the police came, you told them the boss did it and since his DNA was on the knife and not yours (you used gloves), he went to prison for life.

i$e: I take my work very seriously.

Backstage we see Kiz and Rush walking in the hallway. They stops in their tracks to see someone they haven’t seen in forever.

Kiz: BULK!!!!!!

Hulk: Dude why does your pants look like that.

Kiz has a boner.


Rush: I had my eye on you the whole time Bulk.

Hulk: Impossible not with those two straight lines that you call eyes.

Rush: You cunt.

Hulk: I had your mom’s.

Kiz: Lawls was just asking about you. Let’s visit his locker room to see what he’s doing.

Kiz, Rush and Hulk open Lawls' locker room door to a disturbing scene.


The Aussies: WTF dude.

Lawls: Um, Well I was.

Seabs shows up.

Seabs: You’re fired. Be a faggot on your own time.

Rush: Seabs why are you so wet?

Hulk: Looks like someone jizzed all over you man.

Seabs: Shepard hosed me with milk.

Kiz: So Shepard jizzed all over you?

Seabs: You’re fir.............Ugh.

Seabs walks away.

DDMac: Ok this is ridiculous. We got some asshole spraying people with milk and now we got some insert here faggot taking pictures of his ass. I’m getting the fucking bodybags.

i$e: Comatose?

DDMac: A motherfucking vegetable.

We go to the ring to see an actual match. An over the top battle royal featuring Obby, Chain Gang Solider, TehJerichoFan, Hollywood Hanoi, And LadyCroft. A match with potential turns into one of the shortest over the top rope battle royals in history. Lady Croft decides to drink in the corner while the other participants do their best to eliminate each other. While nothing happens for a while, Hanoi and TehJerichoFan’s TDL BloodNinja comes to the ring and distracts the two allowing Obby to eliminate both participants. Immediately after the elimination, Obby and Chain Gang Solider’s TDL opponent, RugbyRat comes out to distract both men allowing LadyCroft to eliminate both men to pick up the win!

LadyCroft drinks out of her whisky bottle to celebrate the win. The referee makes the mistake of raising the hand that LadyCroft was drinking with.

LadyCroft: You asshole this is my drinking hand!

LadyCroft smashes the referee over the head with her whiskey bottle. Glass goes everywhere as she walks away with a smile.

Backstage we see WOOLCOCK on the titantron and it appears he's going to interview himself.

WOOLCOCK How does it feel to not be TDL Champion.

WOOLCOCK: How do you think moron?

WOOLCOCK: How do you plan on rebounding?

WOOLCOCK: I'm going to show the world why my name should be the Lady Killer. Because I'm going to annihilate TLK like the bitch SHE is.

The Lady Killer appears.

The Lady Killer: Hey. I'm not the arguing type. I understand your frustration so to smooth things over I brought you a gift. Enjoy!

TLK walks away. WOOLCOCK opens the gift. And it's a foam belt replica TDL Wrestling Championship. With an attached message: This is the closest you'll ever get to being TDL Wrestling Champion.

An angry WOOLCOCK tosses the belt aside, walking away with a purpose.

Backstage we see Clique listening to music in his locker room. He turns his head to see a familiar face:

Clique: Headliner! My brother!

Headliner: Sup man. *slap exchange*

Clique: Did you hear the name of R.Kelly’s new album.

Headliner: Nah.

Clique: It's called black Panties.

Headliner: Um.

Clique: And apparently the album comes with a pair of black panties.

Headliner: :jay If I’m buying his album, I’m not going to want panties with it. I see you brought the album, so you got the panties. :ti

Clique: He got a song on here called marry the pussy.

Headliner: WOW he’s doing too much. So was the name of his sextape piss on a bitch?

Clique: Headliner I think you should look at the TV screen. Your TDL opponent is out there…….

Evolution is a mystery.

Evolution comes to the ring to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

i$e: Man he’s such a smug prick. It annoys me but deep down I kind of like it.

Evolution: Good evening everyone. My name is Evolution. Former TDL Wrestling Division Champion, and the greatest TDL debater in history. At TDL Captain Wars you guys seen me destroy Seabs in the Admin vs Admin II battle. I put little effort into demolishing Seabs. I knew that on my worse day I could beat Seabs at his best day, and to some degree I did that. Now that our fallen TDL commissioner is out of the way, it’s time to take another big dog to the yard. That’s right Headliner. You need to come out now because I have something important to tell you.

Ready or Not........here I come.........you can’t hide.......(Lauryn Hill)

Headliner’s music plays and he comes out go a good pop.

Headliner: Before you start, I just want to say........DAVE MOTHERFUCKING MAC.

i$e: You’re quite popular.

DDMac: He’s just calling me by my complete name.

i$e: Dave Mac?

DDMac: No.

Mac pulls out his birth certificate

Evolution: Headliner, I have a confession to make. I hate everything about you. The way you look, the way you talk, the way you only participate on big shows like you’re somebody, the way you steal the spotlight from me, and that stupid Flash logo on your T-Shirt. Headliner, your time has come to an end. ITS MY TIME NOW. And right now when I look at you, I think I want to kick your ass more than I want to beat you in a debate.

Evolution spits on Headliner’s face.

Evolution kicks Headliner in the nuts.

Evolution walks out of the ring to the back with a cocky smirk.

DDMac: Wow, I never seen someone do that to Headliner before. I’m............shocked.

i$e: Evolution’s got some balls. He’s still a smug prick though.

DDMac: *Stuttering Prick*

We arrive to the main-event of TDL. The Lady Killer and Zombo come out to some random John Lennon song much to TLK’s delight. Next we have the team of WOOLCOCK and Tony Montana.

We start off with The Lady Killer and WOOLCOCK in the ring. WOOLCOCK offers a handshake but the humiliation of losing 4-1 is too much for TLK to handle so he tackles WOOLCOCK and land some stiff punches to the face. WOOLCOCK escapes but runs into a fierce clothesline from The Lady Killer. TLK continues the upperhand on WOOLCOCK for the next few minutes until Tony Montana distracts the referee enabling WOOLCOCK to take control with a poke to the eye.

WOOLCOCK tags in Tony Montana. WOOLCOCK has TLK in a backbreaker position and Tony comes off the top rope with a leg drop! Near 3 count. For the next few minutes Tony pounds away at TLK. He locks in a sleeper and almost puts TLK to sleep. TLK awakens and lands a belly to back suplex. Tony Montana tags in WOOLCOCK. TLK crawls and attempts to make the tag to Zombo!!!!!!!!!! BUT…………….


With TLK’s back turned, WOOLCOCK picks up TLK and lands a Reverse Death Valley Driver for the pin!

After the match Zombo jumps in the ring as all three men kick and punch TLK while he’s on the ground. WOOLCOCK holds up TLK's TDL Wrestling Championship while the three celebrate!

i$e: Mac I hope you have your timberland boots on.

DDMac: ?

i$e: Because it’s time to stomp a motherfucker out.

i$e and Mac come to the ring in TLK's defense with invisible shovels in hand. They handle the three men successfully until Seabs comes to the ring to defend his ROSE BROTHER in WOOLCOCK. His attempt fails as Evolution immediately comes out and tosses Seabs out the ring. From no where, Headliner comes from behind and STABS Evolution in the back with a screwdriver! He leaves the screwdriver in Evolution’s back as he falls to the ground unconscious.

i$e: Holy shit dude. He’s gotta be fucking dead.

Mac: Brb going to get the bodybag. And the shovel. Fucking prick.

The Lady Killer: Mac, dude, Evolution’s not moving!


Headliner: He’s not dead. Paralyzed possibly, but not dead.

Headliner leans down and whispers to Evolution.

Headliner: TDL X. Stacked. Motherfucker I will end you.

WWF TDL goes off the air with everyone in and outside the ring completely stunned and shocked, including a stunned silent audience.

Headliner is online now  
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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

"Dave Motherfucking Mac"

Just brilliant stuff. Don't mind me though, just gonna leave some graffiti here...

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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!


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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

Awesome stuff.

And that turncoat spot

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it's me seabs!
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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

TLK is the champ btw

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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!


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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

Rush: Seabs why are you so wet?

Hulk: Looks like someone jizzed all over you man.

Seabs: Shepard hosed me with milk.

Kiz: So Shepard jizzed all over you?

Seabs: You’re fir.............Ugh.

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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
Is that Super man
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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

Hulk: Impossible not with those two straight lines that you call eyes.

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Re: WWF-TDL X Supershow Edition!

i did have a boner fyi

and again when i read this.

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