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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Originally Posted by popo39 View Post
Triple H. He was fine as a mid card heel- the blue blood gimmick. But once he became leader of DX and beyond it became unbearable to endure the amount of screen time he enjoyed. Boring, and slow delivery on the mic, and lumbering in the ring.
I did enjoy HHH when he played the ruthless beard clad Thor type, but I totally agree that DX HHH was horrendous. I hate how highlight packages from AE always include his "are you ready?" declaration.
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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Kofi Kingston, Mr Kennedy/Anderson, Vickie Guerrero, Jeff Hardy, etc.

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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Alberto Del Rio
Brodus Clay
Tensai (now and that Japanese gimmick)

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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Damn near every Diva match post Mickie James. Just recently, I've kept watching because of AJ, aince she at least has a character and isn't just a pretty face with no reason for being on TV.

For the most part, anything involving Tons Of Funk.

In the past:

ERIK WATTS. I don't remember shit noteworthy about him other than Bill Watts was his dad and that angle at the gas station with Arn Anderson and for good reason, this guy was horrible. This ain't my current wrestling mind speaking, I'm talking at 6-7 years old, this was a guy that annoyed me to the fullest.

Shane Douglas in his second WCW run. Shane should have just hung it up after he left ECW. It's like he only knew how to portray that 1 character and in WCW, couldn't really do that, since the character was mainly about bashing WCW (and WWF). And every match, he would have to come out with that lame introduction to his promos: "Cut the music".

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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Hogan and Bischoff in the TNA years.

It was one thing to be that bad, but even though it's impossible to tell how much influence they've had on that promotion, it made them suck ten times more.

One of the worst things I've ever seen in wrestling (Entertainment wise) was the fans chanting "We want six sides" and Hogan telling them they were wrong.

That guy used to have all the charisma in the world. What the hell happened?

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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

I HATE the Rock. I mean cmon! He is not even a wrestler. He is an actor. What a traitor. He left us. He doesn't care about wrestling. He just wants to make money in Hollywood.

I love Brock Lesnar!

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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Excluding jobbers who provide pissbreaks, my extended break from a show is CM Punk. I stopped watching almost entirely last year when they were shoving him down everyone's throats after his heel turn and right now, his little played out feud with Heyman is always a great break because I don't care about anything that goes on involving them since Brock left. I really hope they continue booking him in undercard feuds so I can enjoy the main event stuff where all of creative's effort goes.
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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Hornswoggle, especially a few years back when he was heavily featured to be the comedy bit on Raw. These segments were probably the biggest reason I and I'm sure alot of other fans were so against WWE being PG at the time, stupid segments like that, that made me embarassed to say I watch the show.

That fat guy in a thong that DX used to bring out.

Matt Morgan. I have no idea why, but I have this hatred for Matt Morgan.
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Matt Hardy after his stuff with kane & edge he was brutal.

Fandango maybe a good wrestler But terrible idea

Matt Morgan just a Big goon

Samoa joe. Decent wrestler But terrible gimmick

Hhh he was Fine up till 06 then It became more and more and more

Stephanie. She was ok for a few years cause she was good looking But now It is just brutal her face her expressions are horrible

Adr. Pushed to the moon and beyond and has everything there is too win and he is just terrible all around.

Curtis Axel the dude has nothing his old Man had

Hornswoggle too forced

Khali worst move set since giant gonzales

Jeff jarrett pre tna he did Nothing for me

Aj lee and the bellas I can not stand these women

Michelle mccool, ^

Randy orton since 07 dude is just Like hhh

The Best
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Ric Flair
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Re: Performers you hated so much you turned off the tv.

Great Khali. I cringe every time I see him wrestle on tv, all he does is chop big boot and Choke bomb.

Hornswoggle: unfunny, annoying and when he won the CW title, I flipped the channel and didn't watch the rest of SD that night.

R Truth matches bore me to tears nowadays

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