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Re: What a night March 26, 2001 was, Your Reflections on WWF/WCW Simulcast and Invasi

Originally Posted by DanielBryanFan94 View Post
When was this? I know it was a failure but when did Linda say this?

Also Vince wanted to make WCW look bad? is this documented? Wrestling Observer, Shoots?
Found an article...actually, the term was Goldberg was labeled a "disappointment" by her in a summer 2003 shareholders meeting.


As for documentation...the way everything was set up was blatantly obvious. Vince's ego had taken over as he had finally conquered a company that had very nearly run him out of business. He was hellbent on showing the world that the WWF/E product was superior and that WCW was a minor league organization that couldn't compare to him.

Yes, he could have bought out the contracts of wrestlers like Sting, Nash, etc...but why do it right then and there when he could have gotten them later on his terms? WCW had the NWO, he had the "Texas Rattlesnake". How else could one man outwit, outsmart, and eventually practically single-handedly destroy the New World Order?

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Re: What a night March 26, 2001 was, Your Reflections on WWF/WCW Simulcast and Invasi

Originally Posted by RyanPelley View Post
I remember changing the channel back and forth, thinking I was on the wrong channel. It was truly a "What the fuck" moment, seeing Vince McMahon on WCW. I was almost 13, and it still didn't register to me exactly what was going on. Vince McMahon owned the American wrestling world now. When Shane McMahon came to the ring on WCW Nitro, I flipped the fuck out. When he started to speak, you could tell what was building. He owned WCW. And at the time, being a naive dumbshit, I thought that WCW Nitro would continue.

But god damn, what a botch.

Seriously, the two biggest stars of the Alliance were Steve Austin and Kurt Angle. Why the fuck? I know that without Hogan, Hall, Nash, Goldberg that they needed star power, but did it really need to be so one sided? You had one of WCW's biggest stars of the past 5 years in Diamond Dallas Page and he was reduced to a jobber. Sure, Austin was a good choice in turning on the WWF and leading the Alliance. Booker T was another WCW main eventer who immediately feuded with The Rock, which was pretty damn good.

There were a lot of good feuds and matches during the Invasion, but overall, it just fell flat compared to what it could have been. Without jobbing people out, the Alliance's Survivor Series team could have at least looked challenging with Austin / Booker / DDP / RVD / Rhyno.
The angle had incredible potential.... man it was one of those things you'd think about but then say "nah, it'll never happen". They made a lot of mistakes early on, like making WCW out to be faces, but then quickly changing them to heel over like a one week period lol (I'm sure to appease some of the boys in the back), and some of the guys certainly got buried or had their weaknesses exposes... Booker T truly deserves to be in the hall of fame after he was booked to lose as badly as he did (despite being extremely over with the fans), and DDP's career never really recovered.

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Re: What a night March 26, 2001 was, Your Reflections on WWF/WCW Simulcast and Invasi

As a 15 year old WWF fan who never watched WCW and loved only the WWF I loved the Invasion.

Now with hindsight I can see how much better it could and should have been, and what a terribly dark day that actually was for the wrestling business.
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Re: What a night March 26, 2001 was, Your Reflections on WWF/WCW Simulcast and Invasi

At the time I actually thought Vince would let WCW continue. I saw it as a positive thing considering WCW was terrible at that point. The thought of WCW being revived by the WWF and seeing stars switch between companies (like what would later happen with Raw/SD) seemed exciting.

In hindsight though, it was basically the beginning of the end for the WWFs red hot boom period. The Monday Night Wars, one of the most compelling aspects of those hot years, were officially over (even though it hadnt been a real war for years). When we got the Invasion angle it wasnt 96-early 99 WCW that was genuinely competitive with the WWF and had a star studded roster, but a WCW that was a shadow of its former self, with mostly midcard level wrestlers that lacked credibility and star power compared to their WWF counterparts. Even so they could have made it work a lot better, but from the outset WCW looked weak and pathetic. Throw in an alliance with ECW to make them both look even weaker, add Stone Cold for no reason whatsoever and spend far too much time focusing on the McMahons and the whole thing lost any momentum it had within a matter of months.

I wouldnt blame the death of WCW/ECW and the subsequent Invasion angle totally for the end of that Attitude Era boom period, nothing stays that hot forever, but it definitely sped up the process. After the first few months once the novelty of seeing WCW/ECW guys in the WWF wore off the product just didnt feel the same anymore. When we finally did get the likes of Hogan, Flair, Goldberg, Nash and Hall in the WWF, it was good, but it had a fraction of the impact it would have 3 or 4 years earlier.
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