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The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

Very few can be as entertaining as Scott Steiner once he decides to start shooting, on the mic. His in depth mathematical analysis on the chance of Samoa Joe winning belongs to history books. His shoot on Ric Flair is ever famous.

Prior to becoming a pro-wrestler, he was an All American taking the highest placement of 6th in amateur wrestling. He had a solid wrestling background and a physicality to match when it came to pro-wrestling.

How good was he in the ring, though? He knew how to suplex people left right and center, had a submission move, did a frankensteiner but was he a good storyteller in the ring? Did he have a good connection with the crowd and a sound psychology when it came to his matches? What was his best singles match ever in your opinion?

Spoiler for the meek shall inherit Squat..:
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

when he wasnt juicing like it was going out of style.. he had a very good look. then he turned into this roided freak that couldn't wrestle.
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

Have to agree with the second post, at one time he had it all, he was fast, agile, well put together, okay he had a dodgy mullet, but other than that he looked pretty good, then he started to become the loudmouth, brash and straight shooting steroid freak we all know and love. He became more entertaining on the mic, albeit without making much sense, but as he got bigger, he became slower and cumbersome.

Had he been able to stay off the roids I think he could have become an all time great, however he won't ever be forgotten, whether you like him or not!
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

Fantastic on the mic. When you gave it to him, you never knew what was gonna come out. Would love to see him back in WWE to manage somebody, he would be able to get him over huge as a heel.

^. The biggest pop in football history.
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

In his younger days, he was one of the best wrestlers ever.

I've said a lot in other threads, so I'll just copy & paste:

Originally Posted by Obfuscation View Post
Can't really think of too many "bad" Scott Steiner matches. Even from TNA. He was always pretty fun to watch in the ring. Perhaps I like the guy a lot, but meh. I stand by it.

Leaping Frankensteiner from the late 80's & early 90's is unreal.
No, you're right, it's not even subjective. He was fantastic. It's just that my perception of him was based on what people say about his more current character, and the "Getting wrestling advice from Scott Steiner" thing that shows up on the side of profiles. It makes it seem like Scott is a shit wrestler or something.

I totally had no memory of him back in his younger days, except I do remember him coming out in the collegiate jacket. I just didn't remember much of his WWE run for some reason (and I didn't watch WCW back then).

So when I watched him in the Hart match, I was completely blown away. It's like, I was being blown away, not only by a wrestler being absurdly excellent (he was), but also blown away because my perception of him was totally different, just based on the comments of people.

I mentioned in another thread that I was genuinely confused, and thought that Scott Steiner must be Rick Steiner. When I realized that the long haired dude really was Scott, it just couldn't compute for me. I kept looking up different sources, thinking that I must be wrong. For real! lol.

Anyway, because of all of that, I've started looking up his more recent stuff, and I agree with you. He was still good and better than people give him credit for, as the roided up dude. Plus, I love his promos, and his Twitter rants had me seriously LOL'ing.

Basically, he's quickly become one of my favorite wrestlers ever. As the younger version of himself, he's one of my favorite pure wrestlers ever (and I'd say, seriously rivals or betters any of the known "best wrestlers"). And as the older version, he's one of the most entertaining characters to me.

A total win, all because I was randomly checking out old Hart matches, lol.
And you're right about the leaping Frankensteiner, but have you seen the old Steiner pilerdriver? Not the way he did it relatively recently in TNA, but the one he did on Owen was just nasty. You could tell that Gorilla Monsoon was genuinely blown away.

He was a damn creative wrestler, and had a ton of stuff in his arsenal.

He really should get more praise.

Also, to me, he's a classic case of bullshit politics, because there's no reason why he couldn't be contributing to a major company right now. He's much better in every way than a lot of old folks who stick around, and you can tell that he genuinely is a fan of young talent.

There's a lot more to say on this, but eh.
Originally Posted by Obfuscation View Post
Have you see Steiners vs Nasty Boys from Halloween Havoc '90?
Only three minutes into this, Obfuscation, and I'm already ::shock at the way Scott gets out of the Superplex, and then reverses it.

The man is amazing.

Sucks for him that he came along when the tag division wasn't as strong in the WWF in the early-mid 90s. If he were around in the late 80s, he would have been beastin' in the WWF.

I should do a Scott Steiner appreciation thread one of these days, lol...
Originally Posted by Obfuscation View Post
Have you see Steiners vs Nasty Boys from Halloween Havoc '90?
Finished. LOL @ the ending. I loved the match. Every time I watch a young Steiner match, I see something that Scott's not done in any other match. He's amazing.

The crowd was really into it, by the way!

And that was some of the best I've seen of the Nasty Boys, so they were definitely elevated by their competition.
Originally Posted by Fluze View Post
The Steiner Brothers vs. Miracle Violence Connection (Beach Blast 1992) ****1/4

An amazing tag match, which never has the feeling of tedious or dragging on. The core story begins with Gordy & Williams targeting Scott's knee, as the main, to encourage an imminent face in peri episode.
Originally Posted by The Beast Incarnate View Post
I fucking ADORE that Steiner's tag.
Originally Posted by bigbuxxx View Post
This was one of the rare ppvs I ordered when I was a kid. I remember that match so well. It was fanfuckingtastic. That along with Cactus/Sting and Rude/Steamboat Iron man match
Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
Beach Blast 1992 is the greatest PPV of all time. It has to be. With that said, watch the MVC/Steiners match from the 6/92 Clash, it's even better.

Just the mention of this stuff gets me nostalgic for 2011 WCW mega-watching.
Both matches were great, but I agree with Yeah1993 that the match in his link was fantastic.

I actually had it at ***** when I was about ten minutes into the match. It was rivaling the match against the Harts, as one of the best US tag matches I've ever seen, and even topping it, because this one had better psychology.

It didn't quite maintain that five star level throughout, but it was still really amazing. Loved all of the countering, and like I said, the psychology.

The Beach match was great too. Fantastic climax, and the timing was great too. That Frankensteiner was beautifully executed. The speed, precision,'s the best one I've seen yet.

Also loved the methodical nature of keeping Scott away from his corner. I'd probably be even more effusive, if I hadn't seen Yeah1993's link first.

I love how they could have two matches days apart, that have completely different vibes from each other.

Anyway, in short: The Steiner brothers rock.

And Scott might be the most underappreciated/misappreciated (yes, I may have made up a word) wrestler ever.
Originally Posted by O Fenômeno View Post

Scott is awesome..he's like a big buff typical bully who always comes off as an idiot.I liked watching him as a kid..going on about 'his freaks' , and his biceps the whole time
Add that he seems like the type who think they're amazing because of their size...those guys tend to amuse me because outside of their size they tend to be mediocre.
He was actually a brilliant wrestler in his younger days. If you watch the Steiner Brothers match against Bret & Owen Hart on Youtube, you'll see (look for the version posted by's better quality).

I wrote a lot about the Harts vs. Steiners match-up in detail here. It's one of my favorite matches ever.

Video is below (Scott's the one with the long hair, for those who don't realize):
Spoiler for Spoiler:

He actually looked like the best wrestler in the ring for much of the time, and that's saying something, because I think that the Harts are two of the best wrestlers ever.

He was ranked in the top 6 in the nation as a wrestler in college, so he's legit.

It's kind of a shame that his legacy amongst a newer generation is only these type of promos, because he was a beast of a wrestler in his tag team days. Better or equal to any of the known, great, pure, wrestlers.
Some more of Scott's greatness (i.e. brilliant pure wrestling) from his younger days.

All great matches too.

Steiner Brothers vs. Steve Williams & Terry Gordy at Clash of the Champions XIX (1992) (I had this at ***** halfway through the match):

Steiner Brothers vs. Terry Gordy & Steve Williams at Beach Blast 1992:

Steiner Brothers vs. Nasty Boys at Halloween Havoc 1990:

Steiner Brothers vs. Lex Luger & Sting at Superbrawl 1991:

The match against Bret & Owen Hart in my other post is the best, though, IMO.
Originally Posted by AmWolves10 View Post
Damn I forget about Scott Steiner's awesome amateur wrestling background. he was in the NCAA! He was a damn impressive worker for his size in the pros as well. Its too bad the only thing remembered about his career are his legendary mic skills.
Yep, and Division I at that! THE best and most competitive division of college wrestling! Who else has the cred of being ranked as highly as him? Brock Lesnar and of course Kurt Angle. Who else, though? That's all that I can think of.


National Collegiate Athletic Association
1984 Division I Big 10 – Runner-up[1]
1985 Division I Big 10 – Runner-up[1]
1986 Division I Big 10 – Runner-up[1]
1986 Division I All American – Sixth place[1]

From another post someone made:
and all the numerous Wrestling Observer & PWI awards he's gotten such as best worked match, best move, tag team of the year multiple times, match of the year multiple times, and five-star match...
It's forgotten and not realized just how good Scott Steiner was. The Steiners were considered the best tag team in the world, and Scott himself was often showstopping.
Dolph's record looks great!

However, I forgot to mention that the Big 10 is also the most competitive division within Division I, so Scott was in the most competitive division, within the most competitive division...

Makes it all the more impressive.

You can see how much respect he has for Kurt Angle, when he talks about him. He's always going off on people about their treatment of Kurt. You can tell he respects what Kurt's been able to do, and hates when people disrespect him like he's just some random pro wrestler.

On Kurt Angle: "One of the guys that I most respect is Kurt Angle. When he left WWE, I think a lot of people thought he was the best wrestler there. Not only that, but he was an Olympic champion. I think a lot of people don't realize how hard it is to be an Olympic champion. Wrestlers in general I respect, because it's a hard life."
And in a thread about your favorite tag team ever:
After watching a bunch of Steiner Brothers matches recently, it'd be them.

They had wrestling skill better than any other team I've seen; innovative moves; plus the swagger -- that last part thanks to Scott (though I hated the cheesy collegiate shtick Vince tried to stick them in. Scotty's asshole/cocky vibes came through, though, thankfully, lol).

Seems like any random match of theirs I find, can easily be in the ****+ range. They could make good opponents look great, and they could elevate great opponents into classic matches.
And this thread contains a lot of his great promos, of course.

Anyway, in short: In his youth he was one of the best pure wrestlers ever, and pretty innovative too. He brought a totally different, advanced, style to US pro wrestling, and it was especially impressive because he was doing it all at a big size. He had fire and swagger and intensity as well, though we didn't get to see that fully, of course, until he became Big Poppa Pump.

Once he got into that later character, he obviously wasn't the wrestler he once was, but he was able to transition into one of the most memorable and interesting characters. Both phases of his career were vastly entertaining, though for different reasons.

He's leapfrogged into my top 3 wrestlers of all-time, which is amazing, because that list hasn't moved for years.

On a side-note, he often stays somewhat in character throughout most of his outside interviews, but it was so charming how bashful and kind of shy, he came across in this interview. It's one of the few interviews I've seen of his, where he was completely out of character:
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

Originally Posted by YunisTaker View Post
Fantastic on the mic. When you gave it to him, you never knew what was gonna come out. Would love to see him back in WWE to manage somebody, he would be able to get him over huge as a heel.
I agree 1000%. This is why I say it must be bullshit politics. He's one of the most most colorful people out there. No reason why he shouldn't be on tv.

Him just being himself in real-life (via his tweets) is far more entertaining than anything I've seen in wrestling in a long time.

There's so much he could do in the wrestling world. He'd be a fantastic manager, but he also seems to understand exactly what's wrong with wrestling and what it needs and all of that. I think that he would make a great booker, or mentor to younger guys (the guys he worked with in TNA seem positive toward him, and notice not a single one of his co-workers came out to dispute any of the stuff he said on Twitter...I do believe that he was expressing the thoughts of all of them).

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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

-I enjoy his promos as much as I enjoy Austin/Rock's promos.

-He was great as a tag-team wrestler.Not too good as a singles wrestler,especially in the later stages of his career
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

One of the worst ever on the mic. The incoherent ramblings of a roid raging mushmouth do not appeal to me in the slightest.

His 2000s WWE run was the pits. The match with Trips at the Rumble is one of the worst title matches in WWF history. The "highlights" from the rest of that run include an endless feud with Test that nobody cared about and a few debates/beatdowns involving Chris Nowinski.

He was entertaining once or twice in TNA, which automatically makes that run better than his 2nd WWE stint.

With that being said, he was one of the most exciting wrestlers around from about 1989-1994. He seemed to invent suplexes as he went along and the Frankensteiner was the cool move of the day. He also played his character of an amateur wrestling badass who was (slightly) more intelligent than his daft brother well. Crowds always dug the Steiners.

From 94-97 he was in that sort of in-between phase. He was more jacked than during his earlier days (though he was always in excellent shape) but could still go in the ring and focused on wrestling than character.

I stopped watching WCW in late 96 and never went back to catch everything, but Steiner never impressed me much as "Big Poppa Pump." If the highlights of that character are some of the worst interviews in wrestling history coupled with roid raging "shoots" then I doubt my opinion is going to change.


1989-1994- One of the most exciting wrestlers around. Played his role as 1/2 of the Steiner Brothers well.
1994-1997ish- Lost a step, but still quality.
1998ish-Today- Poor wrestler with even worse mic skills. Plus he comes off as a dangerous ticking timebomb irl.

Steiner is one of the few wrestlers I liked more as a boring wrestling robot than as an over-the-top character.
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

he was great in wcw but after we came to the wwe it was evident from his short stint that he doesn't have it anymore when it comes to in ring charisma and agility... I'd love to have him back as a manager of somebody though... he's a natural heel and like someone already said, he can put someone over and make his career...
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Re: The Other Side: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

To give you an idea of how over Scott was, he was in line to win the WCW championship in 1991. I know that some people have said that Scott must be delusional with that statement, but they clearly weren't watching his matches back then, and are just going by the fact that he was "just" a tag team wrestler. The crowds were going absolutely nuts for him in virtually every match I've seen -- he was so over. Plus, he was exciting, and capable of putting on huge, showstopping matches, so it's easy to see why he'd be thought of in that position.

Anyway, Kevin Sullivan confirmed this in one of his shoots, as did another wrestler (can't remember who now....I'll have to go back and find out what shoots I've watched).

This is probably why Scott ended up doing that promo shoot on Flair, because he's been harboring resentment over this for years. Scott claimed that Ric sabotaged their match & talked shit about him behind the scenes, to try to stop his rise to the top (Ric didn't want to be replaced at this point, Scott says). Lance Storm, who doesn't seem to have a dog in this fight, and actually likes Flair and defended him on some other points, said that it was clear to him, looking at the match through the eyes of a worker, that Ric was sabotaging Steiner.

Funnily enough, Bret had the same exact complaints about Ric...and people took it as Bret just being Bret, or him just being bitter...but it's funny that two people who were in the same position of being rising stars, about to knock off Ric, have the same exact complaint about him. Not to say that Ric is always like that, because he's not. But I do think it lends credence to them both being truthful, because they both have the same exact, weird, complaint, and it's not like Bret is just being bitter due to not being the champion, because he won the championship anyway.

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked, but I'm saying all of this to say, that that was the type of level Scott was on back in the 90s.

Imagine what could have been, if he went solo back then...
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