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Turning Hogan heel during WWF run

I know this has mentioned, or asked before. However, at what point in Hogan's WWE career would you have turned him heel? Hogan has said himself that he asked Vince to turn heel, but was rejected. Vince says Hogan rejected the idea that Vince presented in turning heel. Honestly I would have turned Hogan heel right after his Wrestlemania match vs The Ultimate Warrior. Instead of shaking his hand, he gives him a clothesline, and drops the big leg across Warrior's throat. Takes his WWF title, and claims that he kicked out on the two count even though he didn't. Total heel move by Hogan taking his title, and walking out of the Toronto Sky Dome with tens of thousands of people booing, and throwing trash.
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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run...

I don't buy Hogan saying this at all. This is a guy who was very protective of his brand (understandably so), and from what people like Nash have said, had to practically be forced into the heel turn in WCW. No freakin' way he would have done it at the height of his popularity in the WWF, no matter what he says now.

If Warrior wouldn't even do it, imagine how Hulk must have felt, as he was THE #1 wrestling superstar.

Not a chance.

But yeah, I was bored with his whole thing, so if it were up to me, it would have been awesome if he did turn heel. Enough people still liked his gimmick, though, that it made turning heel not worth it.

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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run...

I would have turned hogan heel during his feud with randy Savage. I would have made him rape elizabeth (with video footage). Major heel turn right there.
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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run...

I think it was still a time when they wouldn't know what to do with Hogan unless he was a face. He was that player who used to score 50 a season but now, 2 years later and even though he's still scoring you need to change but you're afraid of turning him into someone who can't score.

I honestly believe that the NWO and Hollywood-pouting Hogan was the only way to turn him. At least with Bret you had a huge face who was legitimate in his beef, but with Hogan the fans had to turn against him completely, something I don't think they could have done in the early 90s, nor did it really make sense.
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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run...

Originally Posted by The_Max View Post
I would have turned hogan heel during his feud with randy Savage. I would have made him rape elizabeth (with video footage). Major heel turn right there.
I would have turned Hogan heel right around Wrestlemania IV. When he blasted DiBiase with the chair, have Savage pin DiBiase, then have Hogan jump Savage right after he handed him the belt. NO one would have seen it come, plus at that time Savage was popular enough he could have run as the top face in the company without missing really much in the way of popularity for the WWF as a whole.

But it wouldn't have worked, really, since Hogan was WAY over still at that time with the fans. Plus, with the exception of Savage, Vince didn't really have anyone that he could have made the top face at that time if you turn Hogan heel.

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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run...

Not against Warrior. The face vs face match was what built up that match. I would have done it against Savage though with Hogan trying to take his wife and all.

I wonder if they were going to go along the route of what Flair did with his feud with Savage with Hogan if he had turned heel.

"How about a little heel turn."
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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run...

Turn him heel at his WWF peak?

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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run...

If a WWF Hogan heel turn happened I think this would have been the perfect time.

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Re: Turning Hogan heel during WWF run

I don't really think it was possible to turn Hogan heel in his WWF run, considering how things played out.

Turning him heel against Warrior wouldn't have really worked or paid off, considering how Warrior turned out. Plus, the Warrior title run was key to getting the belt on mega heel Sgt. Slaughter and setting up the retirement match with top heel, Randy Savage at WM 7. Add in how Warrior was gone after Summerslam '91 and with a Hogan heel turn prior to that, WWE no longer has a proven top babyface.

Turning him heel against Sid damn sure wouldn't have worked, based on Sid failing his drug test and opting to leave instead of taking the suspension. Plus, I don't think Sid was as over as a babyface as people think and it was more so about them growing tired of Hogan (explaining his extended hiatus after WM 8). Unlike the year prior, they would have top babyface in Savage but I don't see fans being as interested in Hogan vs. Savage in 1992/1993 as they were in 1989.

But, I do have a way a Hogan heel turn could have worked:

-Hogan returns to WWF at the 1993 Royal Rumble and wins it, lastly eliminating Yokozuna. This leads to Hogan/Bret at WM 9.

-Weeks of promos are shown between the 2. Nothing to heated but enough to build towards the match.

-On an episode of RAW, Hogan & Bret team up in a losing effort to Lex Luger & Razor Ramon due to a mishap when Bret accidentally hits Hogan. This causes tension between the 2.

-At WM 9, Bret has Hogan in the sharpshooter but Brutus Beefcake distracts the referee. Jimmy Hart comes to the ring and gets on the apron, as Bret breaks the hold to confront him. Jimmy tosses Hogan the megaphone, he hits Bret with it, wins the title and turns heel.

From there, Hogan begins cutting promos about how he's always been about the fans but now is going into business for himself. He is often shown via satelite, from the site of his latest Hollywood venture. They have a rematch at Summerslam that Bret wins by DQ, after Brutus attacks Bret. The next month at Survivor Series, Bret & Owen defeat Hogan & Brutus in a tag team match, when Brutus taps out to Bret's sharpshooter.

To keep it going:

-Bret wins the 1994 Royal Rumble, lastly eliminating Owen. This sets up Hogan/Bret 3 for WM 10.

-At WM 10, Brutus attempts to intervene in the match but is stopped by Owen. Bret locks in the sharpshooter and Bret wins the title. Afterwards, Hogan and crew leave WWF (temporarily, permanently, doesn't matter).

Now with all this happening, an angle can be done on the next episode of RAW that sees the split between Owen & Bret, with Owen asking Bret for a title shot. Bret says he wouldn't mind but their mother was pretty upset at them fighting in the Rumble match. Owen attacks and you have the next title feud.

Basically, I feel a Hogan heel turn in WWF in the 90s would only have worked well if it was against Bret, as I feel Bret really did need that rub. With Hogan's schedule in 1993, he couldn't be around as much as he should have been but those tracks could have been covered with his new Hollywood based gimmick and thinking he was bigger than wrestling. And by this point, Bret was one of the most over guys in the WWF and could have gotten plenty of sympathy from the fans after Hogan "cheated" to win the title and to retain it at Summerslam '93 by DQ. This gives Bret all the momentum in the world going into 1994 and gives Hogan a tremendous amount of heat by going against the ways he professed in the 80s.

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MAYBE during 1990 & 1991 where Hogan played Slaughter's role. Hogan would never do that though. I believe it would have helped sell out the LA Coliseum where fans would want to see him get his comeuppance.

Of course wwf doesn't have a good track record turning top guys heel just ask Austin. It was best it happened in wcw in 1996.

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