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Re: Where would you place Hulk Hogan?

In terms of storytelling and psychology you say ? at the very top there's a reason Hulkamania ran wild for so long no one was better at selling his opponent dominance and connecting with the crowd like the hulkster. (unlike cena who no sells everyone).

All the cheesy lines and corny moves that appeal to children has been first originated by hogan and copied by many stars over the years.
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Re: Where would you place Hulk Hogan?

Originally Posted by theidealstranger View Post
Disclaimer before we start this thread, this is not about his charisma, drawing or how he fathered two wrestling booms etc.

Where would you place Hulk Hogan in terms of his skill between the bells? This includes ability to work the crowd, mat skills, technical ability, ring psychology and everything that you can think off that happens during the match?

How much credit would you give to him? Would you concur with "he does not know the difference between a wrist lock and wrist watch" or he is good doing what he does best?

Again, please do not bring in drawing and boom into this.
Working the crowd & psychology - Hogan was a master on a level that few others have ever reached. He would never have reached the legendary status he has if he didn't have these skills.

Technical skills & mat wrestling - he's underrated because WWF made him work a safer formula much like they do with a lot of their champions. This caused many in North America to think that Hogan sucked as a technician. However, examining Hogan's early work in Japan shows a guy that was proficient at mat wrestling and catch as catch can. He was no Dean Malenko by any stretch of the imagination, but the guy was obviously trained in catch and free style at some point so he had the basics down.

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Re: Where would you place Hulk Hogan?

Like all wrestlers, Hogan evolved (or devolved) over time. If we're talking 1983-1993 WWF, Hogan knew how to work, but worked the WWF style in the way they needed him to at the time.

I think the Great Muta match was great (mind-blowing, even) mostly because Hogan was at the end point in his WWF tenure when he really didn't care at all anymore, even going so far as to call the WWF belt a "toy" in a press conference after the match. It was almost as if he was blowing off steam in that match.

However, I think by the time he got to WCW, he REALLY didn't care anymore, and probably also had some physical issues popping up. His best WCW matches were the early ones against Flair and maybe the Goldberg match. I can't think of much else outside of that.

But then, he had some decent ones when he returned to the WWF, despite his bad knees and back. So, it's not like his skill went away completely, plus he was in the ring with guys like Angle, Lesnar, and Rock.

Overall, though, he could go when he needed to and knew how to stage a match.
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Re: Where would you place Hulk Hogan?

Yeah didn't really care for Hogan in wcw. After his original series with Flair you can tell he didn't care and I think this was more of the place where he did his cheesy PG stuff(which people like to compare Cena with, but Hogan imo still had more edge in the 80's than Cena did as a face) more than the WWF.
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Re: The Other Side: Hulk Hogan's place in history

Hogans work in the 90s in wcw is vastly superior to his japanese work, i would attribute this to his high in-ring iq that reached its peak around this time, the more wrestling-based approach of american wrestling as opposed to the japanese sumo n karate striking style and lastly but definatly not least , the more wrestling savy american crowds who understand and appreciate psychology better and how to feed into a big bag of charisma like the immortal hulkster.
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Re: The Other Side: Hulk Hogan's place in history

Hogan will admit he's not a great wrestler but that doesn't really matter in a pre-determined sport
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Re: The Other Side: Hulk Hogan's place in history

a bit off topic.....did anybody notice hogan was in better shape in wcw then he was in wwf?
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Re: The Other Side: Hulk Hogan's place in history

I was never a big fan, but I think when he needed to establish his opponent as a threat he sold quite well and had good timing. He really knew how to give the crowd what they wanted as well.

I don't think he was a great physical wrestler by any stretch, but his bread and butter: punches, slams, boots and legdrop all looked pretty good.

I always hated his Hulking up shtick though, it just seemed so fake and the fact that it went on for 7 years or so was ridiculous. Pure anti-psychology.
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Re: The Other Side: Hulk Hogan's place in history

Ole Anderson would tell you he sucked and never really drew a dime but none of this is true.

Hogan wasnt a good wrestler let alone a great one but he had charisma and he had a connection with the fans for whatever reason, i personally was never a fan of hogans but i got why people saw him the way they did. Hogan seemed larger than life and his personality made him seem a lot more interesting than he really was. No one in the history of pro wrestling knew how to work a crowd like Hogan, which is why even to this day when you mention or bring up wrestling Hogan is the first name you always hear.
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Re: The Other Side: Hulk Hogan's place in history

In terms of story telling he is right up there, No one can touch him when it comes to working a crowd and having them in the palm of their hand. In terms of technical ability, he could wrestle as she showed a number of time in the US, what he really knew what to do though was plan and work a match to get the maximum out of every move.

Personally I love the match he had with Andre at Mania 3, the story in the match was great and every move had impact and a purpose and they kept the crowd begging for more leading upto the most famous spot of all time; Hogan slamming Andre.

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