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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.


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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

Yes, Randy Savage was so over. He's one of the first guys I remember getting mentioned in rap songs. People would imitate his voice soooo much.

I'm shocked no one has mentioned the Ultimate Warrior. His time in the sun was short, but he was legit a superstar. To the point where he was referenced a lot on entertainment shows and the like. He didn't do the Hollywood thing so much, but I remember him being a big cultural reference. A lot of people who didn't watch wrestling, like my older relatives, knew who he was, just due to buzz at work and stuff.

I wonder, did SNL ever parody him? He seemed so ripe for that thing.

My favorite "WTF was that?!?!" promo from him was this one:

I love Bret Hart, but I think that the Ultimate Warrior is one of those big guys who actually got over for very legitimate reasons. His promos and approach were so different in their sheer insanity, and Ultimate Warrior was pitch perfect in them.

I gained a new respect for him when he talked about how he'd have to get into a whole mindset before going out there (talking to himself; being left alone; etc.), and the thought he put into his presentation and entrances and everything. The fact that he could go into the ring and look like a legitimate equal to Hulk, to the point where he had the crowd more in his hands than Hulk did...that's a testament to his insane charisma, and cultivating of that character.

Btw, I agree with the Youtube comments that him without the facepaint here gives him a different vibe. Slightly darker, less cartoonish. I wish they did this more, though I understand why they didn't (I remember dying to see what he looked like without the facepaint as a kid):

I pretty much always prefer the technical matches, but this still holds up as one of the best WWF/WWE matches ever to me, just because the theater and drama of it was so great:

Guys who only see it as Warrior getting pushed because he was a big meathead, miss the point. The dude was CRAZY OVER!

The fact that he's still so remembered today, as one of the preeminent faces in wrestling, even though his run was relatively short, is a testament to how popular he was. I mean the WWF put out a DVD to try to destroy him, ten years after he had already left! His impact was definitely felt.

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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

Antonio Rocca

Throwing Superman outside the ring on his own comic book cover is as crossover as crossover can get.

El Santo

But, of course.

And as it has already been pointed out

The Body

Spoiler for the meek shall inherit Squat..:

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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

Not a lot of Jericho mentions in here. Dancing With the Stars, Robot combat league and more importantly Fozzy. Obviously not as big as Rock/Hogan but he deserves a shout.

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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

I didn't include wrestlers like Jesse Ventura or Jericho in my top 10 cuz I think their success/popularity outside the ring had more to do with them going out of their way to pursue those avenues as opposed to crossover appeal. That's not to say that they don't have crossover appeal. It's just that when I think of crossover appeal I think of wrestlers who have talent scouts/agents begging them to be apart of their shit. Not a wrestler who's knocking on doors looking for an acting job and has to explain his success in the wrestling business to most of the production crew.

I would have Ventura in my top 20, but not Jericho. If you asked any non-wrestling fan in any age group from 10-100, to name 5 wrestlers, NONE of them are naming naming Jericho, so I find it hard to believe his crossover appeal is top 10 or even top 20. To me, crossover appeal has more to do with your standing in the general public, not how much interest you have in entertainment jobs.
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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

As far as Brock Lesnar. His popularity is a testament to Dana White's brilliant promotional tactics. He wasn't even top 5 in his weight class and the UFC promotional machine made him the biggest name in MMA and PPV-business.

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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

Originally Posted by austin316 G.O.A.T View Post
My bad.I ll edit my post.

I meant Randy Savage's role in Spiderman is the most watched movie segment featuring a wrestler.
LOL... Who cares Savage had a bit part in a movie. Do Tyler Mane and Jeep Swenson make the list?
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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

Originally Posted by Psycho Ranger View Post
This thread is invalid without Jesse Ventura. He was in Predator and Running Man. Has been Gov. of MN and has had his own TV show. Behind perhaps The Rock, Hogan and Austin he probably has the next most crossover appeal.
Good shout, I knew I was missing someone important. Freddie Blassie, and Rocca as well are great additions.

Don't really agree with Warrior but to each his own.
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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

Took a few posts for Ventura to get a mention. Super successes outside the wrestling world.

I love professional-wrestling.
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Re: Top 10 Wrestlers with "Crossover Appeal" of all time.

Would I be wrong for saying Piper?

Just off the top of my head: Body Slam, a few appearances on Super Mario Brothers, Walker, Texas Ranger and It's Always Sunny...

Might not have been as successful as others outside the business but he's been in countless movies & television shows.

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