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Re: What was so special about Sting?

I loved Sting, my favorite WCW wrestler period. He was so intimidating and was a very good wrestler. It was probably his character that did it the most for him. He was the WCW version of The Undertaker but only better.


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Re: What was so special about Sting?

If you're judging a guy based on just his moves, you're missing a huge part of why wrestling is so great.

As for why Sting was so great? A lot has been made in here of the war against the NWO, and that was a great time but one of the reasons it's so great is it's larger historical context. Sting WAS WCW. As much as Flair, he was the soul of the place. Wrestling went through some crappy times in the early to mid 90's. It got REALLY stupid and a lot of people fell out. Sting marched around in a band jacket, and it was appropriate because the dude was like wrestling's cheerleader. No matter how stupid things got, we all loved Sting. Sting was there to remind us it'd be good anyway. Eventually though, things got dark. NWO showed up, the business' attitude darkened and Sting reacted harshly to it. Then he flat out left. That's what made it so cool when this bright and happy cheerleader came back as the crow sting. It was like a wider representation of what was going on in wrestling. Something deeper. This is going to sound weird, but I think it's the crux of the character:

Sting was WCW's heart. I think the black and white color choice of Crow sting is smart, because it goes with the NWO. The NWO changed things. Forever. It leaked into WCW's heart and changed it. So now, Sting had lost his cheerful side. He wasn't wrestling's cheerleader anymore. He'd been changed by the NWO. Corrupted a little, and now something they'd created was coming back after them.

It was a really badass, really complex character that's only cooler in hindsight.
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Re: What was so special about Sting?

those brawls against the nWo where he would use his baseball bat were awesome. i never forget those days.
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Re: What was so special about Sting?

he was a mixed bad in every area, better than most of the no talents that WWF and Japan couldn't secure
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Re: What was so special about Sting?

Nothing in particular. There's just something about the guy that makes you cheer for him.

Courtesy of a google WWE meme search
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Re: What was so special about Sting?

Sting vs Flair
Sting vs Cactus Jack
Sting vs Vader
Sting vs Rude

And so much more... and that's well before he ever did the rafter diving.

Sting was WCW's Hogan, if you were a kid in the mid - late '80s watching WCW Sting was going to be a favorite. Hulk had his hulkamaniacs, Sting had his little Stingers. He had so much energy and was such a great baby face. Just look at him with some of the crazy colored facepaint, the guy has the face of someone you want to either feel good or bad for..

When you add in what he was doing with the nWo, and then his Wolfpac stuff, (which was cheezy as hell but for people that had been fans of his for a long time it was great, it was a mix of the old sting and the black/white sting.) He really was one of the most notable names of the 90's, and in wrestling in general honestly.

Oh, and OP

Sharpshooter, Reverse DDT, and a Running Splash.. Really? That's a bad finisher/signature set? wow

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Re: What was so special about Sting?

He was an awesome babyface early in his career against guys like Flair and Vader before reinventing himself and being the most over guy in wrestling for a short while.
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Re: What was so special about Sting?

I've never been a big fan of Sting. I always felt that he had above average in-ring ring ability & very average promo skills.

However, I remember being drawn into whatever he did back in the Monday Night Wars because he has incredible charisma & with the exception of taking on all members of the NWO by himself at times, everything he did felt believable.

So while I might not be his biggest fan, I've always had massive respect for him.
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Sting is my all time favorite. My first memory was him and Flair against J-Tex Corporation in the thunderdome cage.

In retrospect, I realize he wasn't the best wrestler but he had a connection to the fans, which is why every Sting heel turn has been a bust.

His charisma (especially in 88-94) was unmatched at the time. IMO, he was part of WCW's 2 biggest angles and largely responsible for the success of it (Sting vs. Horseman in 89-90; nWo in 96-97).

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Re: What was so special about Sting?

Nothing. Sting is one of the most unoriginal people in all of professional wrestling. Let's start from the beginning with James Hellwig, and The Blade Runners. Notice how when both men went separate ways they some how managed to have the same look? It's no coincidence, and had it not been for Warrior's ego, and his past friendship with Sting I'm sure he would have sued him for character infringement. Sting was what the Ultimate Warrior was, but he was for WCW. The Ultimate Warriors look was stolen, and partially used as a theme for Sting. The flashy face paint, and the over all colorful look was a theme that James Hellwig wanted to use. It was due to the popularity of "Glam Rock".

Next, the name "Sting". Anyone ever heard of The Police. The lead singer of that band is Sting. Steve Borden couldn't even come up with an original name. Lets be serious folks how intimidating is the name Sting? That's about as generic as it gets unless you are really good at the bass it's not a cool name. Right there we have a look that he practically borrowed from The Ultimate Warrior, and a name he stole from someone who was already famous. I'm not sure he was really in it for wrestling as he was for just selling his character, but fortunately for Sting many great legends stuck around to put him over, and carry him through matches.

Which leads me to my next point. Look at the all the solid names that the NWA had, and then even early WCW. First, and foremost Sting should name his son Ric Flair because without Ric Flair wrestling him a million times this man may have never gotten over. If there ever was a made man in wrestling it was Sting. Sting owes Flair half his worth right now, and Flair isn't the only one. Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Cactus Jack, Terry Funk, The Great Muta, and countless others. However, without Flair what would Sting's career be?

His career is nothing original here is more proof. His whole thing with the NWO is something all you Sting fans talk about. It's hilarious because once again Sting is taking something that isn't his. He used the Crow Gimmick, and started hanging out in the rafters with a baseball bat. Sting by himself took on the NWO, and then later joined them? Why? It was something else to sell to the kids for Steve Borden. He copies the Crow look, and then takes on the NWO, and then joins them, and then WCW dies. The man refuses to suck up his pride, and does not sign with the WWE because he is a born again Christian. Meanwhile he is wrestling in TNA right now.

Lets talk about TNA, and TNA Sting. What do you know eventually he once again rips off of Hollywood. Sting decides at the ripe age of his late 40's to copy Heath Ledger's version of the Joker. Poor attempt, and if Sting actually mattered I'm sure a suit would have followed. However, luckily for Steve Borden nothing ever happened. The man just can't seem to know when to go away. Taker isn't hogging the spotlight, and neither is Jericho. Steve Borden just can't give it up. Fortunately for him the WWE owns the rights to WCW Sting, and can exploit him all they want for profit. BTW, who the fuck wears face paint their whole career anyhow?

Sting proved his colors by not signing with the WWE, and he is certainly one of the most decorated pieces of trash in the business. He has always been involved with wrestling for the money, and not the fans, or quality of matches. He made millions off of a shitty fucking gimmick that most fans in the 80's just ate up. Listen to the man's horrible theme music from the 90's prior the NWO. His mic skills were average at best, and I had a hard time listening to him because he was constantly yelling into the mic. Sting was a cool looking action figure because he had so many attires, and costumes that you could actually have a solid collection of Sting wrestling figures. You want to talk about five moves of doom, or fruity pebbles. Just look at Sting from the 90's, and you'll think John Cena is a heel today. Sting isn't a legend, he is a gimmick.

You want to know part of the reason WCW died? Sting was the only guy, and the top babyface. The difference with the WWF at the time was they had cycled more talent, and allowed more than one star to achieve success. It was WCW who realized that they just put in so much time in Flair, and Sting that they had not developed anyone. Hence they stole Vince's scraps. Sting was the face of WCW for to long, and never passed the torch. It took Hulk Hogan to turn heel which was a bigger deal than Sting ever was. The NWO gave Sting a reason to re-invent himself the same way it made WCW relevant to the WWF for all of you fans back then. Sting is no Rock, Austin, HBK, HHH, Taker, or even Kurt Angle for that matter.

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