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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

I'd book him like a main eventer, for one thing. Almost right off the bat, they positioned him as a mid/upper card US Title guy on the level of Curt Hennig, Scott Hall, DDP, those kind of guys, and yet his deal was Hogan-esque in dollar figures. I would've planted the seeds for Hart/Hogan at Starrcade in '98.

"They will LIE to you, she said. They will try to DENOUNCE you, she said. They will try to STEAL your gift, and she was right. Sister Abigail always spoke the truth, and so do I. So when I tell you that I knew this day would come, I am NOT telling you a lie! And on this day, in this moment in time right now, this very second, I can truly say that I have the whole damn world in my hands!"

- Bray Wyatt - 02/14/17
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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

He was super hot due to the screwjob, yet they waited way too long to use him. Sting would have beaten Hogan at Starrcade obviously, and Hart should have had a debut match at Starrcade beating Scott Hall or something. Have him feud with Nash and Hall for a bit, then have Hogan regain the WCW Title (ugh), go into a Hart/Hogan feud with Hart winning the belt. From there you can do whatever. It is complicated though 'cause you'd have big babyface Hart, big babyface Sting and Goldberg coming up, plus big heel Hogan to keep happy and really not many guys a babyface World Champ can face. The money match would be Hart/Sting and who's going to turn?

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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

Bret couldve been a babyface or a heel he shouldve just played a far bigger role. I bet NWO were pissed about his huge contract and buried him
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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

Originally Posted by Icon_Vs_Icon View Post
Bret couldve been a babyface or a heel he shouldve just played a far bigger role. I bet NWO were pissed about his huge contract and buried him
No they weren't. Nash personally tried to get Bret to join WCW. Because the more money Bret would make the more he would make. That was part of his contract.
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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

Originally Posted by murder View Post
No they weren't. Nash personally tried to get Bret to join WCW. Because the more money Bret would make the more he would make. That was part of his contract.
of course hogan got in the way of bret hart bookings
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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

i would have him debut at Starrcade in 1997 as they did in real life, but i would not have him as the referee that was stupid. and for the next month i would have him acting as like a tweener type of character, is he going N.W.O or W.C.W, i would finally have him swear his allegiance to wcw in January of 98, throughout the year, he is the enforcer of wcw beating all the N.W.O guys, and having a tag team of sorts with sting, imagine that the two king of sharpshooters as a tag team, black and white & pink and black. i'd have him and sting as tag champs for a bit aswell, anyway yeah i'd have him, take down the n.w.o one by one, meanwhile Hogan screws sting over and gets the belt back, and bret then challenges him to a match once and for all and finally hart gets his wish and gets Hogan in the main event of starrcade 98, in the dream match we never saw, hart beats Hogan, and n.w.o is forced to disband for good, and 1999 begins as hart as champ.
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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

I think he was poorly booked, and I don't think his heart was in it either. He was never going to be the same after how his WWF run ended. He still can't get past the screw job this very day. Besides, he was never going to be the big face in WCW. He was a big fish in a really huge pond and it did not work. During his peak in WWF, he was more of a big fish in a smaller pond at the time. WCW had too many guys at the time for him to shine his best.
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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

I'll give you the big bullet points:

- Preserve the Sting/Hogan heat. Have Sting beat Hogan cleanly (Bret could have even run in as guest ref at the end, that's cool).
- Hogan feuds with Bret, Sting feuds with Hall and Nash
- Souled Out: Bret/Flair still happens, Sting teams with Luger vs Hall and Nash
- SuperBrawl VIII: Sting vs Hall, Hogan vs Bret (Sting and Bret go over)

This continues all year, maybe Sting's reign gets interrupted by a Savage or Nash reign, but overall, everything builds to Bret vs Sting at Starrcade. Either one could go over here. Maybe a rematch at SuperBrawl 9 where they trade wins.

The only person who gets kinda screwed here is Goldberg, who wouldn't have had the mega-push he got without a prolonged Hogan reign, but WCW also started its own losing streak when Goldberg was champion, so maybe a more dynamic and interesting world title scene centered around Sting and Bret is what WCW needed more than Goldberg at the time, it's hard to say what would have happened had Sting's heat not been extinguished by Hogan and WCW politics.

Hogan doesn't really get screwed here since he was hardly around in WCW when the going got rough, even when he was champion. He never really needed to have the belt post-1997, and while he did do an occasional bump in the ratings, him as champion wasn't necessary anymore.

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Re: Bret Hart WCW - How would you book him?

Have him arrive and talk about how wrestling matters in WCW, how Vince sux and how he will bring back traditional values etc. Hogan and the nWo ridicule him. Bret reveals he is part of the Starrcade main event.

Starrcade '97 Bret is in his role. The fast count actually was a fast count, Bret says "not again" becomes the ref. Sting goes over clean, and Hogan leaves the title scene to feud with Bret for "screwing him".

But Hogan dodges him for a full year. Bret fights through the nWo guys like Perfect, Hall, Nash etc. until Starrcade '98, Hart vs. Hogan which is for the title.
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I would've held him off until Starrcade, playing vignettes. I'd have him debut on Nitro the night after and cut a promo. It's a myth that Bret Hart couldn't talk. In 97 he could cut an angry promo with the best of them. I'd have him say something along the lines of:

"I didn't come into this business to become a prophet, but it seems to me that everything I've been saying has come to light. For years, I've been saying I'm the best there is, was and ever will be but all anyone wants to do is screw me over. WCW's lawyers have asked me not to mention the other company, but you know where the hell I was and it seems like for the who last year there I haven't had a fair match up since God knows when. People ask me 'Hey Hitman, is what you do fake?'. Now, I've got video proof that what I do is real. Do you think if the 'Boy Toy' or anybody in that, or even this company for that matter, could really beat me they'd pull a stunt like that?"

Cue Sting's music, out comes the new WCW champion.

"Sorry Bret, I don't mean to cut you off or anything, but I feel for you. You want to talk conspiracies? The last 18 months I've been fighting one. They did everything, hell Bret, they even tried to clone me, but everybody knows there's only one true Stinger. Still, everybody bought it. I could've left. I almost did. I know what it's like to have your own company betray you. I was gonna say the hell with it and go over there and face you. So, believe me Bret, if anybody understands you it's me. But here's what I'm gonna do. I don't have to go over there to face you anymore. You just stepped in my company. You wanna fave a fair match for a world title? You don't have anything to worry about, you've stepped in the right place."

Bret: "You know, I appreciate that Sting, or should I say Steve. See, that's one thing I don't get. Since day one I've been myself. I didn't come out here with some fake name and face paint. The people knew who I was. They know I'm a man they can trust, and quiet frankly I don't trust you or anybody for that matter, but as far as your little challenge goes. I accept."

Extends Hand for handshake, Sting reluctantly goes for it. Bret Attacks. Building a face vs face fued with Sting over the World title with Bret teetering closer to a heel. We go in to Sold Out basing the match on trust. Hogan eventually comes for title rematch but decides he's just face the winner. At Sold Out we face Sting vs Bret with Hogan being appointed referee. Bret disagrees and eventually DDP is appointed special enforcer incase anything happens. Bret reluctantly agrees to the match. Hogan calls it surprisingly straight for the most part until Bret somehow pushes Hogan out of the way mid match to get to Sting. Sting (on the ground from prior offense) doesn't see this as Hogan attacks back. Sting goes back on the offense as usual never knowing of Hogan's attack. Feeling double teamed Bret says the hell with it kicking Sting in the nuts. Hogan doesn't give a shit, dq's Bret and quickly raises Sting's hand before getting the hell outta there. Bret has the "what the hell" look and a brawl between the two occurs before Page quickly gets in the ring calming both down explaining what happened to both. Page throws the match out and demands a fair restart, that both men agree to. Hogan is gone, and Page acts as ref. The match barely gets underway as a Hogan led nWo comes to attack all 3 men. Eventually the faces clean house bumping into each other doing the whole "should I trust you stare" to close the show.

This storyline continues until eventually Sting, Page and Hart form an unofficial stable to combat the nWo, but trust is never truly there. Eventually Hart turns heel leading to a feud with Page. This leads to Bret vs Page and Hogan vs Sting over the world title (because he still had that rematch).

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