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djmathers1207 02-03-2013 02:34 AM

Best match in IYH history
Being that WWE is releasing an In Your House DVD, I thought it would be a cool idea to see what the best match in IYH is.

KO Bossy 02-03-2013 03:02 AM

Re: Best match in IYH history
There have been some truly excellent ones. First ever HIAC between Shawn and Taker at Bad Blood, Mankind vs Shawn from Mind Games, the 5 on 5 tag with the Hart Foundation at Canadian Stampede, the unsanctioned tag match at No Way Out, both of Austin vs Dude Love's matches from Unforgiven and Over the Edge, the Taker/Austin Buried Alive match at Rock Bottom, Rock/Mankind Last Man Standing from St. Valentine's Day Massacre (which also featured Austin vs Vince in a cage), and of course, Austin vs Rock Wrestlemania 15 rematch at Backlash. And these are just the main events.

I dunno...its so hard to pick one. A lot of people are going to say the HIAC from Bad Blood because of the precedent it set for years to come, and I completely agree with them. At the same time, hidden gems like Shawn/Mankind or the unsanctioned tag match really do deserve recognition for just how good they were (or at least, how good I thought they were).

I'm gonna have to go with HIAC Taker/Shawn. I still love these other matches and have a blast watching them, but Taker/Shawn was not only amazing, but its historically significant. That helps it take first place.

O-Dog 02-03-2013 06:08 AM

Re: Best match in IYH history
I gotta go with Canadian Stampede. Man, that match was pretty amazing and I don't know if it was because of the action, the massive combination of storylines or the fact that the feud truly seemed like a war.

Bret/Bulldog from December 1995 (I want to say Great White North) was a pretty good match and personally, I liked it better than their Summerslam 1992 match, as Bulldog seemed to be on his game. Diana, once again, being torn between her husband and brother made the match quite dramatic.

I also liked the big 6 man tag from International Incident. I remember being pissed when Gorilla Monsoon opened RAW and announce that Warrior was going to be suspended for no showing events. But when HBK cut that promo and introduced Sid as him and Ahmed's new partner, I marked out. The look on Cornette's face was priceless.

Regarding that 6 man tag, it seems ironic that about 14 months prior, Sid attacked HBK and "injured" him. We never really got a pay off with that, as Diesel feuded with Sid and Sid disappeared some time after (never understood why). And HBK introduces the man that "injured" him as his newest partner, it just seemed so awkward. It's like Sid was brought back twice in the span of 14 months to job to the Kliq.

murder 02-03-2013 07:27 AM

Re: Best match in IYH history
HBK vs Taker at Badd Blood. Perfect match.

After that it's either Bret vs Bulldog or HBK vs Mankind. Both excellent matches.

redban 02-03-2013 07:36 AM

Re: Best match in IYH history
The Hell in a Cell match.

I also liked Stone Cold - Undertaker @ IHY 14: A Cold Day in Hell.

The Main Headliner 02-03-2013 11:36 AM

Re: Best match in IYH history
Bret vs Bulldog, HBK vs Jarrett, HBK vs Bulldog, HBK vs Mankind, HBK vs Taker ground zero, HBK vs Taker HIAC (notice a trend here), Bret vs Hakushi, Taker vs Austin in 97, HBK vs Diesel: no hold's barred

It's either HIAC or HBK vs Mankind IMO.

Dusty Roids 02-03-2013 05:06 PM

Re: Best match in IYH history
For me Canadian Stampede 10 man tag match.

The Batman 02-03-2013 05:08 PM

Re: Best match in IYH history
Alot of people trash the IYH's, but there are plently of hidden gems right in there (and some right old shit granted lol).

jcmmnx 02-03-2013 05:44 PM

Re: Best match in IYH history
HITC HBK vs Taker
Canadian Stampede 10 man tag
Bret vs Davey Boy
HBK vs Mankind

My hidden gem is Vader vs Owen Hart from one night only it's everything you would want in a match with these two awesome stuff.

tducey 02-03-2013 05:49 PM

Re: Best match in IYH history
The 10 man tag at Canadian Stampede in 1997.

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