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Re: Did Rock Screw Mankind?

Okay, after further research, I've found that Austin spoke on it in his DVD and said Owen didn't call to check on him.

Bret said he would tell Owen to check on Austin to see if he was okay but that Owen was so shook up about the incident that he couldn't find the words to say. And as a result, Bret says the friendship between Owen & Austin was strained.

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Re: Did Rock Screw Mankind?

The Austin/Owen heat is well documented, by many sources.

Austin said himself in an interview (several even) that he was hot at Owen because the dude never called to say sorry, or just see how he was feeling. Austin forced the issue and chose to never work with Owen again, not because he broke his neck in the ring, but because he never called.

Bret Hart has said that Owen never called Austin and that it bothered him, yet he could never get his younger brother to make the call, or even reach out to Austin after the fact.

Jim Ross once said in an interview that if there was one meeting he wish he pushed to arrange but never happened, it was Austin and Owen. Both Ross and Bret make it sound like Owen and Austin didn't even share a friendly "hello" in the lockeroom after the incident in 97.

As for the OP? In real life no Rock didn't screw Foley that night. They both got ahead of themselves in terms of the chair shots and then had to add a few more in to get to the spot in the entrance aisle. In terms of the storyline? Yes Rock screwed Mankind, as he had a "tape" played of Foley screaming "I Quit!" to win the match.

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Re: Did Rock Screw Mankind?

Almost a year. Mick wanted to face rock at RR 2000 by betraying him and using his real life emotions of frustration in that feud. When mick told vince this vince told rock who was shocked and apologised to mick and said he had no idea mick was hurt by this and for this long.
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Re: Did Rock Screw Mankind?

In that backstage vid from beyond the mat foley is definitely a bit awkward to the rock - like hes pissed off but doesnt want to say it in front of the cameras/kids or is just holding it in, but yknow rock did ask if he was ok etc. so its not like he didnt give a shit.

And I also agree with the people that say Foley probably prolonged the beating, he didnt go down quick enough and he didnt move up the ramp quick enough, rock also should have taken a bit more time between shots I suppose.

I wouldnt blame either of them though, its just something that went slightly wrong live as stuff must all the time, just unfortunately this time it was in a spot where a guy was getting smashed in the head with a chair a few times and it turned into more.
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