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Original Plans for the WWFs Version of the NWO?

I was wondering if anyone had any rumors/reports on what Vince wanted todo with the NWO? Was the plan to turn Hogan face that quickly or was it because of the reaction he got at Mania vs The Rock? My guess was Hogan was going to take the belt off Triple H pretty quickly but as a member of the NWO. They couldve built to Hogan vs Austin at Summerslam or something along those lines.

Also if Vince did want to take Hogan and turn him face, they couldve turned Triple H heel to allign him with the nwo or someone else for that matter.

I also liked the idea of resalvaging the group in June by making all about the Kliq and having them be the members.

Any ideas?
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Re: Original Plans for the WWFs Version of the NWO?

according to Nash, Hall was suppose to go over Austin on WMX8 , and Rock was suppose to go over Hogan but get his ass served to him by all three of them after the match and leaving Rock in a pool of his own blood, however plans changed on the day of the PPV

Nash believes that both Rock and Austin went to Vince and set him straight about the finishes of both matches

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Re: Original Plans for the WWFs Version of the NWO?

The Rock was always going over Hogan but I can believe that Austin interfered to get the win over Hall. Then again it's just as likely that things were changed because Vince didn't trust Hall enough, there is a reason why Nash was on reserve for that match and came to the ring alongside Hall.

The whole NWO2002 thing was a disaster though, nothing went right from Hogan getting face reactions, Nash getting injured, Hall having personal issues and the lame attempts to bring HBK/HHH into it. Would be nice to found out what was planned for after WM though, you've got to think that if Hogan remained within the NWO then they'd have gone somewhere else with it rather than the Kliq route.

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Re: Original Plans for the WWFs Version of the NWO?

Yeah, like others have said, all I heard is that whilst Rock was always going over Hogan he was planned to get brutally beat down after the match.
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Re: Original Plans for the WWFs Version of the NWO?

The finish to Hall/Austin was changed because Hall showed up wasted.

I made up a pretty cool nWo storyline that lead to Hogan getting Savage to team up against Nash/Hall, Savage turns on Hogan leading to Hogan/Savage at Mania, and Nash/Hall/Pac/HBK as the nWo trying to get Triple H in only for Triple H to convince Shawn to reform Dx. Leads to Nash/Hall vs HBK/HHH with Pac as the ref.

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