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Question A Mick Foley Question

I missed a lot of the Attitude era and i wanna know if Mick Foley played his 3 characters at the same time


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Re: A Mick Foley Question

There was a few times where he interviewed himself, and the royal rumble of 1998 if you count it as being at the same time.
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Re: A Mick Foley Question

Oh thanks, but i mean like in different storylines


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Re: A Mick Foley Question

Kane's first PPV match was against Mankind, who was fighting to avenge Dude Love who Kane destroyed in storyline.. Dunno if that counts..

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Re: A Mick Foley Question

He often appeared on RAW as all three characters in a single night, even changing mid match.
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Re: A Mick Foley Question

If you mean like Foley wrestling as all three guys, or two separate characters in completely separate feuds as both a face or a heel or whatever, then I don't think so.

He did split characters sometimes to avenge himself, so to speak.

He was four characters really as well as Mick Foley was, himself, portrayed as a character separate from Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mankind.
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Re: A Mick Foley Question

Royal Rumble 1998
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Re: A Mick Foley Question

A complete Foley history during the Attitude Era (cos I'm a Foley mark dammit)...

1997 - Is the maniacal, demented heel Mankind managed by Paul Bearer, until May/June when he is interviewed by Jim Ross discussing his career, history, life as a child etc. It was all about Foley but he did the interview in the style of Mankind. This moreorless turned him babyface because it got such a great reaction.

He starts a feud with Triple H. This started by losing to Triple H in the KOTR finals the same year, and is beaten senseless by he and Chyna. Mankind also campaigns to be Austin's tag team partner in the WWF Tag Team Title Tournament. He shocks the WWF by debuting as DUDE LOVE and he and Austin win the belts.

He returns for one night only as Cactus Jack in a street fight against Triple H, winning the match and ending the feud. As Dude Love he is attacked by Kane one night, and then as a form of retribution, summons his old Mankind alter ego, but loses to Kane at the Survivor Series.

He returns as Dude Love again as he starts a feud with the New Age Outlaws at the end of 1997. He once again calls up Mankind, but this time the Outlaws get the better of him by locking him inside a freezer. The next week, he returns again as Cactus Jack, and at the same time, Terry Funk appears on the scene assisting his long time buddy. He cuts through a wooden box with a chainsaw, and is given the name Chainsaw Charlie.

1998 - During the Royal Rumble, he and Chainsaw are the first two entrants, beating each other silly. After Cactus is thrown out, he comes back as Mankind and then Dude Love later on.

Cactus and Chainsaw feud with the Outlaws, winning the belts in a Dumpster Match at Wrestlemania, but the result is overturned the next night because they dumped the Outlaws in the wrong dumpster. Outlaws win the titles the next night on Raw with the help of DX. Cactus and Funk get obliterated by the heels.

The next night, he speaks to the fans in a neck brace, and cuts one of the all time great promos saying that he gave the fans - who had forever been asking Foley to return as Cactus Jack full time - everything he could as Cactus Jack, but they still didn't give a damn, instead preferring to cheer Austin over him.

Foley returns next week as Dude Love, turning heel in a bizarre confrontation with Austin and McMahon. Dude Love is No.1 contender, facing Austin at Unforgiven. Foley had reservations about siding with McMahon and dumped his Dude Love attire. McMahon said that Foley would face Terry Funk in a Falls Count Anywhere match on Raw. Foley wins in an awesome fight, and he sides once again with McMahon. At the Over The Edge PPV, Dude accidentally knocks McMahon silly with a steel chair and Austin retains the title.

Next night on Raw, Foley cuts a promo saying he hates McMahon's guts, but McMahon promptly comes out, mocks Foley for his ineptitude, and fires him on the spot. Later in the show, he returns once again as Mankind for the first time since December, attacking Austin. Mankind then forges an alliance with Kane and Paul Bearer.

Mankind loses to Undertaker in the absurdly violent HIAC match at King Of The Ring, and also wins the tag titles with Kane. Kane then turns on Mankind to side with his brother The Undertaker. Mankind defends and loses the tag titles by himself against the Outlaws at Summerslam, and is then attacked by Kane with a sledgehammer.

Foley returns weeks later on Raw by attacking Kane with the sledgehammer. He has a brief feud with the Brothers Of Destruction before finding himself holding a candle for Vince McMahon, who is in a wheelchair after being attacked by Undertaker and Kane. In a scene where Mankind visits McMahon in hospital, we see Mr Socko for the first time. McMahon bestows Mankind the honour of being the first ever Hardcore Champion, but loses the title to the Big Boss Man in a Ladder Match weeks later with help from The Rock. Mankind faces The Rock in the finals of the Deadly Game tournament at Survivor Series, and is the victim of a plan by McMahon, his son Shane and The Rock to rob him of the WWF Title.

Mankind begins an awesome feud with The Rock, facing him at the Rock Bottom PPV in December but is screwed by The Corporation.

1999 - On one of the most famous Raw episodes in history, Mankind captures the WWF Title for the first time by defeating The Rock. Weeks later, Mankind takes a complete battering from a steel chair against The Rock at the Royal Rumble and is screwed once again in an I Quit match. They face at the Half Time Heat for the Superbowl in an Empty Arena brawl, and they have a double knockout at the St. Valentines Day Massacre PPV in a Last Man Standing match in February.

At this point, Mankind is a little directionless, facing The Big Show at Wrestlemania in a mediocre match, and once again in a Boiler Room Brawl at Backlash. He forms the shortlived Union together with Big Show, Test and Ken Shamrock, a show unity as they had all been treated like dirt by McMahon. The Union defeat The Corporate Ministry in an elimination match at Over The Edge, just moments after the Owen Hart accident.

Triple H puts Mankind out of action for a while by smashing his knees with a sledgehammer. He returns months later and is the surprise victor in a Triple Threat match at Summerslam against Triple H and Austin by once again becoming WWF Champion, but loses the title the next night to Trips. After this, he starts teaming up with his former enemy The Rock, and they form The Rock And Sock Connection to win the tag titles from Undertaker and Big Show. Afterwards, they lose the titles to Hardcore and Crash Holly.

He gets lost in the shuffle for the next few months, having a forgetful feud with Val Venis and teaming with Al Snow, before he starts a bloodthirsty rivalry with Triple H.

2000 - Mankind gets fired by Triple H and Stephanie, but thanks to a protest from The Rock and the WWF locker room, is reinstated, and returns as Cactus Jack for the first time in over 18 months. Cactus faces Triple H in an awesome Street Fight at the Royal Rumble, and then is forced to retire after losing an epic HIAC match against Triple H.

He returns weeks later for a one off appearance in the main event at Wrestlemania, wrestling as Mick Foley against Big Show, Triple H and The Rock. After elimination, he attacks Triple H with a barbed wire baseball bat, and is gone once again. Afterwards, he is given the job of Commissioner.


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Re: A Mick Foley Question

A lot of times Foley would wear his Dude Love or Cactus Jack gear underneath his Mankind gear.

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