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How good was 1996?

I'm contemplating downloading it and I'm not sure if I should. 96 seems to be one of the less commented on years from the 90s on this forum so I'm not sure. Also, what was your favourite month in 1996? Lemme know, thanks!

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Re: How good was 1996?

1996 is a very underrated year. People tend to forget it because the nWo formed the same year, and it was getting tanked in DEM RATINGZ.

Vader debuted and was a fucking monster until HBK stopped him in his tracks at Summerslam; Ultimate Warrior and Jake Roberts returned; Mankind debuted and gave Undertaker the best feud of his career, and of course, 'Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!'. Pillman pulling the gun out on Austin as well. Goldust giving everyone the heebie jeebies. Mankind and HBK tearing the house down at IYH Mind Games.

Only negatives that Raw was never really consistent in entertainment, and it was still only one hour. 1997 would prove to be a much better year, but 1996 planted the seeds.

Favourite month is a tough one. I'd go for a certain period of the year. Summer of 1996 was pretty awesome, up until September or so.

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Re: How good was 1996?

At least they tried in 1996.

They got opened to some new ideas, and they had some great matches and an awesome roster- But they still hasn't found the right storylines.
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Re: How good was 1996?

WWF's best year since 1992.
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Re: How good was 1996?

Really good. The rise of Shawn Michaels. The debut of the Mankind and Stone Cold characters. The start of the Bret Hart heel turn.

Courtesy of a google WWE meme search
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Re: How good was 1996?

The thing with 1996 is, this is the year that the WWF lost a main eventer (Diesel) and an upper-mid-carder who was one of the most popular wrestlers in the entire company (Razor Ramon) at the same time. Plus, add on to that, from April - November, Bret Hart was a free agent and was fielding offers from WCW and almost jumped ship. But he was off TV for 7 months(!) due to that. So, in 1996, they lost Diesel, Razor, and Bret (for most of the year, 7 months). That's 2 main eventers and 1 upper-mid-carder. Not to mention 1-2-3 Kid also left. So, they lost alot of talent in such a short amount time. And then, that talent would go to the competition and form perhaps the greatest stable of all time. That adds up to a tough year for the WWF no matter what they had going on on their show.

1996 WWF at least you were pretty much guaranteed one thing. A good-great main event almost every night. They had some really good PPV main events with Iron Man match, HBK/Diesel No Holds Barred, HBK/Bulldog KOTR, HBK/Vader SummerSlam, HBK/Mankind Mind Games, HBK/Sid Survivor Series. So, HBK had some really good PPV main event matches while they lost very important guys on the roster in Diesel (left right after his Apil match with HBK), Bret, and Razor. All 3 of those guys would have been potential feuds for HBK with the belt. There's no question the loss of them hurt business. But like I said, at the very least, you were pretty much guaranteed a good to great main event match.

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Re: How good was 1996?

1996 was a really good year for wrestling as a whole. Shawn Michaels finally winning the WWF title, NWO forming, ECW producing great shows and storylines, intriguing characters like Stone Cold and Mankind, Stone Cold's Austin 3:16 speech at the King of the Ring 1996, and the start of the Bret Hart/Austin feud. A really underrated year that gets overlooked.

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Re: How good was 1996?

I really liked 1996, Inb fact it is the best year between 1992-1996.

WM was realy great. So was Summer Slam too, and many of hte IYH matches.

HBK had really good matches with Mankind, Diesel, Bret Hard, Vader, Owen Hart, Bulldog and even managed to get a passable match out of Sid.

Steve Austin started to rise as a wrestler.

Ultimate Warrior got brought back and he kind of was the predecessor of the attitude era, by using words like Kicking Ass etc. Also giving HHH the beating of his life

Speaking of Bret, he too managed to have great matches with several guys including Steve Austin.

Mankind had exciting matches with Undertaker.
Vader entered WWF and had a monster push. I really liked it, but too bad Sid was chosen to dethrone HBK as WWF champion.

In all WWF got edgier

What a horrible night to have a curse

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Brilliant year for wrestling creatively: across the world frankly.

Actually to go a little deeper: the foundations were laid in 1996 for the mega hot 1998 - 2001 period in wrestling.

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Re: How good was 1996?

1996 was a good year.

Taker vs. feud of the year.

HBK owned it all year with a great title reign and tons of great matches.

Bret came back in October and had the best match of the year with Austin, starting one of the greatest rivalries of all time.

Warrior's comeback was alright, but Sid and Vader were far more entertaining to me.

Stone Cold really broke out and all year long was kicking ass, not the mention gave his 3:16 speech and changed his career forever.

Some will mention that business was even lower than the previous year, but that is irrelevant. It was far better than 1995, a real WWF Champion, roster slightly improved and a lot better matches and promos.

And in case someone asks like they did with '95...

1996 > 2012
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