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Best PPV of The Attitude Era

Now wwe classics on demand has been showing a lot of attitude era stuff this month and i love it cause this is the era of wrestling i grew up on. They recently put on Royal Rumble 2000 Backlash 2000 or 99 i believe and just put on judgement day 2000. All three of these events were very good and it got me thinking what people think was the best PPV of the era, a lot of people say WM17 if you consider that the attitude era so what do you think?

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Re: Best PPV of The Attitude Era

ill cheat, these 4 ppvs come to mind
for importance, storylines, matches, and everything imo these 4 stand out, from earliest....

summerslam 1997
solid card, had a great cage match, austin suffered his neck injury here, and the main event featured 3 of the biggest names and it was a great match that was ended by a chairshot that would sent off a chain of events that would change the company
wonderfully booked, great match that ended with everyone going there ways

wrestlemania 14
probably the most important ppv of the era, the build was great with taker/kane and austin going for the gold, with the addition of mike tyson who was ppv king back then
the card lived up to the hype, rewatching the main event it was clear shawn was hurt and it wasn't a great match but it served it purpose and launched austin into stardom
rest of the card was great, taker/kane had a great big man match

summerslam 1998
same as wm14, maybe even better, the height of austin and a crazy mosh pit style msg crowd, this ppv is the one to watch if you want to see 1 ppv of what the attitude era was about

royal rumble 2000
best rumble event i have seen, awesome tables match, debut of tazz, classic street fight, and a entertaining rumble match, and a great msg crowd

they did a good job of booking there events, especially in 97-98, the ending to most of the main event matches was almost perfect, closing chapters and giving us clean finishes but also progressing the storylines like in taker/kane wm14 or austin/taker summerslam 1998
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Re: Best PPV of The Attitude Era

I gotta go with Summerslam '98. It was the height of Austin's mega push; I mean, the guy could scratch his ass and the crowd would go ballistic. The MSG atmosphere was insane, everything from the crowd reactions to even the set (that red entrance with the black gate was awesome). And the build was memorable and really well done. That Austin/Taker main event was set in stone for months because that sweet Highway To Hell PPV poster was plastered all over the magazines as early as that spring, and the booking on Raw leading up to it is classic Attitude Era TV.

Aside from the Austin/Taker main event, most of the card ranged from solid to excellent, including the Hair vs Hair match between X-Pac/Jarrett, the No DQ Handicap match between NAO/Mankind for the Tag Titles, and the IC Title Ladder match between Rock/HHH.

Summerslam '98 was one of those PPVs that blew that year's Mania straight out of the water.

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Re: Best PPV of The Attitude Era

Top 5 for me personally...

1. Wrestlemania 17
2. Backlash 2000
3. Summerslam '98
4. Summerslam '00
5. Royal Rumble '00
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