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Classic Victories That Should Have Happened

1) Randy Savage pins Hulk Hogan - some time in the WCW run Savage should have pinned Hogan clean with the flying elbow at least once.

2) Goldberg pins Bret Hart - the fact that Bret Hart was 3-0 or 4-0 against Goldberg is what I think derailed the Goldberg mystique more than anything else. Goldberg should have speared, jack hammered, and pinned Bret Hart clean at least once.

3) Ric Flair either pins Bret Hart or Hart submits to the figure four - Flair never got a high profile win over Bret Hart. He may or may not have done it at house shows, but I am not 100% sure on that. It wouldn't have had to be clean since Flair won most of his matches shady style.

4) Hulk Hogan submits to the Sharpshooter - it needed to happen at least once. Hogan had wins early in his career against Bret Hart when he was a jobber in Alabama I think it was, so he could have returned the favor much later on in the mid 1990s.

5) Undertaker pins Andre the Giant - there was a brief overlap of careers, and I think it would have been a big deal if Andre passed the "phenom" gimmick to the Undertaker directly.

6) Undertaker pins The Ultimate Warrior - I gasp when I look at the results lists and see endless house show losses for the Undertaker to the Ultimate Warrior. I don't think he ever did even get one win vs Warrior, not even a DQ. The Undertaker should have pinned Warrior clean with a series of Tombstones.

7) Hulk Hogan pins Goldberg - The only unfinished business in Hogan's career in my opinion. Hogan should have pulled a shady pin on Goldberg at least once in a tag match (but not in a singles match) to keep the Hollywood character seeming like he could politic and slime ball his way into a victory over anyone.

8) Bob Backlund pins Bruno Sammartino - I think this match would have been legendary, and also puts up a direct lineage from the first great WWWF legend to the next.

9) Hulk Hogan pins Bob Backlund - same reason as Backlund over Bruno. Rumor has it that Vince wanted Backlund to do a squash loss to Hogan for the title, but Backlund balked, and insisted on losing to a wrestler with a respected legit amateur background so the Iron Sheik was used as a transitional champion.

10) Larry Zbyszko pins Bruno Sammartino - What could have been... Larry's career did not see it's potential because he was never booked to pin Bruno. I really think this was a missed opportunity. Just once Larry Legend should have got the pin.

11) Bruno Sammartino pins Lou Thesz - Thesz pinned Bruno once or twice, but Bruno never got the pin on Thesz. Lou Thesz may be the only wrestler ever who owned Bruno. I like direct torch passings, so at least once Bruno should have pinned or submitted Thesz.

Feel free to add to this list. It's purely speculation, and opinion. There are no wrong answers.

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[ ] Hulk Hogan vs Hawk Hogan

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