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Re: Best feud ever

Originally Posted by Cliffy Byro View Post
Austin/Vince was great up until it spilled into 99.

Shit was awfully dragged out and had a crap payoff.

The Sting/nWo concept will never be topped. A proper civil war within a company.

And Bischoff was heeling it up long before Vince.
Sting/NWO had a crap payoff, they fucked the Starrcade match and dragged the storyline for over two years well past its prime. There wasn't even a big event to actually end the angle, it just slowly died out and people quit caring about it. Austin/Vince stayed big until the end of the storyline and people never quit caring about it.
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Re: Best feud ever

Originally Posted by Greenlawler View Post
My opinion, these are the greatest fueds that shaped the sport in the States

2. Freebirds vs Von Erichs

3. Austin vs Vince

5. Flair vs Rhodes
Agreed with the three above.

Midnight Express vs. Rock 'n Roll Express

Lawler vs. Kaufman

Bret vs. Shawn
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Re: Best feud ever

Originally Posted by Deandre Cole View Post
I honestly feel Austin/McMahon generated more revenue, seeing as how it lasted nearly 4 years, while Austin/Rock with both at their peak, collectively lasted no longer than 18 months and Sting/Hogan had over a years worth of build up but was pretty much dead by the summer of 1998.
I say Austin/Rock but its real hard to really determine exactly how much money was made off of Austin/Vince. I guess you can look at how many PPV matches they had but that numbers isnt anywhere near the money Ausitn/Rock drew.

Everything Ausitn did from late 97-01 involved Vince to some capacity. Take WM 14 for example: The main angle was Tyson/Austin but the underlying theme was how Austin was ruining Vince plans and bucking HIS system. There is no doubt that the Vince character was the real centerpiece and focus of the AE not Ausitn not Rock but Vince. Think about it, he was in every Austin storyline. He was massive the the Triple H rise and storyline that lasted late 99-00.
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Re: Best feud ever

Dreamer vs Raven
Midnight Express vs Rock-n- Roll Express

Flair vs Rhodes
Austin vs McMahon


Those are the first 5 that popped in my head.
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Originally Posted by austin316 G.O.A.T View Post
It is nice to see you post Austin vs Vince since you are one of the few guys on this forum who has been seeing wrestling for a long time.

Is your favourite wrestler Sgt.Slaughter?
No but Slaughter is one of my favorites, I just remember how big of a deal that fued was. Hulkamania and Slaughter/ Sheik hit at the same time and it was WWF off to the races.

They ran a USA special featuring Shjiek/Slaughter it was massive and exposed a lot of folks to the WWF. People who did not care about wrestling they just wanted to see an American kick the crap out of Sheik (this was the kayfabe era).

They were selling out two venues a night for months. Reagan had Slaughter at the White House and although the fued only lasted half a year, it made an impact.

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I'm tempted to say Lawler v Kaufman but can't justify it because of the lack of matches and fact one of them isn't even a wrestler.
Yeah1993, I started to include that one myself. Mainly because that is considered by fans across the world as the trademark Lawler fued. But even I could not justify that. While the fued was great, and it had serious heat, it still felt to me as a fan here in that area, that Jimmy Hart was a more significant foe and the Lawler Hart fued was more important to the mythos of this area.

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