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Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation

One of the biggest complaints found among smarks is that current WWE programming is aimed to please Kids which is said to be the reason for John Cena's constant main event presence.

The Attitude Era had a more mature content with a lot of importance given to shock, the bad guy winning a lot more than the good guy, bikini matches and what not while the eighties were dominated by cartoonish characters, again aimed to please Kids I suppose with Hogan at the top. The territorial days, depending upon the region catered to different set of audience.

At any point of time, there would have been some part of the fans who were not happy or not interested in the product. Which era did you start in and were you part of the target audience at that time? For those who have been part of more than one such transitions, did you adapt to change, if you did?

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Re: Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation

Started watching in the 80s, so definitely. Its bizarre but wrestling matured just as I was maturing. So when I became a teenager and was into more mature television, wrestling became more mature so yeah I've always pretty much stayed in the target audience.

I realized that I had outgrown wrestling (or that wrestling had degenerated back to a safe child-friendly show) about 2009. I understand the change, don't always like it but I understand it.
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Re: Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation

I did two of my own "Analyze this" threads dealing with this topic back in May:

Hope you enjoy, seemed very "a propos" to bring these back up.
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Re: Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation

I don't think wrestling was anywhere near as blatantly targeted at kids as it is today back in the 80's. Not even the early 90's when Doink was in the WWF. In the 80's and early 90's you had plenty of Wrestlers that were geared toward children sure, but the entire product as a whole was very diverse. You had characters that would each in their own right reach out to different parts of the audience and at the end of the day you end up with an entire audience made of people that get the rest of the audience into parts of the show they might not otherwise care about. The beginning of the 90's first in WWF then in WCW were very cartoonish, big bright colors and over the top characters, but there were still some very adult subject matters that didn't need to be dirty, they just had to be a tad bit more intelligent. Sorta like a good children's movie, it's very funny to the kiddies, but there are hidden jokes that the parents are going to find entertaining too.

The bad guy doesn't have to win more, there don't necessarily have to be girls in bikinis, You don't even really have to shock people, they just have to stop patronizing people. Don't treat people, no matter what their age or sex is like they're stupid and they'll like to watch your show.

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Re: Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation

Originally Posted by TehBrain View Post
Sorta like a good children's movie, it's very funny to the kiddies, but there are hidden jokes that the parents are going to find entertaining too.
And this is the problem with today's product. There is NOTHING funny or amusing for the adult. That's why I say it's geared towards kids. Unfortunately, it's not even a good kids show either.

Disney does it right and truly gets that happy middle. WWE no longer does and hasn't for the past few years.

Anyways, onto the original topic. I started watching during the New Generation and I felt that was definitely geared more toward me as a kid although my uncle loved the product mostly because of the colorful outrageous characters, an art that seems lost with giving people every day real names.

In regards to WWE, we are not in the PG Era. We are in the Watered Down Era!

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Re: Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation

I started watching in 1990, as a kid, so I pretty much loved the good guys & colorful characters. But with age, I adapted to the change, simply because I love wrestling.

To see where it started, to the New Generation to the Attitude Era to Ruthless Aggression to this era, it's kind of like things came full circle, as WWE when I started watching, was geared towards kids. So, possibly, we could be on the verge of the New Generation 2.0. Just my thoughts.

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Re: Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation

You know, I saw the soap opera the Young & the Restless was on today on CBS this early afternoon while flipping through the channels. I am not ashamed to admit that I stopped & watched it for a few. In those couple of minutes, some chick called another dude an ass. Not a big deal, daytime TV, no one gives a shit. Yet, WWE feels the need at 8-11PM at night to still censor that word, for whatever reason.

It's not just that they're TV-PG it's that they don't know what a modern PG rating even means. WCW was PG but it was still edgy.

I did grow up watching Hulk Hogan & sure it was aimed more towards a younger demographic. You know what, though? I watched Sgt. Slaughter throw a fireball into Hulk Hogan's face. I watched Jake "The Snake" Roberts have his cobra attack "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I watched Earthquake squash Damien & kill him, squash Hulk Hogan & put him into the hospital. "The Outlaw" Ron Bass viciously attacked & bloodied Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake with his spur. We had wrestlers on cartoons, wrestling toys, wrestlers in cereal commercials but they weren't trying to shelter us.

That's the disconnect for me. It's not that they're aimed at children, or that they're TV-PG, it's that they are ignorant to the modern times & are afraid to do anything.
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