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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Originally Posted by Geeee View Post
Forgot to mention Ron and Don Harris. Ugggghhh
. . .

Won't cross until

[X] TNA's product becomes so bad it actively makes me want to watch WWE

[] WWE's product becomes so bad it actively makes me want to watch TNA

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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Great Khali, Mabel or Giant Gonzalez/El Gignate

Courtesy of yours truly
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Holy shit and I though nobody is worse than Khali.

That Raja fucker wins this.
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Yeah totally agree.
I wonder what the likes of Harley Race, Bruno Sammartion, Bruiser Brody opinions of that guy would be? LOL

Imagine any of them in the ring with that guy, they would strech the hell out of him


What a horrible night to have a curse

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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

First one would be the Ultimate Warrior. Despite having a great entrance, the guy lacked any type of in-ring ability. Not to mention, he was widely disliked outside the ring as well.

Hercules was another guy who had the physique and builds up, yet lacked quite a bit of talent inside the ring.

One Man Show was horrible! He was a big, intimidating guy but really had no abilities in matches besides to throw guys around.
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

LOL that Raja Lion clip was amazing.

Flatley my dear, I don't Riverdance.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Bastion motherlovin Booger. That is all.

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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Somebody said Hulk Hogan because even he could kick out of the leg drop. SMH.

I think Khali is really poor in all segments and in ring, so it would have to be him. I mean, he seems like a nice enough man, but just not a wrestler. If he weren't 12 foot tall, he wouldn't be a wrestler.

I find, obviously, a lot of the worst wrestlers of all-time are those with it expected of them or with something unique to them.

The first category revolves obviously around the likes of David Flair, Greg Gagne, David Sammartino and Lacey Von Erich. If these weren't offspring of some of the greatest wrestlers or wrestling families, or promoters, they wouldn't be singled out. Let's face it, they would never have had the chance to have been singled out in a way like this; they would never have even made it to the levels that they did. Change any of their names to Jones and have their parents/families as plumbers, they would have started in Independent wrestling curtain jerking with no chance to make it. Yet, because of the people behind them, they were thrust upon us. It's actually a credit to families like The Harts & Anoa'a/Maivia have turned out some of the best of all-time. They could have so easily have coasted along living off their families fame and made money from it, but left a legacy of nothing but poor wrestling.

The second category is people with unique features, such as height, beauty, muscularity, weight etc. Giant Gonzalez and Great Khali, Giant Silver, Raja Lion are sold completely on their height, they are barely taught to wrestler never mind able to wrestle with their bodies the way they are. We've seen Paul Wight, and heard of Andre in his prime, why are wrestlers as bad as this allowed to wrestle the way they do? Beautiful ladies such as Kelly Kelly or Jackie Gayda are taught and taught and taught, with athleticism to boot, yet if they weren't beautiful they wouldn't be given the chances they were/are, and I would say out of every 100 divas who've made it, less than 10% have longevity and less than 5% have the ability to put on coherent and adequate matches with eachother a few nights a week.

I think what I mean is that, there are people who will fill the spot and wrestle much better, but those with those unique qualities will be pushed further and their weaknesses will be completely evident for all to see.

Take away these people who are born into it, or are used specifically for their unique aspects, then there are very few wrestlers that are as bad as made out. Guys like John Cena, Hogan and Warrior are/were carried by their charisma, and at times other wrestlers, but they still knew the basics and were able to know when to rely on certain things and lose other things.

There's endless lists of wrestlers who put on bad matches but at one point or another were talented but that was either sucked out of them by being forced to wrestler a certain way, or they just got lazy and used to it.

Hard to single out poor wrestlers without these rules. Nikita Koloff?
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Rocky Mountain Thunder
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

In and out of the ring shocking wise i would have to say Ian Rotten, Guys a fuckin piece of shit. All he ever knew how to do was blade.

Other Worst Wrestlers
Big Daddy V
Eugene (how that gimmick lasted that long is BEYOND me)
Doink the Clown
Papa Shongo
Glacier (I remember seeing like 2 matches and it was on your mark... get set.... terrible)
Phantasio (if you dont know that name it is totally worth a google.)
The Yeti/Super Giant Ninja (again another thing worth googleing)

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