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Originally Posted by TomasThunder619 View Post

And I am really surprised nobody mentioned Raja Lion:

Raja Lion wins by default.

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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Don't forget Giant Silva.

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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Khali wins it for me.

Literally only in that ring because of his "celeb" status and Vince's obsession with Hollywood.

He has ONE FUCKING MOVE and that's a big slap. He can't even speak English let alone shoot a promo.
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Originally Posted by TomasThunder619 View Post
It was the New Generation Era, when gimmicks meant more than talent.]

I loved the character and the way Kevin Wacholz looked, but he was the worst wrestler I've ever seen, and that's what this thread is about.

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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Originally Posted by Arcade View Post
Raja Lion wins by default.
Damn, never heard of the guy before. What the fuck were they thinking bringing him in? He's actually worse than Khali.

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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

For me in the Attitude Era the Mean Street Posse were useless, really didn't see the point in them after the Shane McMahon Test storyline.
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Forgot to mention Ron and Don Harris. Ugggghhh
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Originally Posted by the modern myth View Post
What exactly was awesome about him? I found him really boring. He was too lumbering and cumbersome an opponent for most wrestlers to work a decent match with and his gimmick was so one dimensional that they had to rely on outlandish and improbable booking to make him even vaguely memorable or interesting (the Hogan fireball to the face was the only talking point of that dreadful Hogan/Yokozuna KOTR match; the booking and aftermatch Undertaker paranormal stuff was the highlight of their Royal Rumble yawnfest) ... Beyond the spectacle of seeing a man that size in a WWF ring, he had very little going for him. Even so, there have been far better 'big men' wrestlers (Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader spring immediately to mind) who outshined him on every level. His matches were usually the dullest thing on the card, and I can't recall ever enjoying any of them. In fact, I would rather have seen Lex Luger as champion in 1993 - and that's saying something. Teaming with Owen Hart was vaguely interesting, only because of their shared history against Bret Hart, but beyond that little foot note, he never did anything else that caught my attention. I'm guessing that they put the title on him as a way of getting the 'All American' Lex Luger over in a patriotic battle for the title, but the fact that nobody really cared about either men meant that the main event scene in 1993 and early 1994 was just horrible, plain horrible.
Sadly enough, Yokozuna is in the upper echelon of super heavyweights, only because the majority are typically beyond horrendous.
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

I'll go with Barry Horowitz. I know he was a jobber and i'll admit to not seeing much of him, but the match he at SummerSlam with Candido in 95 he looked very uncoordinated. Wether he purposely made himself look that way given his underdog gimmick idk
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Re: Worst Wrestlers?

Raja Lion

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