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Re: Had Russo not come into WCW 1999...

It might have still been salvageable in 99. Still had Benoit, Guerrero, Saturn, Malenko and Bret Hart in 99, and Jericho and Raven were both there in the first half of the year too. If they had just kept the same style of presentation they'd been doing for years (and not changed it drastically with the red ropes and rip off Attitude Era that Russo tried in 2000) but stopped relying on the NWO and pushed a lot of their younger, fresher talent (not in the clumsily booked New Blood V Millionaries Club way either) to main event status things might have been different and WCW could have closed the ratings gap and been in a much stronger position by the time March 2001 rolled around.
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Re: Had Russo not come into wcw 1999...

Originally Posted by Gunner14 View Post
Dont think anything could have saved WCW. What killed it wasn't the product. That is what people forget. AOL killed WCW.
Tell 'em again.

On topic:
Russo was brought in because the product was slippin' he just exacerbated the problem.
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Re: Had Russo not come into WCW 1999...

Originally Posted by OldschoolHero View Post
Goldberg vs Hogan II
Sting vs Luger
Hart vs Sid
Nash/Hall vs Harlem Heat.
I think Starrcade would have probably looked like this:

Goldberg vs Hogan
Sting vs Hart
Nash vs Sid

With Russo taking Hogan off TV, Hart got Hogans spot. Russo basically tried to replace Hulk with Bret. He gave him the title, the Starrcade main event, the Goldberg feud and the NWO leadership.

It might have worked but Bret was out with a injury 4 weeks into the angle. Together with Goldberg injuring himself, Jarrett being injured and Hall having his usual troubles ruined everything.
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Re: Had Russo not come into WCW 1999...

WCW was in bad condition even before Russo came on board. A lot of stupid booking occurred all because of how they could continue the nWo storyline. They misused Bret Hart, one of the biggest stars in the 90s, Sting joining the Wolfpac was just stupid. The only good thing about WCW at that time was that they featured a lot of good talent from Mexico and Japan.
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Re: Had Russo not come into WCW 1999...

Basically you wouldn't have seen as much Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Benoit, Filthy Animals, Medusa, Oklahoma, Dr. Death, Harris Twins, Misfits in Action, Three Count etc.

It'd still be a mess of a show, as Nash's booking from Superbrawl 99 on was just mind boggling. Yeah, Russo ended up executing some mind boggling ideas, but he didn't have anywhere near the same calibre of talent as Nash did and didn't spoil as much as Nash did, he just added to the downfall.

Just spit-balling but I'd imagine Starrcade would have looked like...

Goldberg/Sting (c)
Ric Flair/Diamond Dallas Page
Kevin Nash/Bret Hart
Scott Hall/Chris Benoit

Then a bunch of irrelevant mid-card matches that fans would appreciate but the company would barely acknowledge in the long run. Like, Kidman/Inferno, Konnan/R. Steiner, Booker/El Dandy & such.
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