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Analyze This: It's no longer real

At one point of time, any wrestling fan who was watching wrestling would be put in a tight spot where they themselves doubt if wrestling was real or not but had to defend it from people who generalize that it is all fake, not scripted but fake as in film stunts except for probably guys who started watching in the last decade.

How did you handle it at that point of time and did it change the way you saw wrestling once you knew it was all scripted? Was there any wrestler who was good enough to sell the story to you even after you found out that it was no longer real?

I had a tough time for logically, if you were mess with the Boss, he would simply fire you (Austin/Mcmahon) and not keep fighting with you and then I read about Montreal screwjob breaking all kayfabe for me. I had to show them stories of injuries to tell them the action is real and results, scripted.

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Re: Analyze This: It's no longer real

By the time I got the "wrestling is fake" comments from friends, I was well aware that it was real.

As far as my perception goes, I can't really recall how I felt about finding out it was fake. I don't think anyone told me. I think I just figured it out on my own over time. Some of the segments, the contradictory shit that happens in wrestling (3 month rule), the death of kayfabe mixed with more behind the scenes stuff.

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Re: Analyze This: It's no longer real

most people know its fake only idiots who are in denial want to believe its real. even when I was young my parents told me it was fake and kids who I went to school with. the thing is we all loved it and enjoyed it. wrestling is like watching a tv show or a movie. nowadays people will say its fake and not real and its stupid because of how shitty it is. if wwe was still awesome like it was back then I guarantee peopel wouldnt be knocking it as much saying its fake and they wont watch this shits cause its 2 corny like nowadays.
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Re: Analyze This: It's no longer real

I always knew it was fake but it didn't matter to me. The Attitude Era was so damn entertaining that it really didn't matter. There is also the fact while it's fake, these guys are still doing nuts things out there. I remember showing TLC II to a friend who always used to rant on about the WWF being fake and asking him how the hell they 'faked' those insane bumps.
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Re: Analyze This: It's no longer real

I know this maybe hard for you guys to believe, but when I was growing up in the early 70's there was a large percentage of the population who actually believed it was real. Probably as much as 30%.

I did when I was a kid, until like 1976 when we were vacationing in Florida and my Uncle Doug broke the news to me during a Dusty Rhodes match. Really in the back of my mind I knew but I wanted to believe. He just made me face the reality. He pointed out that if Sullivan had really been hitting Dusty like that, it would have killed Rhodes. That was all it took.

As I have pointed out before, kayfabe was destroyed in the States by 20/20 and reporter John Stosell on December 28th 1984. As I said believe it or not wrestling's legitimacy was still debated until then.
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Re: Analyze This: It's no longer real

I knew it wasn't real right when I started watching because my Dad and brother told me it wasn't. It wasn't until about junior high when I started getting deeper and deeper into wrestling and realized it wasn't fake, just scripted, and that wrestling really does hurt and wears down the body. A lot of the Japanese and Indy stuff is very stiff and can hurt like hell so it still bothers me when non fans say it's fake. Fake and scripted are different things to me.

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