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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

How many times has JR said that quote btw? I swear he says it a bunch of times in the Roundtable shows and probably on some documentary DVD's, and I think in some normal interviews outside of the company. Heat between JR and Bulldog?
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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

Could be from when he was head of talent relations. Or maybe it's the best example he can use so he ALWAYS goes back to it.

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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

After watching a month into his return, I can now shed my opinion on it.

He couldn't use a mic whatsoever. It seemed so fake, at least most wrestlers have a little enthusiasm and variety. Every speech was said exactly the same:

"I....The British going to.....kill....The Rock.....and....I want a World Wrestling Federation title shot..."

He literally mentioned the 'World Wrestling Federation Title' every time, when he could have just said title shot after the first time. It seemed so scripted. For me that was his downfall as well as his abilities in the ring at that point.


What does everyone think to Bret Hart saying DBS had been smoking crack a month before their match at Summerslam in 92? Personally I find it quite remarkable, for someone to perform physically after a drug like that. I know he forgot his moves, but most people that smoke crack wouldn't be able to do wrestle would they?
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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

Bulldog was a terrible promo man - that's pretty well known. I think his return could have been a mixture of a few things:
  • Vince had a lot of respect for him and the Hart family, deciding to give him employment after WCW fired him.
  • Vince wanted a link to the Hart family in his company, as it was a damage limitation after Owen's tragic death at a WWF event.
  • It could kind of make the Montreal incident seem like Bret was in the wrong.
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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

I was little when he was around in 99 and all I really remember is his little mini feud with Rock and that epic Smackdown episode with the infamous sliding elbow. I don't think he should've come back with those jeans and boots though, it didn't really fit him. As for his promos, he wasn't good at them and he just didn't fit in 99 WWF. He seemed really outta place amongst the other talents.

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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

Pictured above-Survivor Series 1999 Scott Putski award winner.

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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

Pretty sure Bulldog was in talks with Vince even before Owen died. I vaguely remember a story of Bulldog saying while he was out hurt from his back injury WCW let him go and he was talking to Owen and Owen put Vince on the phone with him one day to try to smooth things over between the two. By the time Bulldog got healthy Owen had died and I'm sure Vince wanted to bring him back more than ever at that point since he knew the audience would initially be excited to see his return after the Owen tragedy.

Bulldog just wasn't a fit for the attitude era. He was a washed up wrestler at that point and he fit much better with the early-mid 90's brand of WWE that was long gone.

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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
Someone said I was lying when I said Bulldog wasn't as big as what he was, in terms of build!

This picture clearly shows it.


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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

Well, his skin was purple and he looked bloated beyond belief. You could tell a heart attack was coming.

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Re: British Bulldog's Return In 99

he was a drug addled mess by his 99 return, that fall on warriors trap door fucked him up, and he only came back because of all the owen hart stuff, vince knew it would be a coup getting bulldog on side. He was phsyically and mentally shot, saying all this though, i fucking loved the old british bulldog, the 91/93 and the 96/97 versions.
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