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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

He was never someone I would list as my favorites, but I can't list a feud of his I didn't enjoy.

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Definitely aged well and remained on his game throughout his career. Loved Jarrett in TNA.. I hope he comes back or something. Last I heard about him he was working often in AAA as a champion. TNA could use him on TV again except I fear he'll be in A&8s if so, but hes a guy I can see making it work in good fashion, that slapnut


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I always hated Jarrett. He thought he was bigger than he actually was.

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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

I think of him as an entertaining midcard act.
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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

I'm a fan of his. Never a top tier worker but he was perfect upper midcard material. His relationship with Russo has soured a lot of people on him as they think thats how he got his push. I think he wouldve had a solid push in WWF if it weren't for his issues with Austin.

As mentioned previously he is one of the most deft hands in the ring of the modern era and ,whilst definitely not spectacular, a true ring general. He was solid on the stick and his later gimmick with the guitar wasn't the worst I've seen.

People often complain about him keeping the title in TNA but he was the biggest name of all the long term talent TNA had at the time and made for a really easy to hate heel. I wouldn't have watched early days TNA if it wasn't for seeing him while flicking through The Wrestling Channel back in the day.

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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

uh, I fucking HATED him. He jumped ship so many times and always came out looking retarded with his "shoots" on WWF and WCW, and was given a quick push. By the time he ended up in WCW for good, I didn't care anymore. He could have been kissing babies and donating millions to charity and I would still think he was a prick.

He was good in the ring, but he didn't have anything that blew me away. Him winning the title in WCW was pretty much around the time I decided WWF was for me.


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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

Good worker. Average on the mic. I didn't care for him when he was doing that country music singer gimmick but he grew on me when he got a gimmick re-boot in 1998 with Debra as his valet.

I didn't mind his main event push back in WCW but he should have never gotten pushed to the moon the way he did.

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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

This one is hard, I have seen his entire career from day one.

I was watching the morning he made his wrestling debut as a skinny referee and after the match to start his career he was beaten senseless by Bill Dundee.

Early in his career he worked very hard, he had to. The USWA area was scared from the Nick Gulas nepotism of the late 70's, so he was going to have to really prove himself becuase he was Jerry Jarrett's boy.

He proved himself in those early days to be a solid ring worker and a popular pretty boy face. His tag team with Billy Travis will probably be forgotten (it already is), but it was a good team. Over the years in USWA he evolved from skinny golden haired pretty boy to a pretty good brawler. His fueds with the Moondogs and Robert Fuller really made him a main event guy in that territory. And taking a beating from the vets earned him some respect, that he had to get on his own.

The major problem with Jarrett especially in those early days was his mic work. It was exposed in the WWF. In USWA, Texas and the AWA all he had to do was be "pretty" and throw some dropkicks. In the WWF he had to cut a good believable heel promo. While he managed decent enough to be a mid card heel. He failed to make any progress up the card simply because he had a problem drawing heat. The WWF did not do him any favors sticking him in some lousey angles. He was probably the most over in the WWF when he teamed with Owen. At the time of Owen's death they were a solid team. Right after the Owen tradgedy the WWF could have pushed him, I know it sounds tacky but he had some sympathy and was getting some cheers. However (it maybe Stone Cold's fault) they went with that anti women thing and eventually stuck him in that fued with Chyna which made him look weak.

In spite of this, he got better as time went on, and in WCW he was not that bad. However he still had a hard time getting people to care about him. It was not enough that people still remembered him for loosing to Chyna, but the WCW did a poor job with him too. That Horsemen angle, making him look like an idiot pandering Arn and Flair to let him in the club, really gave fans the impression that he was a joke. If Flair did not want him in the Horsemen he was not main event material.

Then during the Russo push people still remembered the fact that his career had been a mess with two horrible gimmicks that made him look awful. It did not matter that Russo made him a champion, he was still that woman beating horseman wannabe.

I thought he got a bad wrap in TNA, he was simply doing what he thought was best, and really he was a pretty good, developed vet by this time.

He is a victim of not being great on the mic, and really bad angles. I have run into him many times around town, and spent a couple of hours with him one day at a company event. He is a really nice guy. It is a shame that he never could get the respect he deserves. He really stuck his neck out for TNA, and his dad probably gave him some bad advice (just my suspision) which helped burn bridges in WWE and promped Vince to bury him on the last episode of Nitro.

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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

Good worker but his gimmicks were almost all beyond horrible. The wannabe country singer with the blinking glasses etc. I still shudder at how bad that was and most of the rest of what he did wasn't much better.

He was a little better in WCW in 1999 when he showed up and started calling everybody slap nuts etc. But he was so overused and over-pushed for what he actually was it was nauseating imo. He just wasn't a top guy. WCW would have been better off putting washed up old guys that could draw in the main event than putting guys like Jarrett and Booker in a bunch of main events that few would be interested in and almost no one would want to buy.
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Re: What did you think of Jeff Jarret?

I always disliked Jarrett as a kid (Young'n + most heels = no dice). I'm a fan of his now though, and really enjoy his mid 90s WWF gimmick. The music is so cheesy, but it's lovable. It reminds me of something you'd hear in a dead casino at 4am. After his haircut, (98-99) I thought he was a damn good mid carder and was great with the Intercontinental Title. The guitar shots on Moolah and others were just hilarious.

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