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Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

I seem to have read this before; even McMahon mentioned his name in the promo at the time, so presumably dirtsheets were suggesting.

At the time Jake was a drunk and probably high on crack, but he didn't look too bad at ECW November to Remember 1998. Plus, there were probably many other WWF wrestlers on drugs at the time - Vince didn't seem to give a shit when controversy was good and the money was rolling in.

Has Russo ever mentioned it?
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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

Even if he was it's understandable why that idea didn't go through. There was shit hitting the fan all over the place at the time and Roberts would have been one more liability.

I've never seen it mentioned personally though.

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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

I've never heard of this rumour before. Interesting. Would have been a cool twist.

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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

I've actually read this before as well, on here infact. Highly doubt it though, all booking sense did point towards McMahon. Would of liked to have seen where they'd of taken the angle with Roberts though.

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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

No not at any point was Jake Roberts meant to be The Higher Power that The Undertaker was always talking about in his Ministry Of Darkness run from late 1998 to latter 1999 and it was simply something that was spoken about as a "what if" thing on a message board or forum. In all honesty though i think Jake Roberts in that role and in that era would have been fucking epic as he really could have cut loose in an evil manner on the mic and literally tore shit up.

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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

Wrestlecrap did a pretty good "Rewriting The Book" booking scenario on it. Since I was pretty young at the time I thought the McMahon reveal was amazing until I realised how stupid it was a few weeks later. The start of my first slowburn heel turn in to smarkdom if I remember correctly.

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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

Actually, I heard back during Raven's feud with DDP IIRC, Jake was suppose to be involved, with the storyline being that he trained both men.

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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

I have never heard this...but it would have been fabulous.

I would have personally marked out if it had been Kevin Sullivan.
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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

No, but it would've been interesting to see it happen given the fact that Jake worked with Undertaker in 1991/1992 and was the final man that Stone Cold defeated in the 1996 King of the Ring tournament. It would've made sense for Jake to be the Higher Power because Stone Cold basically turned him into a catchphrase.

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Re: Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)

I heard this rumor before, and I think it hold's some weight. During the Attitude Era while they were about pushing the new stars of the generation it's not rare too have a former super star be brought back with a revised gimmick. They brought back Bossman and remodeled him for the generation, so, it's likely they had a deal that didn't go through, but was in talks.

Overall, I think the whole storyline was botched, and I don't remember it clearly because I was a child at the time, but looking back at it was stupid. What I find stupid about it is it's the damn Undertaker. Why would Undertaker need to work for a higher power? He's the most intimidating wrestler in WWE history. At the time he was already a former champion. Personally, I liked the touch of Vince calling him Mark and saying he was taking the Undertaker gimmick to far.

It also didn't fit McMahon's character. He was already hell bent on making sure Austin wasn't champion and he wanted the top guy in his company to be who he thought it should be, I understand wanting to strike fear in his employees so he aligns himself with Taker, but most CEO's don't show who's boss by torturing their daughters. I also don't see how Robert's would've fit, he's always been sadistic, and the religious elements to his character had been added, and they could've been used for bad or good, but how in the hell is Jake Robert's a higher power than Undertaker?
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