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Re: Why Didn't this guy work?

Originally Posted by e3g34bbnsii8 View Post

Besides the horrible ost of nsmb series.

So horrible made me flood my house in tears.
Say what?
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Re: Why Didn't this guy work?

I loved Wild Man, but once he got injured, he was never the same again. It didn't help he was a jerk to the boys either.

- Vic

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Re: Why Didn't this guy work?

Originally Posted by Takertheman View Post
Sable became more popular than him.
This, exactly. In fact, I didn't even remember who it was until I read Sable's name.

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Re: Why Didn't this guy work?

The Wildman Gimmick wasn't so bad, and I really didn't mind Johnny B. Badd. The whole Marvelous Marc Mero wasn't horrible, but the WWE could have done more with him than what they did.
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Re: Why Didn't this guy work?

Originally Posted by Deandre Cole View Post
The rumor was that Foley was upset that Mero was paid more than him in WCW. Don't know how true. Also, that was a big reason for the hatred of HHH in 95-96. Foley bashed Mero big time in his book.
Foley wrote in his book he liked Mero as a person but he didn't understand why he was making loads more money than him in WCW first and then later in the WWF too because Foley didn't see star potential. Foley took crazy bumps, was over, good on the mic etc and Mero wasn't yet got more money. Then IIRC they offered to put Foley in a program leading into WM against Mero and Foley turned it down because he felt it wasn't the right feud for him, it wouldn't do him any favours. That's when he did the tag team with Terry Funk I think.

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Re: Why Didn't this guy work?

He was the first wrestler I seen hitting some of the moves he hit, and the TKO was a great finish. I do think Sable got so over though that they couldn't keep him as a face without the jealousy.

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Re: Why Didn't this guy work?

Only Vince and Mero thought Marc Mero had what it took to be a top guy. Couple that with a big ego and crappy feud with Taker and hes done.

Im sure the whole locker room was wondering why a low mid card guy from WCW was coming in and getting huge money and a huge push.

I guess I'm in the minority in preferring him as a heel. He was incredibly unlikeable and actually drew good heat for a while.
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