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Re: Why I Like Flair So Much

Oh, the guy who gave me red rep for my opinion. Glad to see you clearly read my post properly Joe, seeing as your comment above is essentially EXACTLY the same as what I said. Jeses, this site...
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Re: Why I Like Flair So Much

Flair was the man in the 80s, no doubt about it. I always thought his mic skills were hugely overated though.

*shouts some incomprehensible babble while jumping around on the spot like hes on crack*
* goes "WOOOO" *
* does the Flair walk*

That is basically every Flair promo ever.
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Re: Why I Like Flair So Much

Originally Posted by Greenlawler View Post
I just have a hard time believing that any wrestling fan who appreciates the sport can say that Flair is over-rated.
Flair is great but I can see how people would find him overrated. Especially with so many people talking about him being the best ever. Not to mention, a lot of the fans of today most likely did not see Flair in his prime. I would guess they mostly recognize him as the crazy old man from WCW that took a backseat to the nWo.

If someone is not a fan of Flair, due to underexposure or whatever else, & you constantly hear people putting him over as not just good but the best ever, you're going to think that he's overrated.

For comparison sake, as you might recall, I overrate Rick Martel.

I think my biggest knock against Flair is that he didn't know when to give less. He was great at making his opponent look better than they were but on many occasions, he would beg off & keep feeding the babyface when they already had all the shine that they were going to get. His match with Lex Luger is a great example. How many times can you take a Gorilla Press Slam? Give Luger less, make him have to sell, take the reigns. More than that though, sometimes he would make guys look credible that he should be well above. You can give them offense & hope spots but when you're the world champion & you're flopping & begging off & having to cheat to beat undercard guys, something is wrong. At least when you do it every single time, not once in a blue moon for a special occasion.

Originally Posted by Shutthehellup View Post
Maybe he would have surpassed Austin and perhaps Bruno Sammartino but Hogan would still be the greatest.
You have the wrong name on your quote, Sir. I definitely didn't say that shit. I don't think Rock is even in the conversation.

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Re: Why I Like Flair So Much

Trust me, I get flamed and red-repped by the Rocky marks daily for my remarks that Flair is better than Rock on the mic. I guess they just love long winded rants filled with nonsensical catchphrases over and over again. Seriously, when's the last time we've seen a Rock promo with some actual PASSION and not ridiculousness designed to hurt my brain cells with the sheer stupidity and childish nature of the content.

Flair is just a different breed of guy ; he LIVES for this business, and that's why he can never retire. It's not because of his monetary problems, it's because his lifestyle in the ring translates to his lifestyle outside of the ring and basically leads to what we perceive to be his main problem. He's one of those people who I believe will DIE in a wrestling ring ; he loves it THAT much. His fire and passion to be the best in the business made him exactly that, through his dedication to putting off hour long classics on a nightly basis, to being the best on the microphone.

It's that FIRE I see in his eyes when he hits the ring that gives me goosebumps, and I've only seen it in a few other performers. I saw it in Hunter during the Mcmahon-Helmsley Era, I see it in PUNK now, I saw it in Austin in 2001, and I saw it in Benoit in 2004. It's almost this umistakenable desire to be the best. If Flair is the Jordan of Wrestling, than Rock is the Lebron James ; perhaps the most physically gifted performer to ever touch professional wrestling, only lacking the most important factor in being the greatest of all time ; the heart.

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady
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Re: Why I Like Flair So Much

Flair is the goat no doubt, even when WCW tried burying him people still wanted Ric. The promos were amazing the story telling the man had it all. As Ric said " To be the man you've gotta beat the man" no one comes close.

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