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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Does anyone have that Raven video where hes talking about his feud with dreamer and he constantly calls him fat? Its funny as hell.

Also had a friend who got to meet and hang with raven a long time ago, said he was chill and just a nice ass guy.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

I remember first getting WCW/NWO Revenge when it came out, back then we didn't have Sky Television so the only wrestling I got was months old WWF PPVs on video and had no clue about ECW nor what was going on in WCW. After a few days of going Hogan, Diesel, Razor Ramon and being amazed by the Luchas (bare in mind, I honestly only knew the old WWF guys,) I decided to go Raven one day and something about that DDT made him instantly one of my favourite wrestlers without even seeing him ever wrestle or speak. (I had of course, but didn't know he was Johnny Polo.)

I followed him after that through old ECW and WCW.

I even enjoyed his WWF run but it was watered down completely. Raven was a big deal in ECW and WCW, Im sure if he hadn't been watered down he could have really been something interesting during the invasion. I remember the Debut of the What promo from Stone Cold just wanting Raven to branch off and DDT Austin. That was never the character.

Great gimmick, decent wrestler. Even in TNA he had a good run.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Raven is one the best three-dimensional characters of all-time. Top notch promo skills, in-ring psychology/story-telling, great angles and edgy storylines... he had it all... I hope he continues to keep giving back to the business and helping the young guys out... he was one of the coolest characters, seriously, hands down the guy was extremely underrated

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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Originally Posted by Sack Lunch View Post
I remember watching Raven wrestle the Disco Inferno at a local tough man contest in the post-WCW days. This was 2003 I believe, and it was not a wrestling show but I guess TNA allowed them to main event a bunch of rednecks beating the shit out of each other at the local farm center where there couldn't have been more than a few hundred people. Dark days for his career indeed, as he probably only did it to pay for his drug fix that night, but Raven and Disco still put on a good show considering the circumstances...
Itís no coincidence Raven and Disco squared off a few times in WCW. They had surprisingly good chemistry.

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Re: Raven appreciation thread

I honestly saw him for a few weeks in 1989. In my local promotion Vancouver all star wrestling. He was known as Scotty the Body, but apparently had a falling out with the promoter the infamous Al Tomko. I loved all of his work except his run as raven in WWE. This killed his character somewhat permanently to me. Felt TNA should have let him keep the belt longer back in 2005 though.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Criminally underused.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Originally Posted by Shootin' 3's Like Steph Curry View Post
My favourite wrestling character of all time. His character as a depressed, sociopathic misanthrope was/is one of the darkest personas in wrestling history. Known mostly for his run in WCW as the leader of the flock but perhaps his greatest run was his 3 year feud with Tommy Dreamer in ECW as the outcast looking for revenge against his childhood friend and now enemy.

In my opinion he is one of the greatest storytellers in the history of pro wrestling and his in ring pyschology is matched by few (watch his match with benoit at souled out 1998 where they tell a whole story only using one chair) and of course is a fantastic promo guy. Extremely poetic and fluid as well as being able to evoke imagery and emotion that only few other men could. Many cite the Rock, Flair, Austin, Foley, Piper etc. as some of the greatest promo guys in wrestling history and rightly so. Most wrestling fans criminally look over Raven's genius as a promo cutter. A truly under-appreciated talent. In my opinion if WCW wasn't such a political mind field and they didn't drag out and water down the NWO angle like they did, Raven could have become a top heel for the company. And of course in his run as Raven in WWE, they never truly let him be the character that got him really over in ECW and WCW.

Here are some of my favourite promos of Raven and let me know your opinions on someone who I personally think was a phenomenal talent.

He's one of the greatest wrestlers period and childhood inspiration. I loved his dark depressing and twisted persona. He was also phenomenal on the mic with his poetic phrases, insights, emotion, and energy. I loved both his time at ECW and TNA. Sadly, the WWF/WWE misused him and only paid attention to the ECW Raven. They didn't know how to book him properly.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

We never got that Raven/Sting feud

It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Good thread :sansa

One of his TNA promos not a lot of people have seen ->

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Re: Raven appreciation thread

The guy was outstanding - totally invested into his character and it showed.

Such a shame how he wasn't as big as he should have been.

I always like this video too because the guy has a great mind.

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