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Re: Raven appreciation thread

The perfect embodiment of the nililistic 90s

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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Obviously, Raven is one of my favourite wrestlers of all time.

His work in ECW was fantastic. It was the perfect environment for him to really shine the way he did.
WCW didn't use him terribly at first. They gave him the Flock and continued (in a watered down way) what got him over in ECW. The stuff with Saturn and Scotty Riggs was good. Unfortunately after Saturn "freed the flock", they had nothing else for him. There was potential for Raven, Kanyon, Saturn stable/tag-team but it never really got followed through with. Much like Jericho, he eventually turned into a pointless midcarder with nothing to do before he went back to ECW, and then eventually showed up in WWE.

You could put some of the blame on Scott Levy though, for why he never got pushed the way Jericho did. He's admitted that his drug use was at an all time high in WCW... So I understand any reluctance to push him. In WWE he was just used as a hardcore guy. And then a jobber in the Alliance/Invasion angle.

He was always a great character and a great storyteller. Both in the ring and on the mic. Even later on in his career, his feud with CM Punk in ROH is credited as one of ROH's best feuds of all time.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

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Re: Raven appreciation thread

one of my fav 5 ECW guys

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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Raven was an amazing character in WCW and ECW. Shame he was mis-used in the WWE.

Courtesy of yours truly
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

First time I saw Raven was in 2004 when I was watching his Wrestlemania match with Kane and Big Show. I was like "This guy looks cool." Then I searched him on youtube, watched some of his ECW stuff and he's been one of my favorites ever since.

Made me sad to see how he was used in the WWE. He was Raven, minus the character. The couple of times he actually got to talk, fans didn't know how to respond and it just came off as awkward. Then finally, finally when he starts to show character on Heat with his "House of Fun" angle, he was released -___-

On that note, I heard a rumor that Vince cancelled his "House of Fun" angle because Vince did not think the fans would be smart enough to understand. Is that true?
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

One of the most underrated performers ever. The character he played is one of the best in wrestling history imo.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Awesome vids OP. Raven was awesome. Not to mention, he's a member of Mensa, if I'm not mistaken. So much for the myth that all pro wrestlers are blithering redneck idiots.

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Re: Raven appreciation thread

I remember watching Raven wrestle the Disco Inferno at a local tough man contest in the post-WCW days. This was 2003 I believe, and it was not a wrestling show but I guess TNA allowed them to main event a bunch of rednecks beating the shit out of each other at the local farm center where there couldn't have been more than a few hundred people. Dark days for his career indeed, as he probably only did it to pay for his drug fix that night, but Raven and Disco still put on a good show considering the circumstances.

Also remember Raven being on the cover of WCW/NWO Revenge video game which my friends and I played the fuck out of for years.
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Re: Raven appreciation thread

There's just not enough Ravens in pro wrestling. Usually guys that smart and creative end up doing something else.
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