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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

No I never got bored of it. If anything I was gutted WWE didn't give us the proper revenge payoff to Mania 17. It should have been a huge rematch, 1 on 1 with Rock seeking revenge for the biggest match of all time.

Instead we got the only one on one match with that heel / face dynamic on a british PPV in a non finish. Other than that they captained opposing teams at Survivor Series that year - it should have just been a one on one match.

By the time they had another one on one match Austin was Face and Rock was heel again (Mania 19) but the "revenge" match never really happened.
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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

as some1 who grew up watching wwe since 1995 to about i can honestly say i never got bored of the rock or austin i still love watching the clips on youtube
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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

No, I did not.

Rock/Austin is the greatest feud ever for me. They are two of my favorite wrestlers of all time and on top of that, they had tremendous chemistry in the ring, in promos, backstage segments, skits etc and provided us with several classic moments, matches and interactions. I loved all their feuds beginning with the clash over the IC title in late 97 which provided some memorable moments like Austin throwing the IC title in the river, destroying NOD at the DX PPV etc. You could tell they could make magic in the ring ever since then.

The late 98-99 feud had a great deal of depth and a brilliantly written story behind it beginning at SvS 98 with Shane screwing Austin and Rock turning heel becoming Vince's corporate champ. I also liked how they were both gradually built off the Austin/Vince and Foley/Rock feuds and Paul Wight's presence also added a surprise element to it with Show being on the Corporation's side in the beginning but issues with Rock leading us to sense dissension within the Corporation. Both Corporate Rock and Austin's anti corporate, rebellious character were on fire and worked very well together. Lots of memorable moments like Rock throwing Austin over the river, Austin destroying his limo, the beer bash and the match itself at WM 15 was pretty solid too although the worst of the 3 WM matches. I'll even say Backlash 99 was better.

I can see why some people would be critical of the 01 feud though since it lacked any story or depth to it. The build up great but if you look at the story, it was plain and simple built on two titans clashing and one-upmanship to determine whose the top dog in the company. They did have some background as they had hinted the match with several face-offs (Armageddon 00, RR 01) and the fans were eager and went nuts every time these two locked horns but yeah, the story aspect is lacking and Debra's presence as Rock's manager did nothing to enhance it. The way they presented the match with the numerous video packages and highlights was awesome though and the match itself is legendary.

Their finale was extremely well done with a different dynamic with Hollywood Rock to keep the feud fresh. The feud was built primarily on Rock's burning desire and need to beat Austin at WM and provided us with some epic moments like the Rock concert, Rock's promos to Austin declaring his challenge, several backstage segments with Rock etc. Someone said it seemed a bit one sided for the Rock and I do see that now tbh. I also like how they had the Austin/Bischoff and Rock/Hurricane feuds going along simultaneously and were able to interrelate them to the major feud with Austin costing Rock the match vs Hurricane and Rock interfering on Bischoff's behalf. The match at WM 19 was excellent with Rock's over the top antics and the perfect closure to an epic rivalry. Although, I wish it was known beforehand that it'd be Austin's last match since they could've added a stipulation to make the match even bigger.

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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

People got bored of Rock/Austin easily back in attitude era. Things they say about those guys, are similar to what people today say about guys like Punk or Cena.

Even look on archived forums from like 1999, you'll see all the austin/rock bashing.

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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

Easy answer. No. Both of them were always entertaining.
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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

The last one was entertaining because Hollywood Rock was just an amazing character but it's really something that wasn't needed.

You always want Wrestlemania to be as big as possible and having Rock v Austin 3 while dreams matches were a possibility I think is a disappointment. I would not say I got tired of the feud but I do wish they took a different direction for WM 19.
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I felt like the entire feud was one sided with Austin beating Rock on so many occassions. Rock only beat the Austin in Survivor series and the wrestlemania math :S

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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

No not really but I enjoyed their feuds with other wrestlers more.

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Re: Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?

hell no.. they never over used them.. I am re watching the atittude era and currently in mid 1999... Stone Cold and The Rock are used very sparingly. there are so many other major storylines going on..

there were many main event caliber feuds going on.. late 1998 early 1999 stone cold was not even the title picture..

it was the whole less is more.

there was a time during 1998 where they were worried about people getting sick of stone cold so they took him out of the title picture, pushed mankind, the rock..

these days, you get so sick of wrestlers.. we have been sick of Cena for years and yet he is still shoved down our throats.
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