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View Poll Results: TOP 5 WCW wrestlers of all time
Hulk Hogan 46 69.70%
Bill Goldberg 52 78.79%
Kevin Nash 21 31.82%
Booker T 10 15.15%
Randy Savage 7 10.61%
Ric Flair 47 71.21%
Bret Hart 5 7.58%
Sting 60 90.91%
Chris Benoit 3 4.55%
Chris Jericho 9 13.64%
D.D.P 31 46.97%
Big Van Vader 11 16.67%
Sid Justice 1 1.52%
Eddie Guerrero 4 6.06%
Rey Mysterio Jr. 8 12.12%
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Seriously, no Big Poppa Pump?

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Special Attraction at Wrestlemania
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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Nash <- Can't believe I just said that *facepalm*


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simply the best
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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Booker T or DDP
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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Sting, Goldberg, Flair, DDP, Steiner

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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

1. Sting
2. Ric Flair
3. Hollywood Hogan
4. Diamond Dallas Page
5. Big Van Vader

Honorable Mentions: Bill Goldberg, The Outsiders and Booker T
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Playing Backstage Politics
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how the hell has no one mentioned Jericho??

1. Goldberg
2. Sting
3. Hogan
4. Flair
5. Jericho

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Depends if you mean biggest stars or my favourites. My favourites were Nash, Kanyon, Rey, Raven and Malenko. 5 is a small amount though, my picks would probably change on a weekly basis, for instance I'm already wondering why I left Saturn out

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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

When I think WCW, I think Flair, Arn Anderson, Sting & Luger. Those were the WCW "names" to me. When I think of Hogan, I think WWF. When I think Goldberg, it's more like a different era to me because when I think of WCW I always think of the pre-nWo era for some reason. Same with DDP but I do think of those guys as "WCW guys." Vader I think of Japan. So I guess on name recognition I would go with:

1. Ric Flair
2. Sting
3. Lex Luger
4. Arn Anderson
5. Goldberg or Diamond Dallas Page
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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

As Walk-In says, it depends on what criteria you're going by. Pure stars, who put on the best matches, who was the most invididually talented etc. I'll just name-drop my top 5 in terms of matches, performances and all round ability as a wrestler/character. It'll mainly be from the NWA era into 92-93 WCW:

5. Steamboat/Eddie Guerrero
4. Vader
3. Arn Anderson
2. Dustin Rhodes
1. Ric Flair

Eddie's 97 is one of the finest individual years for a US wrestler I've seen and he looked like the undisputed best in the world on a weekly basis. His performance in the Fallbrawl 97 match vs Jericho might be one of his finest individual performances ever and its amazing how much better than Jericho he is in the match, to the point where you could have replaced Jericho with any half decent babyface and the match wouldn't have suffered Eddie was that good.

Steamboat from 89-94 just had an incredible run. The Flair series in 89, the Funk and Luger matches from the same year, the 1991 tag w/Dustin vs Arn and Larry, tag with Eddie Gilbert vs Flair and Luger, the Dangerous Alliance feud and the subsequent Rude, Austin and Eaton singles matches as well as the numerous tags. The Austin US championship feud as well as the Regal matches in 94, the Vader bouts including the excellent Human Cage encounter etc.

Vader...well enough good words can't be said about him. One of if not the best big man worker of all time. His 1993 year is a career year where he seriously looks above and beyond anyone he wrestles, be it Davey Boy, Ron Simmons, Sting, Flair or Steamboat. He's the perfect foil for all of them and is so astute at laying out the matches to give enough to his opponent for them to get over as a threat whilst he remains a killer on offence. The Sting series is obviously what most remember him for as well as the Flair Starrcade 1993 match, but I actually find his Dustin Rhodes matches from 1992 and 1994 to be some of his most underappreciated work for how incredibly awesome they are. They're really not far away from making me think Rhodes/Vader should be the blueprint of David vs Goliath rather than Sting/Vader.

Arn...amazing worker whether he was being the ultimate comedy stooge or a merciless machine on offence. So astute and entertaining in a variety of settings against a multitude of different opponents, whether it was his TV Title run, the Dangerous Alliance run, fighting Flair in 1995, the Doom brawls in 1990, Flair/Arn vs Hollywood Blondes etc. Dude was relentlessly entertaining in the ring and on the mic, 1992 is a career year for him where he looks to be the front-runner for best wrestler in the world.

Dustin might be an 'out there' pick to some, but his catalogue of matches is insane. Multitude of tags in the Dangerous Alliance feud, takes part in the GOAT WarGames match in 1992 and follows that up with another sterling effort in the 1994 Wargames, Bunkhouse Buck feud as well as the on and off Vader feud are super angles in their own right and he looks terrific in a variety of settings working against Windham, Larry Z, Arn, Pillman, Eaton and numerous others. explanation needed really. His 89 run speaks for itself with the Steamboat and Funk feuds, his matches with Sting helped establish Sting as the impending face of WCW, terrific run in 1993 with the Vader matches as well as working the Blondes, has a great 1994 with the two Hogan matches in particular being far better than they have any right to be, christ even in 1996 the dude is producing greatness whilst working the likes of Eddie and Big Show, and the Flair/Arn vs Savage/Hogan Nitro 1996 tag is too overlooked when it comes to great WCW tags.
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Re: Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Hard to choose a top five without a criteria in place but here goes-

5) Dean Malenko
4) Goldberg
3) Hollywood Hogan
2) Sting
1) Ric Flair

Honorable mentions to- Outsiders, Savage, Stieners, Luger, DDP, Guerrero, Vader

I might get ripped for this pick but Malenko was massively over with the fans (ex. Slamboree 98, or when ever he was going to apply texas cloverleaf) and was a top notch ring performer. His series with Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero produced some spectacular matches, and on top of that he gave the Crusierweight title credibility.

Pretty self explanitory that Goldberg is included on this list. Most over star of 1998 by far. Competed in one of the most anticipated title matches in history vs Hogan and is what kept the fans coming back throughout late 1998 and 1999. With out Bill there rating would have been worse then they were.

Hogan being the third man and the running mate of the outsiders revolutionized the wrestling buisness. With out Hogan, Hall and Nash creating the nWo there would have been no D-X and no late 90,s wrestling boom. I still believe Austin would have gotten hot otherwise but not near the level he was.

The franchise of WCW could do it all. His matches with Flair, Austin and Steamboat were some of the best matches of the early WCW. Even when he wasnt an in ring competitor fans still wanted to see what Sting would do next. Part of the biggest angle in WCW history and unfortunetly part of the early signs of the death of WCW. ex. Starrcade 1997

Hes just Ric Flair not much else needs to be said. He was certaintly the most over in WCW from its inception in 88 untill its close. Battles with Hogan, Steamboat, and Savage are legendary and even late in his career could bring fans to there feet either to boo him out of the building or cheer him. Saved WCW's ass more than once with Starrcade 93 being the prime example.

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