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Full WCW.com website (Archived)


I believe this is from May-ish, 2000. Enjoy.
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Too Sweet
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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived

I love archive.org! I went there earlier in the year and searched WWF.com and was decently successful in viewing 2001-2002 pages. I don't recall if the pages were full, but it was still a nice trip down memory lane. As is this, even though WCW in 2000 blew ass. Thanks for the share nonetheless.

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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived

Haha thanks! Really interesting to see haha. To think how we might've/must've looked at that website at the time and thought how amazing it was.
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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived

This is amazing!

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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived)

Thanks for posting this. It's not just this website but rather the whole archive.org site, amazing to compare the design of webpages from the late 90's to now, it's quite the difference.

Courtesy of a google WWE meme search
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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived)

Awesome stuff, I didnt have the internet back then...so now I can see what I was missing.
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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived)

wow i still remember this site, and i remember how the old wwf site was so sick.

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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived)

If I remember right, at one time WWE/Fs website was just a black background with red text and pictures. Nothing flashy. Which is why when WWE.com went back to the Red and Black look, it totally brought back memories. It is crazy how far website designs have improved since the 90's.
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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived)

Gotta love that 20th century web design

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Re: Full WCW.com website (Archived)

i remember all these simple designs, back when a 56k modem was high speed lol
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