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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

Compared to the WWE now, probably everything earlier than 1999 was good
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

Over the past few months I've been watching NWA/WCW Power Hour from 1990 on YouTube and have been downloading WWF Superstars from the same year. I'm planning on watching one year of one particular show for every year of the '90s with the PPVS in between for both WCW and WWF and then start with ECW if/when I get to 1994 (1993 ECW just bored me when I previously tried to watch). Obviously, I'm going to stick to the main shows (Raw, Nitro, etc.) and miss others (Smackdown, Thunder,etc.) in the interests of my sanity. Actually, I'm not too sure which is the best WCW show to follow from 91-94 so I would appreciate some suggestions on that as WCW seemed to have so many back then. I'm going to need to go old school and hook up with some DVD traders which is kind of fitting.

In regards to 1990, it's actually quite a bad year to start since you can actually see the death of what was left of the NWA and watch it transform into WCW. For instance, the year starts with amazing TV matches with the likes of Flair, Gilbert & Muta and then the focus switches to the likes of Mike Shaw, El Gigante and the Black Scorpion. Not to mention the phasing out of awesome intros. Steiners had 'Welcome to the Jungle'; Pillman had Def Leppard's 'Rocket and even the Midnight Express had their awesome theme changed into a generic WCW rip-off. For these reasons, others would be better off with some previous suggestions such as NWA '86 or WCW' 95 although I personally loved 91-92 era WCW as I used to watch it as a kid and it had so many future legends of the WWF Attitude era as well as Rick Rude's awesome run as the top heel in the company.
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

I personally think WCW really started to excel in 93 as the best product, not 96 like most people say. In early 98 it lost it. NWOverkill. Early 98 WWF started getting wild yet taking care to push young guys.
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

86-90 when the four horseman were around and then from 1996-1998 for me.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

1996 is probably the best place to start no question, in all honesty, wrestling was pretty bad from 93 to 96 in general and prior to that WWE was the show to watch, WCW brought life back into the business in 1996.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

Don't have much to add that hasnt already been said, segunda caida nailed it on page 2, WCW 1992 is one of the greatest years any company had match and roster wise.
Shocked at the ammount of people saying start in 96/97, you'd miss so much classic shit doing that.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

If you really want to get the most out of what WCW was about, you are going to have to start at around 1986 and look at some of the Jim Crockett Years. Alot of great stuff there...the formation of the 4 Horsemen, the night of the sky walkers.... The rise and sudden end of Magnum T.A.

1987- The whole build up to the first War Games match is making 1987 worth to look at alone.

Now from there when you get into 1988 when Ted Turner purchases the company from Crockett, so thats definitely worth looking at seeing the changes WCW went through from presentation standpoint for their product.

So I say start in 1986- mid 1999. I think everything from this time period is worth looking at especially 1992-1994 and 1996- early 1999

mid 1999-2001 is when you start heading into dangerous territory lol. There are some good stuff thats hidden in this time period, such as Hogan return to Red and Yellow, Booker T's first title win, WCW's first initial reboot with the whole New Blood thing was kinda decent for a month before it went to hell in a handbasket too lol but most of it is a tough sit through, so be prepared.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

1988 would probably be a good time to start.
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